How to Operate a Gimbal Properly?

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How to Operate a Gimbal Properly?

Gimbals are a relatively new invention. They help you provide stability for your camera to get good shots. Gimbals are pretty common, if you are a photographer or a videographer, chances are that you may have used them at some point. However, if you are new to this field, you might not know much about Gimbals. Most importantly, you would not know their working. Gimbals are easy to use and can be easily learnt even if you are a beginner. Their working is simple and only requires a little bit of practice to make you an expert.

For those who are wondering how to operate a Gimbal properly, we have prepared a list of tips that will help you in the way.


Gimbals are all about providing you the right stability to get perfect shots. However, they also require balance to capture such shots. If you haven’t set a proper balance in your Gimbal, you might get blurry or shaky shots. Balance plays an integral role in getting professional shots and that is why, it is always recommended to set the right balance in your Gimbal.


After getting a good balance, you must plan your shots. Planning is necessary because if you get a good design of how you are going to work out your shots that means you are one step closer in getting the slickest looking captures.


Now this part is a little tricky. To get a good picture of a subject, you must focus on it. Note that it isn’t the focus of the ordinary cameras. It means that the details of your subject must be easily visible and they must be in contrast with the background. This is a tip that gives your photo a more professional look and makes you seem like a pro photographer.

Moving shots:

An ordinary camera with no equipment can easily shoot still captures of a subject. The fun part of the gimbals is that they can shoot even a movement of something because of their stability. Gimbals take amazing moving shots and are great for recording videos. You can create a number of videos with the equipment such as following someone, or a race. Gimbals provide variety of options.


Practice makes it perfect. After all the tips, it all really comes down to your own practicing. To get professional with a Gimbal, you must practice it. There is no need to hesitate, you won’t learn until you try. Gimbals can be a little difficult to use for beginners. So, to understand how to use a Gimbal, you must exercise it.

Final Thought

The above mentioned tips will help you understand how a Gimbal works properly and will provide a much clearer picture of how you should use a Gimbal. However, the most important part is your own experience with the cameras.


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