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The best clothes dryers would get your wet laundry fully dry whilst also leaving it soft, fluffy, as well as free of wrinkles. You could perhaps rely upon them to not shrink up your designer clothes or overheat your luxury beddings. We have compiled some of the best dryers under 1000$ in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Dryers usually do not take hours to dry a load and therefore will save energy, and that they will not bump up your electricity or gas bill. Besides, a decent dryer will not produce such a noise that it could interrupt your conversation or prevent the children from falling asleep if your laundry room is on the central or master/nursery bedroom floor.

Choosing the best clothes dryer relies upon your budget and different variables, such as the place and size of your laundry room, the number of people in your family, and the varieties of laundry in your stall.

Although every dryer would get the job done, when you plunge up the price you get special features like electronic controls, steam sanitizing, and wrinkle prevention.

Having your clothes properly dry will contribute to your family’s wellbeing. Although viruses like Covid-19 are far more likely to transmit through the air, the CDC recommends washing clothes at the hottest possible settings, and do not shake clothes in the air. Clothes must also be fully dried. Many dryers have a sanitizing or antibacterial cycle which will eliminate all the germs.

You will see a lot of dryers that sell for 1,000 dollars or more. This is because they are mostly made by manufacturers to complement their corresponding washers and thus, they charge the same price for each unit.

But it turns out there are options available in the market for dryers under 1000$ as well, particularly if you do not mind owning a mismatched set of washer/dryer.

Although market research indicates that you will get a decent dryer for even less than $500, however, most of those dryers will not have a Moisture sensor at that cost. Moisture sensors are by far the most crucial dryer characteristic. Particularly in comparison to thermostats, they more reliably predict how dry your clothes are then shut down the unit or jump it to the cool-down mode.

This method avoids over-drying, which in itself is harsh on garments and squanders resources and costs. Therefore, this article gives you some recommendations for some of the best dryers.

However, one thing to remember is that you will not see any hybrid of washer/dryer models that wash and dry in a single unit. That is only since these units appear to be rather less reliable and thus much less powerful than single-purpose units.

Best Dryers Under 1000$ (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Kenmore 65132 28.3 x 29 x 42.6 inches 109 Pounds

Check Price

Magic Chef MSCDR1S 17.1 x 23.6 x 25.6 inches 48.4 Pounds Check Price
LG DLEX4370K N/A N/A Check Price
Magic Chef MCSDRY35W 36.8 x 27.8 x 24.8 inches (Package) 160.8 Pounds Check Price
Panda PAN865W 23.6 x 17.1 x 27.6 inches 48.8 Pounds Check Price


Kenmore 65132 Electric Dryer

Kenmore 65132 Electric Dryer

The Kenmore 65132, encased in a very straightforward design and flaunting basic mechanical controls, will not surprise you with premium features. But considering its relatively modest appearances, hidden within this laidback Kenmore unit you will find a great deal of clothes-drying power.

The Kenmore 65132 dryer is under 1000$ and therefore affordably priced especially when you consider how well it operates. Its rather straightforward interface means it can be grumpy to operate sometimes.

However, it is difficult to find a dryer this potent at any cost, let alone so cheap. The Kenmore 65132 is easy to maneuver and provides a convenient 7-cubic-foot-capacity drum.

The controls of this Kenmore dryer are just as minimal as they look. There are just four knobs on the machine and no screen or display of any kind.

The first knob controls the cycle temperature corresponding to the kind of fabric, the low setting for delicate, medium for casual, and heavy for cotton.

After that is the main cycle knob, which picks whether the dryer works automatically using its moisture sensors, dries perhaps by the timer, or even passes cool air through the drum.

Last are knobs to operate the Wrinkle Guard function, a very last fluff cycle to stop creases from settling in, and a Cycle Signal dial that sounds an alarm whenever the dryer comes to the end of its process.

This same knob serves as the start button for the dryer as well. There are no advanced modes or cycle options on this dryer, but the benefit is that the minimalistic functions of the dryer are fast and quick to use.

In quick succession, the Kenmore 65132 dryer can power through heaps of damp laundry and control a lot of workloads as well. The drying power of this spacious dryer is 7 cu. ft. and so it can take just about any sized pile, including a bedding set, and runs on electricity for convenient drying.

Pros Cons
Quickly powers through damp clothes The basic design with simple exterior
Simple to use controls It has a lint screen that is awkward to manipulate
Low retail price


The potential of the Kenmore 65132 dryer to manage damp loads with considerable speed is necessary to appreciate. That is particularly true when you consider the extremely affordable asking price of less than 1000$ for this unit.





The Magic Chef MCSCDRY1S 2.65 cu. ft. The laundry Dryer is compact, so you do not need to fret about the space it will take up. It is built to be compact so it can fit anywhere, but its capacity is not hampered by its compact size.

The dryer has a capacity of 2.6 cubic feet, so there is no interruption to your daily drying process. Furthermore, if you would like to mount the dryer on a wall and save space in your laundry, it also arrives with a wall mounting kit included in the package. This dryer can also be stacked, as it has a swinging door with an embedded display window.

The Magic Chef MCSCDRY1S Dryer boasts a stainless-steel tub that would eradicate any probable scratches. This dryer’s numerous drying options give you the versatility to dry your clothes as per your preference.

The Magic Chef MCSCDRY1S Dryer is suitable for small dwellings and apartments. It supports a 120 Volts outlet that can be plugged anywhere in your living area without any hassle.

It is suitable not only for homes, as well as for any rental residences, dorms, RVs, cottages, and studios, etc., because of its conveniently compact size.

It also includes a top-quality PTC and has 5 Hi-Lo Temperature Drying Options, Improved Lint Drying, and Air Intake Filter Drying Options. The lint holder catches everything, and no lint can get stuck in the drum.

With its revolutionary intake filtration system, it is also much easier to maintain and clean. The hi-lo temperature options come in super handy whenever you have heaps of laundry to dry.

This dryer is well recognized for being the silent most dryers as it operates very quietly so it does not hinder your rest time or disturbs whilst you are working. Although there is, no buzzer in the dryer to indicate the end of the cycle, so you would have to schedule an alarm by yourself to monitor the dryer for dried clothing.

Pros Cons
Can be used outdoors as well as indoors No buzzer to signify the end of the cycle
Enhanced drying functionality The dryer can get hot on continual use
Minimal noise production
Has Lint and Air Intake Filter


With features that are basic but very useful, this is one of the most lightweight dryers offered under the 1000$ price tag. The Magic Chef MCSCDRY1S Dryer is a powerful but affordable dryer on the marketplace with several installation options, a high-quality PTC Ceramic Heating Unit, 5 drying options, a lint, and air intake filter, an easy-set control knob for ease, quiet drying, and a compact design.



LG DLEX4370K Electric Dryer

LG DLEX4370K Electric Dryer

With LG DLEX4370K offers to reduce your laundry time as this dryer tackles very big loads with 7.4 cubic feet of space very efficiently, thus saving your time and energy.

The LG DLEX4370K has 12 drying options and 14 drying cycles, including Normal, Heavy Duty, Bedding, Delicates, and Towels, etc. presets, plus the manual Speed-Dry and Air-Dry cycles.

You can even use the NFC Tag-On from LG, which allows you to download new cycles to your dryer from LG. Download the LG Smart ThinQ app to your Android smartphone and pick the unit period & name.

There is nothing worse than retrieving clothes from the dryer and discovering that they are still wet and cold. The Sensor Dry system from LG tests the moisture levels during most of the cycle and changes the drying time automatically to better guarantee that you get dry laundry each cycle.

Also, it even has 5 temperature settings, and you pick the temperature and dryness level you like which include: More to Very Dry option, Normal to More Dry option, and finally Damp Dry, and Less Dry option.

The LG DLEX4370K has a lot of family-friendly functionalities, in addition to its large size. It also has the Wrinkle Care option, which is extremely useful when mistakes happen, and your laundry sits in the dryer for hours; it dynamically tumbles clothes occasionally to keep wrinkles from developing.

It also has another appreciable feature which is the Reduce Static option—a convenient option if you wish to skip dryer sheets or fabric softener.

You also do not have to panic if you ever encounter a problem with your LG dryer. The Smart-Diagnosis function helps the service center identify issues over the mobile or on your smartphone or tablet with a simple app, helping you reduce expensive, uncomfortable service calls.

Pros Cons
Smart ThinQ app adds more ease of use and value App compatible with android only
Large capacity
Handy TurboSteam and wrinkle care options
Luxury looks


You will take a look at the LG DLEX4370K if you are on the hunt for a dryer that is user-friendly, adjustable, and provides plenty of choices. Its huge capacity enables you to dry huge loads, significantly reducing your regular laundry chores.

This dryer brings even more value by the Smart ThinQ app. Furthermore, pleasant functionalities like the Wrinkle Care and TurboSteam settings help you get out the door immediately on a bustling morning before work.



Magic Chef MCSDRY35W Compact Dryer

Magic Chef MCSDRY35W Compact Dryer

Magic Chef MCSDRY35W provides this relatively large electric dryer for the house at a low-cost. The dryer drum is Sturdy made up of stainless steel and is rust-resistant thus it delivers premium performance.

The internal high capacity let it dry approx 13 lbs. of clothing. Steel tub delivers durability and stability whereas its See-through window allows you to monitor clothes during the process. The Magic Chef MCSDRY35W Dryer is a great option for small to medium-sized living space.

The Magic Chef MCSDRY35W includes 3 drying temperatures that allow you to choose the one you prefer. It would also allow you to take excellent care of your clothes. There is also an option for anti-wrinkle selection.

The anti-wrinkle function occasionally tumbles clothes at the end of the cycle to minimize wrinkles. It even has numerous drying temperatures with a humidity sensor that provides good fabric care.

The Magic Chef MCSDRY35W’s compact and small, plus its special design (Space-saving) makes it ideal for apartment complexes, dormitories, and you can even use it in RVs.

Furthermore, you can easily mount it on the wall as well or put it on your countertop which makes it convenient. It comes with 110-Volt 120 VAC, 15 Amp outlet, removing any need for special wiring usually needed by several other dryers.

The Magic Chef MCSDRY35W is not a noisy unit, so it will not interrupt you or your family during your rest or work hours. It also has a control panel on its top front, and even if you stack it on a countertop or a washer, it is still very accessible to control. The control panel also has press buttons rather than knobs which appear more aesthetically pleasing while also providing the convenience of use.

Pros Cons
Very quiet The lint filter is awkward to access
Compact and sturdy
Tumble dries to keep clothes tangle-free


If you have been searching for a decent laundry dryer, The Magic Chef MCSDRY35W laundry Dryer is your best option. It receives a lot of positive reactions from buyers because it is quite an operation.

The Magic Chef is equipped with 3 drying temperatures that deliver good fabric care and Anti-Wrinkle choice that provide intermittent tumbling to significantly minimize wrinkles as well as many other features that make it an excellent unit. It offers amazing functionalities at an attractive cost.



Panda PAN865W Laundry Dryer

Panda PAN865W Laundry Dryer

Panda has manufactured this beautifully designed laundry dryer for households which uses force 110V – 120V/50HZ – 60HZ in white color. The material of the inside drum is hardened steel which offers extra durability.

The PAN865W has also included a divider mounting section and a removable build-up channel.

You can install it with your washing machine in three different ways: side to side, wall mount, or stacking. This new model of Panda is considered top of a line conservative compact dryer with a smoothed great body.

It has a contact screen control board for its operation. The dryer has different drying capacities which it does by the intelligence sensors installed in it.

The PAN865W can dry Auto, Eco, Weighty Dry, Sensitive, and typically based on their dampness detected by sensors and manual dry capacities say Hot, Warm, and Air Dry.

The 2.6 cubic feet limit makes it simple to rapidly dry garments, sheets, table materials, and many more, without occupying a great deal of space. It is an ideal machine to have for lofts or other little living spaces.

You can organize it amazingly with any Panda washer, and some other clothes washers as 110 Voltage can be achieved by plugging it in any place.

Pros Cons
Compact Problems while drying queen size quilts
Require little space
Intelligence sensors for quality dry


The PAN865W is a great drying machine that has a touch screen control panel and sensors for drying any kind of clothes perfectly. If you put dry clothes it will immediately turn off as sensors detect the humidity only.



Final verdict:

Machines play a vital role in everybody’s life. The washing machine is by far the greatest innovation, while the dryer is the second most beneficial. The dryer makes the laundry work a lot more pleasant than it was in the olden days.

Dryers assist you in drying wet clothes in a minimum amount of time, minimizing the need for cloths to be hungover wires for air drying. Consequently, operating a dryer does not necessitate a lot of effort from the user, however, buying the best dryer under 1000$ that fulfills all your drying needs requires a lot of determination and strong research.

Buying a dryer is an investment, so you must choose the appropriate one depending on the needs of your family, your storage, and your financial plan. In addition to the fundamental factors, features such as steam-drying and wrinkle-removal options are perks that can edge the scale in favor of one unit over another. So, take into consideration the functions you are searching for rather than exhausting yourself by inspecting every model available on the market.


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