Best Massage Chairs under 1500$ 2024

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There are many therapies to soothe your body muscles and relieve your tensions. But wait? Is there any therapy that can alleviate stress from your muscles throughout the body within the minimum time? Yes, there is! Massage therapy keeps you active even during the busy tenure of your life with just a 5 minutes session.

You just need to sit on a massage chair for 5 to 10 minutes, and every muscle of you will get aligned in no time. We have compiled some of the best massage chairs under 1500$ in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Massage chairs are getting common these days and available within the mid-price range. Therefore, instead of spending money on travel and spa charges, you can get your mini-spa at your home. A massage chair benefits you in many ways.

First of all, you don’t need any masseuse to touch your body as many people find it uncomfortable. Sitting for hours in the spa waiting line is no more a chore for you as well. Last but not least, many massage chairs occupy roller and heat pads to serve you with a full body massage to relieve muscle pain within minutes.

But all these benefits are still of no use if you don’t know how to buy a perfect chair or recliner for you. Here in this guide, you’ll get to know everything you need to know about the massaging chairs. Let’s start with the factors that you should know to get a better deal, as investing your precious money is a no joke!

First things first, you must look at the featured book of the chair where all the massage modes and attributes are written. Keeping certain things in your mind, you can opt for a shiatsu massage chair that provides pressure or compression massage to specific target tissues and muscles.

Next in the list is the most modern zero-gravity massaging chair. This is the most innovative technology. In this, your body is arranged symmetrically in a manner so that you feel like a gravity-free region.

Once you feel like you’re weightless, the massage chair will do its wonders with the heat pads, airbags, and vibrators. Airbags are also an addition to these kinds of massage recliners that help them arrange the pelvic region for better access for the vibrators.

Once you’re done with the type of massage chairs, you’ll get to the design. The design corresponds directly to the location where you want to keep it. Take the dimensions of that area in your living room or office and then opt for a best fitting massage chair.

Finally, you can check the durability of the chair according to your weight. Most commonly, the recliners are made from stainless steel material. However, they are also made from wood material that is not a wrong choice at all.

Now you know what factors you need to look in a massage chair to have a perfect fit for you. So, it’s time to dive into the details of some best massage chairs that we have listed. Let’s start!

Best Massage Chairs under 1500$ (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Zero Gravity Chair N/A N/A

Check Price

Best Massage Chair 26 x 36 x 36 inches 63.4 pounds Check Price
RelaxZen 30.7 x 28 x 38 inches 70.5 pounds Check Price
Comfier Portable Folding Massager 35.8 x 26.2 x 11.3 inches 41.05 Pounds Check Price


Zero Gravity BestMassage

Zero Gravity BestMassage

Have you got muscle pain in the lower region? No worries! The zero gravity massage by this Shiatsu Chair will help you get rid of this. As mentioned in the name, the first and foremost benefit of this chair is its unique zero gravity massage.

The chair can raise your feet to the heart level, and then it’ll reduce the overall force of gravity on your vertebrae region. Reducing the gravitational pull, your body will feel impact less from the ground, and you’ll feel lighter. This reduction in weight virtually will help you reduce muscle strain by getting vibrations at the same time.

Not just the muscle stress but the soreness and pain are common problems for the adults. This chair got something for them as well.

Along with the vibrations, four warm rollers work in synch, which can increase the soothing effect on the inflammation area and hence relieving pain.

When it comes to design, this chair has a simple yet convenient design to support the neck, shoulder and waist, back, and pelvic region.

Moreover, there are seven modes respectively available that can handle every muscle of your body in relieving stress and strain. In this way, you can customize your own massage, keeping in mind your needs.

The modes include knocking and rack tapping, shiatsu, air pressure, and heating as well. Along with these modes, it gives you professional control over the massage experience by providing you two preset programs.

These programs can automatically set the massage mode according to tension in any body part. Moreover, you can also operate the massage chair manually.

Keeping in mind the high tension and the possible ways to reduce those tension, this chair came equipped with airbag heat therapy. These airbags provide sufficient heat to any specific muscle providing more comfort and relief. Moreover, airbags serve another unique function. It helps your body to reduce the bend in your pelvic region while you sit on the massage chair.

A full body massage in no more a dream now as with this Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair. The rollers go from top to bottom. Along side Bluetooth speakers will give you a spa-like ambiance with your favorite music. Relaxing while listening to your favorite music, what else you need for peace of mind?

Pros Cons
Rollers for full body massage A little heavy in weight
Zero gravity feel
Bluetooth speakers
Provides comfort instantly


Unwind your body and release the tensions of muscles with this amazingly designed Zero Gravity Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair. This massage chair gives a perfect treat to your body when you are under severe stress and pain. Along with the therapy when you listen to your favorite music via its Blue tooth feature you feel even more batter and your body heals faster.



Full Body Shiatsu BestMassage

Full Body Shiatsu BestMassage

Do you want a spa-like massage in your home? No worries! We’ve got you covered with this Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair that features all the advanced functionalities to bring a real-life masseuse at your home. First things first, this chair is entirely convenient to use as it has three preset programs and five massage modes.

Massage programs will automatically detect the muscle strain and give you the best possible massage pattern. While, with the massage modes, you can manually select vibration pattern that you want. Massage modes include knocking, kneading and tapping, shiatsu air pressure, and much more. Besides, four airbags are employed on both sides of the chair, supporting you in the hip region.

These airbags inflate and deflate to provide a better posture and back position so that each muscle gets proper vibrations. Therefore, an overall lower back massage is entirely done by this Shiatsu Chair.

When it comes to design, this chair got the SL track massage system as well. This massage work like the roller slides from top to bottom to give a full body massage. Apart from this roller design. Another addition what this chair owns the Bluetooth speakers.

You can play the favorite track and enjoy the massage to relieve muscle tension. Next in the design list is the armrests, which provides additional convenience. This humanized design pattern provides a perfect experience.

Durability and ruggedness are the critical features of this chair. It is finished through the premium quality material that lasts longer than usual. The framing is made precisely through the stainless steel, which can support up to 200 lbs. of weight and avoid rust.

Moreover, the upper material is wholly designed with PU leather, which is easy to wipe out with a simple wet cloth. Another modern addition is the USB plug at the side of the chair, which let you charge your cell phone while on the chair. This is one of the advanced and sleek massage chairs on the market.

Pros Cons
Well-crafted design No heat function
Five massage modes
Four airbags for pelvic support
Sleek and offers money back guarantee


Get on this durable and sturdy Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair and enjoy the full body pain relief massage and relax your self within no time.

The best part is, the company gives a hundred percent money-back guarantee, which means if you are not happy or satisfied with the product you can happily return it and refund your money.



RelaxZen Deluxe

RelaxZen Deluxe

A durable yet simplistic look is the key feature for this RelaxZen Deluxe Padded Massage Recliner. You can enjoy the spa-like massage at your home with minimal efforts.

This Deluxe chair features the powerful eight motors that can give a full body massage in no time. Considering the design and assembly, RelaxZen will never disappoint!

This chair equips a compact and sturdy look with a shiny black leather that will depict a perfect look in your living room, spa room, and office as well.

Moreover, the rugged look is due to the durable wood material that is being employed in manufacturing. The wood material is polished to give a dark brown glossy look that looks extraordinary with the black PU leather.

Comfort and relaxed feeling are the two common things that anyone look in massage chair. Don’t worry! This RelaxZen Deluxe Padded Massage Recliner takes care of it. The whole upper unit is finished through the soft PU leather that gives an easy-going padded feel.

Its functionalities are not like the ordinary chair. For this reason it is called Deluxe! If we talk about its further features, it has the pre-programmed eight modes that help you get rid of any manual settings.

You can choose a program of your choice, and the rest is left upon the massage recliner. Moreover, there are five intensity levels for which you can choose from! It all depends on how tiring you feel.

Considering its internal assembly, this recliner massage chair is a piece of powerful equipment. It holds the power of 8 vibration motors, which can work efficiently no matter how much weight you put on the chair.

Apart from this, these eight motors help you achieve the full body massage, including your thighs, calves, and back. Heat pads additionally work for your lower back. These heat pads can target the hip and upper back regions to soothe the sore area and reduces inflammation.

Another feature that adds convenience to a royal feel to this recliner is the swivel option. You can swivel around and recline to any angle you want. The chair supports up to 300 lbs. of weight easily.

Pros Cons
Thick padded PU leather No remote control
Strong wood base
Nine pre-programmed massage modes
Comes with upholstery stool


Enjoy multiple modes and intensity levels needed for the desired compression and soothing feel. An upholstery stool also comes with the massage recliner to add more comfort. It is recommended by the manufacturer that the user must check all the bolts and other screws and make sure they are secured to get better results non-stop.



Comfier Portable Folding Massager

Comfier Portable Folding Massager

This folding massage chair by Comfier portable folding massage will provide relief to your back or neck pain on the go or at home or office owing to its portability.

The chair comes with eight rotation nodes that can deliver deep tissue kneading massage across your entire back, and whether you choose to massage your upper, lower or full back, the shiatsu folding massage chair has got you covered.

It also features an optional heating function to provide warmth as well during the massage, which provides more relief to sore muscles.

In addition to the heating, the seat also has three levels of vibration with varying intensity that can massage your thighs and buttocks.

For greater comfort, the chair comes with a soft pillow cover and an adjustable backrest so you can just lie back and relax comfortably, which ever angle suits you the most.

For massaging your neck, it also has four shiatsu nodes that are adjustable, so you can choose according to your own height.

The combination of heating, vibration, spot, kneading and shiatsu functions along with the use of high quality polyurethane leather will surely relieve you of all your fatigue and stress.

Furthermore, as you are relaxing, you can use your phone while it’s being charged from the USB charging port which is present on the chair or if you don’t feel like using it and just relaxing, you can place it in the small storage bag that is also attached to this chair.

Overall, comfier has really outdone them by providing premium features at a budget price. This folding massage chair is indeed worth buying considering the price and the portability and versatility is offers.

Pros Cons
Can support over 200 Lbs. of weight No cons reported
Can massage back, neck, shoulders, thighs and buttocks simultaneously
Independent heating and vibration functions
Small storage bag and a built in USB charging port


Comfier message chair is one of the best stress relieving chairs out there. Great and convenient features makes it worth buying.



Final Verdict:

Many of you might feel pain in your back muscles or pelvic region after a hectic workout or a busy day. This pain is temporary and can go away. But do you know over time your muscles will become weak, and it can cause inflammation? This soreness and swelling can even lead to some severe problems in the future. But don’t worry! You can save yourself from this situation.

Owning a perfect massage chair will help you get rid of muscle soreness and inflammation. We’ve reviewed some top-notch quality massage chairs that have equipped the best features of all time to soothe your tired muscles.


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