Best Gas Grills Under 1500$ 2024

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Are you a food lover who loves to eat BBQ and steaks? Then, you must be looking for the appropriate grills that might fit in your backyard so you can cook the way you like it. You’ll hear about many things and theories regarding the gills, but what works best for you is still a mystery. So, first, you need to choose a perfect type of grill that works on a wide range of temperatures and brings better cooking options.

This is where the Gas Grills fit the best! Therefore, if you’re looking for safer and greener methods of cooking, gas grills deserve a try. We have compiled some of the best gas grills under 1500$ in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

1- Benefits and Convenience

Multiple benefits of gas grills will urge you to discard other types of grill in no time. But what makes you do so? Here’s the answer. The first and foremost thing is that natural gas is way cheaper as compared to other ignition resources, i.e., propane or coal. This will bring instant savings to your bill. The research says that there’ll be a decline of 1/3rd part in your bill, and you’ll end up paying less.

The next feature you’re going to enjoy with these gas grills is less exhaustive events. Less exhaust means that there will be fewer fumes airing in your backyard, giving you a less polluted feel during the overall cooking process.

This will bring a pleasant feel to your parties and event as the guests will be able to catch the aroma of food and not the excessive smoke from the grill. Humid weather can even cause difficulty if more fumes are generating in your backyard. This is not a thing to worry about when you have the gas grills.

2- No Refilling Required

Next in the list is that no refilling is required. Filling the cylinders with propane gas can be a hectic task in the grilling season. But you don’t need to worry in case of gas grills. Many of you might have the gas supply in their homes, which will serve as a medium of ignition for these gas grills. You can connect them simply to the home gas supply and don’t need to refill the cylinders just like in case of propane grills.

3- Environment Friendly

One of the other reason is that gas grills are environment friendly and as a responsible citizen we should contribute toward a better environment rather than ruining it! Right? This is what the gas grills care about. There’ll be less smoke emission, and the igniting of natural gas is safer and greener to every extent. You can Contribute to the greener environment via reliable gas grills.

4- Very Easy to Setup

Easy setup is a leading advantage of these gas grills. No one wants to setup a complicated grill in a party or an event. No worries! Gas grills are already setup, and most of them are foldable, so you just need to unfold them and enjoy the cooking.

Keeping in mind all these advantageous features and attributes of the gas grills, we have got you a list of gas grills that owns the high user rating and expert’s recommendations. You’ll end up having a perfect cooking experience.

Best Gas Grills Under 1500$ (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
The Otto Grill 17.32 x 16.73 x 11.61 inches 39.6 pounds

Check Price

Blaze Grills 10 x 12.5 x 25 inches 33 pounds Check Price
Northfire INFERNONG 17 x 10 x 14 inches 32.1 pounds Check Price
Weber 49010001 Spirit II 52 x 26 x 57 inches 110 Pounds Check Price


The Otto Grill Portable Steak Grill

The Otto Grill Portable Steak Grill

Who doesn’t love a sizzling and juicy steak? But isn’t it difficult to cook it at home? The reason behind this fact is that your grill might not be able to achieve a higher temperature that produces melt-in-mouth steak for you.

No worries! With Otto Grills, your problems are solved. Otto Grills feature the high-end components that will raise the temperature to 1500-degrees Fahrenheit within no time.

Such higher temperatures can seal the juiciness and taste within the steak itself and give you a mouth-watering experience. That’s the secret to a sizzling hot steak- the perfect right temperature!

Don’t like waiting? No problem! Otto Grills also serves you in no time. You’ll get the steak or BBQ done in the right 2 minutes.

This is because of the Radiant Heat technology that is leading feature in this gas grill. Easy handling is another attribute that Otto Grill is proud of. You will not have any difficulty in cleaning and to set up the grill.

The grills grate easily adjustable, so you can maintain the height as you want! It’ll make the sanitizing of your grills easy and also helps you fit in every kind of meat. The top of this grill is easily removable that also adds more flexibility in the operations.

An over fire burner is a unique feature for this Otto Gas grills because it can save your meat to be overcooked. It’ll reduce the flare-ups and heat the meat at the stabilized temperature during the whole cooking process for a tendered and juicy taste.

Furthermore, the components and the overall body is entirely made from durable and robust materials. The grills grate made up of the cast iron material that will not get rusting or corrosion easily. Moreover, the stainless steel drip tray is easy to clean after a mouth-watering soft and dripping steak. Not just it looks great, but it is built to last longer than usual.

It is a German made product and already won the German Design Award back in 2018. So, grab onto this Otto Grill and cook the juicy, tender, and full-flavored steak in your backyard.

Pros Cons
The gas hose comes along The somewhat smaller grill grate
Cast iron grill grate
Handy grip tray tongs
Smooth height adjustment


A multi-purpose gas grill by Otto Grills that owns the handy and robust design to let you enjoy easy grilling. It’s a perfect grill for all your friends and family gatherings and other events. You can keep it in your backyard or front lawn as you feel convenient. Its one of the best and satisfying products you will ever get.




Blaze Grills 12,000 BTU Gas Grill

Blaze Grills 12,000 BTU Gas Grill

Everyone loves outdoor trips! But have you got the necessary equipment to eat a perfectly cooked meat on your next trip? Here’s a firmly made gas grill by Blaze Grills. The overall body is manufactured precisely to make it look good and compact.

You cannot only place it in your backyard to host a gathering but take this handy little grill with you on a picnic or outdoor trip.

Considering its design and durability, the overall material is precisely cut and engineered via the stainless steel that will last longer than usual to give you years of outdoor cooking experience.

One of the noticeable features is the slide-in burner that will save space and offers more flexibility in its operations. Stainless steel material further ensures that your grills last longer, especially in the humid outdoor environment, which is more prone to rust.

This Blaze Grills BLZ-SB2LTE-NG 12000 BTU gas grill owns the two heavy-duty brass burners for an entire heating process.

If you want quick heating for your guests, No problem! You’ll get a superior heat output that’ll cook the food in no time. The overall 12,000 BTU adds more speed to the cooking process by stabilizing the high temperature overall the area of grills all the time.

Now why this gas grill? Well, many of you might think that whether you can enjoy the sizzling hot and tendered steak in your homes? So, this is no more a dream for all the steak and BBQ lovers. A perfect double brass burner design can do it for you in no time. Apart from this, a double brass burner has enough power to heat the surroundings.

To avoid this, the Blaze Grills offer you a safe design. The grill features a thick stainless steel cover that can trap all the heat inside, making the food cook faster and preventing heat loss in the environment.

Moreover, Blaze Grill provides you with easy setup and operations always. The same is the case with this Double Burner Gas Grill. You can easily push the button and rotate the knob to turn on the gas. An overall flexible operation can be achieved with minimal efforts.

Last but not least is an easy cleanup. A full-width tray offers quick and prompt responses to cleaning. It’s also one of the best products under this price range.

Pros Cons
12,000 BTU power The instruction manual is not up to the mark
Double brass burners
Push and turn stoves
Quick cooking and preserves taste


This handy little addition to your Steak-house setup will offer great versatility and easy transportation. You can now get a quality cooked steak with this fast cooking gas grill, yes you heard it right, it is one of the product that cooks quickly and preserves taste as well so that you can enjoy your precious time without any hassle.



NorthFire INFERNONG Inferno Natural Gas Grill

NorthFire INFERNONG Inferno

Do you like the smell of juicy and freshly cooked meat? If so, then you can do it in your backyard now with this NorthFire INFERNONG.

This Natural Gas grill hold power to reach up to 1500-degrees Celsius that is enough to lock the taste in your juicy meat. Apart from this, it equips the premium design with two trays to hold enough meat for the whole family.

You don’t need the refills. Forget it. That’s right! With this amazingly designed and easy to setup NorthFire INFERNONG, you’ll be able to cook the sizzling hot meat in no time.

It can fit directly into the house gas supply, and you’ll be able to handle the overall process easier. You don’t need the cylinders and the other ignition resources for cooking as well.

Considering the design and construction, the overall machine is made through the stainless steel material that provides a longer life than the usual steak grills.

You can also keep it in the backyard as it presents no rust problems even in humid environments. Moreover, this rugged and robust material can easily handle the 1500-degrees Centigrade of temperature. Lower than that, your steaks will be harder and won’t stay juicy anymore.

Talking about the grilling permanence, InfernNG will never disappoint you! As already discussed, it can reach up to 1500-degree Celsius, which means that all the components, including grills, are made from the professional-grade material to make them last longer.

Moreover, the grills have no harmful coatings which melt into your food during the high temperatures.

The grills are designed this way as not only you can cook the steaks but make the BBQ and other sorts of dishes, including the meat for all kinds of pizza and much more. A single tray offers you the grilling area of 300 square inches so that the whole family, along with the guests, can enjoy the steaks and BBQ at the same time.

The amount of cleaning requires directly depends on the type of food you cook! It means that dripping food will take much more effort than hard food. But the NorthFire tries to improve this feature to a great extent. The product is made through the stainless steel material, which is easy to clean.

Pros Cons
1500-degrees temperature Loosening screws complaints
Easy to clean
300 square inch grill size
High-quality product overall


With this InfernoNG gas grill you can easily cook your meat at your desired temperature the way you like. Remember, this grill heats up quickly so make sure to use wooden table for it instead of plastic to avoid any disaster.



Weber 49010001 Spirit II

Weber 49010001 Spirit II

The Weber 49010001 Spirit II outdoor gas grill will make your outdoor grilling experience much more convenient. It comes equipped with the GS4 advanced grilling system with improved burners, enhanced infinity ignition, and a great grease management system.

The build quality is also solid as the cooking grates are made of cast iron and the grill is coated with porcelain enamel, making it heat resistant up to a 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. The coating also makes it scratch-resistant and will enable it to remain glossy and easy to clean even after using it for an extensive period of time.

Build quality aside, aesthetically, this grill is appealing as well since it has two large wheels and an open cart design that provides additional space to place your grilling equipment, the left side table also folds down to serve the same purpose and has 6 additional hooks to hang and organize all your essential grilling tools, the built-in lid thermometer is also a nice touch.

While the build quality and design of this grill is top-notch, the core function of a grill is heating and it definitely shines in this aspect as well, it can reach temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit in just a little over ten minutes and keeps the heat inside with the lid.

Not only does it heat up quickly, its ignition is also swift and considering it comes with a reasonably long 10-year warranty, rest assured this grill is going to serve you well for a long time and is definitely worth the purchase.

Pros Cons
It’s equipped with the advanced GS4 grilling system Assembling this grill by you is really tiring and time consuming
Quick ignition and heating The two wheels are cumbersome, making the grill difficult to move around as much
Great build quality and design
Spacious enough to place grilling essentials


The Weber 49010001 Spirit II grill is built to make your out door grilling experience memorable. It comes with all the basic features that a good grill must have.



Final Verdict:

Steak and BBQ lovers hold the taste buds that are not easy to be pleased with. Good Gas grills have the ability to cook the sizzling hot, juicy, tendered, and fully flavored meat so that the meat lovers can double their joy. We have covered all those rugged and heavy-duty gas grills with perfect attributes to enhance your cooking experience.


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