Best Audio Interfaces Under 2000$ 2024

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Are you looking for a suitable in-budget audio interface for your computer? Or you need audio interfaces because you belong be the entertainment industry or you need it for home use then you are on the right place. We have compiled some of the best audio interfaces under 2000$ in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

“Do you know what piece of studio equipment enables you to record digital and analog audio signals and then carry them into your laptop or your computer for post-production work? It is the audio interface that allows you to perform all these tasks professionally’’.

An audio interface is an essential component when it comes to computer-based audio production. However, that’s not all to its introduction if you are new to this term. An audio interface adds inputs and outputs while being able to improve the sound quality of your system. Hence, you can plug in pro mics, microphones, guitar cables, and other instruments to the computer through this audio interface.

That is simply on the input of this sound interface. Hence, its output allows the studio monitor speakers, microphones, or computer speakers to play the recorded or real-time audio through the computer. Altogether, you can’t make the most out of your computer without a good audio setup; which is only possible with a suitable audio interface.

Now when it comes to buying an audio interface, you must have gone through plenty of options. Besides, whether you’re buying candy or a helicopter – there are plenty of options available in the market. However, with so many options available, the struggle of investing in the best and most suitable option is also challenging.

Therefore, before you head onto the journey of investing in something you want, it is very important to understand your basic needs and requirements. Now since we’re talking about a computer component, it is more important to discover what your computer requirements are in terms of accepting an audio interface.

Once you’ve sorted out the requirements you need to keep in mind while buying an audio interface, it’s time you look for the best options accordingly. But hey? Before you do that, it’s also very important to have a suitable budget.

That’s simply because, the best things in the market have no price limit. Nevertheless, we can’t always go one step ahead; but it doesn’t mean that we can’t even fulfill our basic needs and requirements of making our system top-notch for all usage purposes, right?

Hence, before you blindly choose any audio interface that fits your system, you must have a fixed budget to meet your pocket criteria too. Now don’t worry if that’s getting hard for you.

Do you know why? Well, it’s simply because we have you covered with our best audio interface options. Therefore, even if you have a tight budget and you still want the best option of audio interface for your computer, we’ve got you completely covered here.

So what’s the wait for now? Its time you level-up your system and make it serve you unconditionally in terms of the sound and audio quality.

Once that happens, you can surely have a quality time exploring your music-related passion and/or discovering new and exciting entertainment media with a high-quality sound. This doesn’t only make you enjoy your time, but it will also help you gain better exposure to music, entertainment, and system performance.

Best Audio Interfaces Under 2000$ (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Steinberg UR-RT4 15.48 x 10.55 x 4.13 inches 5.28 pounds

Check Price

RME FIREFACE802 1.7 x 19 x 9.5 inches 6.6 pounds Check Price
RME Babyface Pro 11.65 x 6.18 x 3.78 inches ( Package) 3.69 pounds Check Price
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen) 7.68 x 2.09 x 1.32 inches 1.1 Pounds Check Price


Steinberg UR-RT4 Audio Interface

Steinberg UR-RT4 Audio Interface

This Steinberg UR-RT4 audio Interface serves as a 64-bit/192 kHz USB 2.0 audio interface. Additionally, it also includes a 6 x 4 analog I/O and MIDI I/O feature. This allows you to record a high-quality vocal recording that is always ready for publishing needs.

It comes with 4 Class-A D-PRE mic preamps that feature a switchable Rupert Neve transformer. This Neve preamp is finely integrated and the Neve hardware works outstandingly – giving you a usage quality that fits with almost all tools. Also, it supports +48 V phantom powers and 2 Hi-Z.

The wide frequency range of this mic preamp can handle any music source while also being able to finely amplify any specific components found in the signals. Hence, you can be sure to enjoy a beautifully tuned performance.

It also provides you with cross-platform compatibility. These platforms include Windows, macOS, and iOS (with Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit, Lightning to USB Camera Adapter, or Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter).

The latency-free DSP-powered monitoring of this audio interface is offered by its dspMixFx technology. This works with the REV-X reverb, the Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip, and the Guitar Amp Classics – all making it highly suitable for someone using any type of DAW software.

It also includes the Cubase AI and Cubasis LE music software, while allowing you to make the most out of this audio interface without having to install any additional software instantly.

This ultra-robust URRT4 Audio Interface serves as a studio-quality mobile production platform that fits well with a PC, iPad, or Mac. Hence, you can be sure to avail of a quality that would meet your expectations in terms of meeting your smart device requirements.

To serve you with a highly rich harmonic and enhanced musical sound that is perfectly ready for podcast and radio usage, this audio interface includes four inputs that feature switchable Rupert Neve Design transformers. Hence, you are sure to again outstanding sound quality from these transformers – for a prolonged time.

This audio interface serves as the perfect portable production interface, fulfilling all your audio related needs – whether you’re a composer, musician, or someone who just desires highly-expressive sound.

Pros Cons
Includes RuperNeve Design transformers Software installing can be complicated
Creates high-quality vocal recordings Not suitable for stereo recording
Comes with Cubase AI and Cubasis LE music software


This Steinberg UR-RT4 audio Interface serves as one of the best options for musicians, composers, and anyone demanding mesmerizing sound quality. Additionally, the Rupert Neve Design software and transformers also serve in making the overall usage experience worthwhile – while serving you with the most enhanced musical sound.




RME Audio Interface Firface 802

RME Audio Interface Firface 802

The RME Audio Interface is built in the legendary Fireface 802. This means that you get 60 channels of audio, high-end microphone preamps, reference class converters, and complete effects and operation section being up to 192 kHz.

Altogether, these basics serve as the source of many other helpful and efficient features that make your audio experience more appealing.

With the presence of 4 mic preamps, you can make use of this audio interface without any recording or real-time performing usage, hence, whether it’s just you working or you have some friends or teammates to join-in.

This Audio interface also includes individually switchable reference levels that work well for all input and output usage, functionality that is suitable for complete stand-alone usage, unique DIGICheck metering and analysis toolbox by RME, and identical operation ease for both the Windows as well as the Mac PC.

Altogether, you can be sure to gain a remarkably beneficial and pleasing audio control and quality through this Audio interface – while lacking all sorts of usage restrictions.

It also includes the TotalMix FX along with the RME’s digital high-end mixer and signal router. All of these are driven with the help of two powerful DSPs and an integrated EQ, Dynamics, and reverb/echo effects.

As a result, it serves you with high-quality and powerful sound quality in different effects – making them fit-in for all your audio needs. Additionally, the built-in monitoring controller lets you have a better grip on the recorded or live performed audio.

This RME Audio Interface consists of a unique and active jitter suppression technology that serves you with guaranteed perfect sound throughout your usage needs.

This feature allows the 802 converters to operate this device independently from the quality of the external clock signals, making you feel as if they are always working with the internal clock. Altogether, you get an originally appealing and high-quality sound.

Since the 802 comes with RME’s software toolbox; you can easily meter, test, measure, and analyze the digital audio streams. This also serves you as a multi-track recorder, calculator for the meters peak level, as well as a hardware’s RMS.

Additionally, you also get the feature of analyzing and displaying the audio through it in multiple ways including; stereo, multichannel and surround, spectral, all channels, and similar other options.

Pros Cons
Includes REM’s unique software toolbox Consists of a dark new-look TotalMix FX
Short circuit proof
Connects USB and Wire Fire


This RME Audio Interface serves as one of the most suitable and high-quality audio interfaces that don’t just serve you with a high-quality sound effect that is nothing but original, but it also includes multiple working features and helpful software for better and efficient user experience.




RME Babyface Pro

RME Babyface Pro

This RME Babyface Pro FS USB Audio Interface is an upgrade to the original Babyface Pro audio interface.

It is made with a single block of aluminum, serving as a tough and finely built audio interface to stick with you – throughout the thick and thin. Additionally, the rugged aluminum chassis of this audio interface also serves as a durable and portable base for all your usage needs – even on the go.

The attractive and unique design of this audio interface serves you with a small and thick size with a slight slope.

This slope is present on its upper surface, which allows you to tilt the controls towards yourself – giving you complete usage ease and smart experience.

This audio interface comes with 12 input and 12 output USB interfaces along with a total of 34 channels that altogether work in serving you an unconditional usage quality and suitability.

The exemplary craftsmanship and soothing feel of finely fitted buttons of this audio interface, all add an extra touch of smart and advanced device usage.

It also includes 2 microphone preamps and 2 instrument preamps that let you get an outstanding real-time or recorded audio experience without any limitations – whether you’re working on band music or recording a podcast with some guests.

With the presence of the full steady clock FS circuit similar to the ADI-2 Pro FS, you are sure to gain the lowest and highest jitter immunity for a better sound production quality – right according to your needs.

This audio interface includes 6 samples of less latency on the AD side by the ADC. Altogether, it has 5 of the AD samples and 7 DA samples; making it quicker than ever for your usage ease.

This audio interface works best either for a small-project studio or even for portable setups. These portable setups can include small production suites, outside broadcasting vans, etc.

Since this audio interface comes with a molded hard case of its own that consists of enough slots for the easy soring of its cables; you can easily and safely stereo the interface in it while you move or change its place.

Pros Cons
Comes with a molded hard case for transporting Sometimes can send DC power to the sensitive line-level devices
Supports older computers and OSs
Serves with accuracy


This RME Babyface Pro FS USB Audio Interface serves as the perfect and highly advanced audio interface for all your audio needs. The high quality and strong aluminum making, its multiple functioning and mic/instrument preamp addition; this audio interface serves as the perfect option for all your audio needs – giving you accuracy in every way!



Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen)

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen)

Scarlett is renowned worldwide by a huge community of home recordists, producers, and musicians. The 2i2 3rd Gen has become iconic for making millions of records worldwide, more than any other interface for that matter.

The 3rd generation is sure to continue the legacy of the previous generations and improve upon them to make you sound better such as by featuring the 24-bit/192kHz AD-DA converters designed for high performance.

It offers studio-quality recordings from the premise of your home and its setup is quick and easy so you can get to recording and then playing back in just minutes.

The interface is suited for all genres and offers two instrument/mic/line inputs option which allows for the simultaneous recording & playback of one or two channels through the controllable and independent monitor and headphone outputs.

For input, the presence of a high-headroom instrument and high impedance will enable you to record bass or guitar without any unwanted distortion or clipping, setting the input level is also made easy by the Gain Halo metering.

The 3rd gen also provides the best sounding mic preamps yet, along with an optional air setting to make it sound on par with the Focusrite’s original ISA mic preamp by reproducing its air effect.

This will make your acoustics and vocals sound much more open and brighter. However, the 2i2 doesn’t only come equipped with impressive hardware; it has also the software to match the high-quality hardware tech in it.

It has all the software tools that you would require to get started such as the Pro Tools First Focusrite Creative Pack and Ableton Live Lite which is two comprehensive digital audio workstations designed for intuitionists and to inspire creativity.

An added bonus is that the owners of the 3rd gen 2i2 will get a free 3-month splice sound subscription upon setting up their splice account. Splice sounds offer thousands of high-quality presets, loops, and royalty-free one-shots.

Pros Cons
Hardware improvements over previous generations May require external drivers depending on your specific setup and their installation process is difficult
Studio-quality recording and playback
Can record two instruments simultaneously
Best sounding mic preamps


You will also get a two-year membership of Plug-In Collective that will feature a free plug-in on your Focusrite account, that will update you with new releases every couple of months or so.



Final Verdict:

Having a good quality and best serving audio interface for your computer can enhance the audio game and quality of your system. As a result, you can avail of the best experience on your computer – whether you’re playing your favorite movie or you’re playing and recording your favorite musical instrument. Yes! An audio interface can help you perform all that with the best of quality and experience.

Now with all that coming your way, there’s hardly anything else that can make you feel that your system is missing something, right? Then just go ahead and get the best audio interface for you while staying in a suitable budget – just with the help of the above-reviewed options. Now once you do get one according to your needs, go make the most out of it!


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