Best Cheap Double Din Head Unit 2024

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2023)

Upgrading to a new car stereo head unit might seem like a bad idea to many of you price-wise. Because the popular belief running from the olden days is that if you go for cheap head units, you end up with sluggish results, low build quality, inefficient controls, and a laughable screen resolution for the display. Luckily for the reader of this article, these days have long gone! Because, we have compiled some of the best cheap double din head unit in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

And you can get stunning new car head units whilst maintaining a budget. And before you start thinking you’ll be compromising on the sound, visual, and built quality, stop right there and give this article a thorough read.

Spending big bucks on your car’s stereo is not always the best of ideas, especially if you are new to the car audio world. You can find the best deals in double din car head units easily. Now, depending on brands and slight variations in prices, you get a huge variety of terrific features in your double din head unit.

The manufacturers of double din car head units focus more on incorporating extensive interfaces into the head unit, unlike the single head units that are only concerned about the control features. And with a smart interface having audio and touch input options, the driver has more freedom and enhanced focus on his/her driving.

Moreover, if we look at the value and benefits these cheap double din head units can add to our cars, the top of the list would be the aesthetics! The front dash view is automatically uplifted when there is placed a sleek stereo there.

As the double din head units are large, they present a larger screen and easy toggling from the menus displayed clearly on the screen. A cheap yet effective performing head unit also ensures that your car’s resale value is up a notch.

Talking about the features and convenience these double din head units bring to the car owner’s life, the greatest of them all would be the efficient and highly accurate GPS navigation system.

These systems can either take voice commands, touch input, or can be controlled via remote control. You can navigate your way, play music, watch videos, make and receive calls, and messages, and much more with these car head units.

Always look for a highly user-friendly stereo.

As a rule of thumb, just see how much you can control about the car and stereo without taking eyes off of the road. This is possible by device integration. Connectivity with multiple devices and a friendly user interface are the key elements that enable mirroring, controls, and safer drives.

Some of these also support CD and DVD players, so any old school music lover out there can just slip in the CD they like to listen to and enjoy the ride.

Best Cheap Double Din Head Unit (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
EINCAR 2DIN Radio 7.01 x 6.61 x 3.94 inches 5.01 Pounds

Check Price

Podofo Double Din Radio 2.36 x 1.57 x 2.36 inches 1.54 Pounds Check Price
Binize Double Din Radio 7.99 x 5.94 x 4.65 inches (Package) 2.22 Pounds Check Price
The j Junsun 7'' stereo 10.91 x 10.59 x 6.5 inches (Package) 6.2 Pounds Check Price


EINCAR Car Stereo

EINCAR Car Stereo

This two Din Car stereo by EINCAR supports many incredible features. You’ll be reading about them all in just a little bit and see for yourself why EINCAR is the best cheap double din head unit for your car. So, let us get to it!

EINCAR has a special function for Bluetooth that is official and it secures the driver’s journey as well as their privacy.

Built-in Bluetooth supports long-distant connections that cover all the Bluetooth devices. It is a completely hands-free experience where the driver can focus on the road without having to look at the screen to press multiple buttons for one single command.

You can call, play music, sync your mobile devices, search the phonebooks, check call history, and records.

Moreover, it perfectly will fit your Double Din dash and with the help of its in-built pre-loaded offline navigation maps and software that is completely free.

The 8GB TF card comes as a gift as well, where you can easily save and use offline maps, songs, and playbacks. Talking about maps, and online high-accuracy GPS module installed in all of these guides you along the way.

The navigation from this dual-zone GPS lets you focus on the road, the volume of music, and the navigation speech and be changed independently and we think that is an amazing feature.

Fan of DVDs and CDs? EINCAR got you! The CD/DVD player for video and audio is built-in and delivers perfectly lossless music and 1080pFHD movie playbacks. Compatible with the most, this DVD player has a 32-bit RISC and transports MPEG stream demux.

Also, you can play the downloaded songs anywhere and anytime without the internet, the TF card slot and a USB port come in handy for the most portable way for multimedia on the go.

Moreover, to ensure the safest and the most convenient drive for its users, EINCAR has come up with smart steering wheel controls. Frequently used buttons up to 20 have been customized to control the most used functions like volume, pause, play etc.

The steering wheel operations can be managed either with audio controls or via SWC remote kit. The touch screen is a highly responsive one, the response time is very short, in just 0.1 seconds you can command your car stereo to do anything you like without having to lose focus from the road.

The 800×600 resolution screen in this double din head unit gives the high-quality visual output as promised by the company. Furthermore, the AM/FM in EINCAR head unit has up to 30 preset radio stations which can be controlled by remote control for convenience, ease, and amusement for every person in the car, be it a backseat rider.

Pros Cons
DVD/CD player After sales services need to be worked upon
High-resolution capacitive Touch screen
Remote and audio controls


Highly recommended car stereo for every Double Din car out there. Driver safer and make boring journeys fun!



Podofo Double Din Car Radio

Podofo Double Din Car Radio

Enjoy a stress-free ride to that new town you’ve always wished to visit in the country because Podofo’s new head unit will navigate the way as precisely as possible for you.

It comes with an external GPS antenna and also stores offline as well as online maps for navigation. The software is compatible with most of the navigation apps including Google Map, Waze, Sygic, Google Play Store, and IGO, etc.

Being one of the best cheap double din head unit, it presents you with the opportunity to relax yet drive safely. The steering wheel controls bring all the frequently used functions of the car to your fingertips and in front of your eyes for the ultimate ease and convenience of driving.

When you park your car or back it up, the reversing camera automatically starts and displays you the back of your car, and the 12 LEDs are waterproof (IP68) which means no worries about rain or storm.

To deliver the promise of bringing its customers convenience and ease of use, Podofo’s two- and one-way mirror linking opportunities lets you operate everything on your phone from the din head unit’s capacitive touchscreen.

You can project your IOS devices by using the Wi-Fi, all the iPhone 5 are compatible with the double head unit whereas, Android 4.0 and above can be connected via USB cable or Wi-Fi.

While you’re connected to the internet you can download your favorite apps in the ever so amazing 32GB Nand memory and the 2GB RAM huge storage. It also supports version 4 of Bluetooth and it supports both the IOS as well as the Android devices.

This Bluetooth connections gives the driver complete freedom and focus on driving rather than having to locate buttons and icons to simply make a call. You can make calls, or stream Bluetooth music in a hands-free manner.

The 1024×600 pixels of the highly sensitive touchscreen is nothing less than a visual treat on the go if you are streaming videos on it. Moreover, the screen’s brightness is never too high in the dark and never too low in the sunlight. It also features a waterproof 12 LEDs rearview camera.

Pros Cons
Super high-resolution touchscreen with brilliant display No user manual to follow for initial setting up
Sensitive signals GPS navigation
FM radio and Bluetooth controls


A great double din head unit that complements almost all kinds of (double din) cars and devices and work efficiently to give as much convenience to the driver as possible.



Binize Android 10 head unit

Binize Android 10 head unit

The high-resolution Quad-core head unit by Binize Android 10 radio is equipped with the latest technology and fits almost all the vehicles with a double din dashboard.

One area where Binize always takes the lead is connectivity, high-fidelity, strong and secure connections, be it Wi-Fi, be it Bluetooth, Hotspots, Navigation technology, 4G communications, OBD/tire pressure, and much more.

You can listen to the FM or the Am, play music from your phone with the AUX cable connected, play Bluetooth music, search music, and your phonebook, and browse the calls log to make a call hands-free!

By connecting this double din head unit to the internet, you unlock this device’s full potential. You can navigate online routes, enjoy online streaming music, and make the best of the internet by downloading new apps from the Google Play store.

There is also an in-built game store and for its IOS users, Binize has built-in CarPlay. You can connect your iPhones and iPads to the head unit via the CarPlay interface via Bluetooth and enjoy whatever you were doing on your iPhone from the stereo’s display which includes receiving and sending messages, getting directions, make and receive calls, and much more. This is applicable on every iPhone above the iPhone 5. So, in the gist of it, the CarPlay allows you to drive safely focusing on the road.

Similarly, there is Android Auto which performs the same functions as the CarPlay but pairs with android devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or a USB cable. Moreover, the screen functions can be customized according to the user’s likings, things like the brightness of the screen, the EQ settings, SD card expansion options, car logo settings, wallpaper settings, and much more can be controlled just by the touch of your finger.

The capacitive touchscreen is a multi-touch one and due to the electrostatic sensors, it is highly sensitive to touch and ultimately highly responsive in function.

Another incredibly useful feature of the Binize car stereo is that it supports the reverse trigger controls and the rear-view camera input which makes it easier and much safer for the driver to reverse and park the car.

A special car video system of the backup camera highlights the blind spots that can be very dangerous, on the monitor so you can avoid hitting mailboxes from now on. There is also the steering wheel control which means you can access all the functions right from your steering wheel just by the touch of a button. No need to look away from the road to adjust the volume now as it will be right in front of your eyes.

Pros Cons
Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Customer services need up-gradation
High-accuracy GPS navigation system pre-installed
Steering wheel control


A great addition to your car’s dashboard that not only brings convenience and amusement but also ensures a safe drive. Without it is the best cheap double din head unit you can find.



J Junsun Car Multimedia Stereo Player

J JunsunCar Multimedia Stereo Player

Nowadays people want to drive with players always playing soothing kinds of music, and adults want multimedia players that can play beats of their choice. This multimedia car stereo player is built to satisfy the needs of all ages.

It has a 7-inches HD twofold Vehicle sound system with Capacitive Multi-contact Screen, the 2 racket vehicle sound system receiver player is more delicate, which accompanies quicker reaction. The multimedia also accompany GPS Guide SD Card-8GB GPS route map card including North America map.

Bluetooth Hands-free, Blur-tooth stream and controlled furnished amplifier for calling without using your hands when combined with a cell phone. Remotely stream sound employing Bluetooth so you can tune in to streaming music and control the track and volume up/down and play/stop through your framework.

Additionally, it has more grounded noise absorption ability and gets all the more clear radio broadcasts even in rainstorms and roadways. Further, the LCD will show you the back camera footage when the back gear is in position for safe parking.

The inherent Preset EQ permits you to browse preset EQ bends for an assortment of music styles like Stone or Pop. RGB tones are accessible for button brightening. You can change the shading as you would prefer, which will give you an unexpected involvement in comparison to the past multimedia player from the same brand.

Pros Cons
Multimedia player Customization not easy
Pre-installed maps
Handsfree use


J Junsun provides a car stereo multimedia player with pre-installed maps and also plays FM radio. You can change the song even call anyone without even touching it. The LCD screen will allow you to watch Video songs and other media, further you can watch the back camera while parking.



Final Verdict:

Everyone who enjoys a groovy ride, hates remembering or asking for routes and is interested, but new, to the world of car audio systems, must give this article a read. Get the stunning features of any high-end double din car head unit in a cheaper price if you’re new. We have compiled together some of the best cheap double din head unit for you to choose from according to your preferences and likings.


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