How to Strengthen and Extend The Range of Router?

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2023)

How to Strengthen and Extend The Range of Router?

How to Strengthen and Extend The Range of Router? Wireless routers have made our lives easier. Now, we don’t have to get into the trouble of connecting wires of each device to the router.

You just have to set up a network simply and you can connect to it from any device using Wi-Fi options easily without the use of any kind of cables. Wireless routers only have one drawback, that they have a limited range. Weak signals means slower speed and when all the signals fall down, you lose connectivity from the network.

To overcome this issue, there are a number of ways that you can try to expand the area of your router. We have the most effective ways to help you extend and strengthen the range of wireless router.

Most of the modern wireless routers come with the firmware update options. This keeps your router updated and provides the latest security measures. Outdated router’s firmware starts getting weaker. In order to strengthen the firmware, install the latest update for your router and you will notice a significant change.

Router Placement:

This is very crucial part. Your router must be placed in a position where it can send its signals to every corner of the place. It may seem like a small point but it plays a huge role in achieving signals on your device. Your router must be placed in an open area from where it can easily send signals to all the devices.

Configure Frequency:

This is one of the most important parts. Sometimes the frequency of network administrator is set to a lower level. Increase the frequency according to your router’s specifications. If you are using a dual-band router, your frequency must be set to 5 GHz in order to give the best performance of your internet. Setting the right frequency helps you with throughput and file transfer.

Check Antennas:

Your router’s antennas are the important and main factors to help spread the Wi-Fi signals. Antennas of router can have a problem that causes them to have weaker signals. To get the maximum signals, try inspecting antennas, change their positions, repair them if they have a problem, or replace them because if the antennas of your router don’t work properly, your signal range would be much weaker.

Monitor Network:

If you have a network set up, start monitoring it. Check every device in the network individually and check its data usage. Intruders can have access of your password which causes your internet to work slower. In this situation make sure your security system is solid.

You can strengthen your Wi-Fi signals this way and you will start noticing the results with faster internet. However, it is recommended to check the Internet service provider first to see if the problem is coming from there, and then apply these tips.


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