How to Connect and Trouble Shoot Your Wireless Mouse?

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How to Connect and Trouble Shoot Your Wireless Mouse?

A wireless mouse or a cordless mouse is much easier to manage than an ordinary mouse. The main reason for that is because it does not require any cable connection with your system. It can be directly connected through a receiver or Bluetooth. For beginners who don’t know how to set up a wireless mouse, we have gathered some tips. How to Connect and Trouble Shoot Your Wireless Mouse?

Connecting a wireless mouse (for Windows)

To connect a wireless mouse, you must locate Bluetooth settings on your computer or laptop. Once you are on the settings menu, turn on the Bluetooth. Now, hold the sync button on your wireless mouse to sync it with your computer’s Bluetooth. You will see a list of available devices on your computer. From there, select your mouse and you are good to go.

Connecting a wireless mouse (for MacOS)

From the Apple menu, go to your Bluetooth settings. From there, turn on the Bluetooth. Hold your mouse button to sync it with your Mac. Select your mouse from the given list in your computer.

If you have trouble connecting your wireless mouse to your computer, make sure your mouse is working fine and is charged. Try restarting your computer or update your windows if you haven’t. If you are facing more issues with your wireless mouse, let’s discuss how you can troubleshoot it simple with your computer.

Check battery:

Wireless mice require batteries to work with your computer. Check your mouse batteries properly and if you find any problem with it, insert new batteries. If you still face issues, try checking your battery slots.


Usually, the power switch of a wireless mouse is present at the bottom. You have to sync it with your computer’s Bluetooth in order to connect it. If you face any issues with it, there might be a problem with your wireless mouse’s power switch.

USB receiver:

Some wireless mice require a USB receiver to be inserted in your PC to connect. Although it is an easy way to connect, there can be many issues regarding the receiver. Sometimes, the USB ports of a computer cause problems that lead to connectivity errors.

Insert the USB receiver correctly and wait for a minute to see whether it is connected on your computer. If not, insert it in a different USB port. Replace your USB receiver if you continue to face this problem.


This is an important, yet the most overlooked part by users. People buy wireless mice but they don’t install the suitable driver for that mouse. Look for the right driver that works with your mouse. You can find that on Internet by searching your mouse’s model name and its suitable drivers.

Change Surface:

Not all wireless mice are compatible to work on glass or glossy surfaces. If you are using your wireless mouse over such surfaces, consider using it with mouse pad for better and smoother movement.


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