Is Buying a DSLR Worth it?

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Is Buying a DSLR Worth it?

DSLR cameras have been on the market for a long time, which has allowed them to develop and mature more than enough. In other words, they are well-thought-out cameras, which have replaced previous models, improving the problems they had and, therefore, they offer the best of their technology. Therefore, they have a significant advantage over mirrorless cameras that are still evolving.

They have been incorporating “proprietary” CSC technologies for a long time. Still, things (as the stabilizer built into the body) have not yet become widespread, so there is always room for improvement.

It is evident that its technology already has a significant history behind it and allows the prices of SLRs to be lower than those of mirrorless cameras. However, their manufacturers still have to amortize the investment made for their development.

Therefore, they offer advanced features at a much lower price; so if we want to have features like, for example, tracking autofocus, we can achieve it with a much lower investment. For this reason, in the short term, investing in a DSLR is more profitable”.

  • They provide much better picture quality for shooting in all conditions – from bright sunny days (thanks to the more fantastic dynamic range) to twilight and night photography (thanks to low noise at high ISO)
  • You can add extra volume in the photo – the main object remains sharp; the rest can be blurred (especially when using high-aperture optics). For the most part, soap dishes give a flat picture, where everything is sharp – both the foreground and background. Smartphones can blur the background, but this blur is software; comparing it with optical is like comparing, say, soy candies to chocolate (although everything is subjective here)
  • With interchangeable optics, they enable the photographer to realize a much more comprehensive range of creative ideas.
  • They have much greater autonomy –they can take up to 1500 frames (or even more) on one battery charge.

The situation is such that the ratio of DSLRs to mirrorless cameras on the new technology market is about 50/50, but every year the share of SLR cameras is decreasing. They have lost almost all significant advantages over system cameras. Therefore, it makes sense to buy them only if you have good reasons for this – for example, you already have a park of optics and accessories.

DSLRs are a slowly dying class of technology. Leading camera producers also confirm it. For example, in early 2020, Canon announced the completion of the design of the new optics of the EF system. However, it does not mean that lenses will stop being produced, that new models will not appear. Instead, the manufacturers will focus all efforts on the design of the RF system optics. It is quite a logical step since the EF system is at least 30 years old – for a technical standard, this is quite enough age to retire and give way to more “young and promising” standards, but still you cannot deny the importance of DSLR’s even in current era.


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