Best Vacuum Sealer for Freezing Food 2024

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A sealer device for food helps increase the shelf life of fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, ready-made meals, bread, and pastries by 3-5 times, to protect products from the saturation of extraneous odors. Regarding this, we have compiled some of the best vacuum sealers for freezing food in the article. We suggest you to keep digging.

Vacuum packaging of medicines, cosmetics allows you to reduce the number of preservatives in products without changing the shelf life; electronics and similar goods – to protect against counterfeiting, prevent corrosion of metal elements; textiles, and avoid pollution, damage to goods.

The main elements for vacuum packaging are buttons for setting and (or) on/off functions, a pump, a sealing device (tape), a clip for fastening the packaging material. In addition, professional machines are also equipped with a chamber and a module for filling the room with a nitrogen mixture – necessary for aeration, provided in some models. The module can be included in the initial complete set of the evacuator or supplied separately.

Moreover, most sealing devices are made of plastic and stainless steel. The heating tape is Teflon coated to prevent the packaging material from sticking to it. Product packaging is carried out in several stages:

1- Evacuation – pumping out oxygen from a bag (container) using a built-in pump; a collection of liquid flowing out of the product.

2- Aeration – filling the chamber with a special protective gas mixture.

3- Sealing – heating the tape, then the edges of the packaging bag, creating a sealed seam and cooling it down.

If a special gassing system is not included in the kit, then, as a rule, the evacuator skips the second stage and automatically proceeds to the next. Food packaging in a protective atmosphere (with a special module) is suitable for soft fruits and berries. This method allows you to preserve the shape and color of the product and prevents juicing.

There are two main types of sealers on the packaging equipment market: tubeless (external) and chamber. External machines are usually used in everyday life. They are suitable for packaging food products, things (saving space in the closet, protecting against damage), and other products. Tubeless equipment is distinguished by its small dimensions, low price (from 2,000 rubles), and weight (usually up to 1.5 kg).

However, the Chamber machines are equipped with compartments into which containers with a product are placed for subsequent vacuuming and sealing of the package. Such equipment is larger, more expensive, and heavier than external devices.

Chamber packers are used in industry, public catering. Their main functions are the same as those of an external household apparatus: evacuation, sealing of containers.

In addition, there are two types of industrial sealer machine: floor standing or tabletop. Usually, these are vertical dimensional chamber machines with high productivity. The pump flow in such devices is 10 m³ / h and more.

They are capable of performing at least 1-2 packing operations per minute. The weight of industrial vacuum equipment is more than 25 kg. This indicator is due to the presence of a powerful pump equipped with a large number of metal elements – bearings, lubrication system, etc.

Professional equipment is used in cafes, restaurants, fast-food establishments, credit and financial organizations (protection of packs of banknotes from damage and theft of individual bills), transport companies (packaging of goods to protect from moisture, dust, and other mechanical damage possible during transportation).

The large chambers of professional machines can be used to pack small items or small batches of products. To do this, you need to purchase a special block made of polypropylene. It is placed in a chamber to reduce the volume of air. It allows you to minimize vacuum sealing and optimize the cost of electricity and oil for the pump (lowering the cost of packaging, equipment maintenance).

Household devices for vacuum packaging differ from industrial devices in small dimensions. Non-professional packers do not have a camera. Most of the evacuators are horizontal.

Best Vacuum Sealer for Freezing Food (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Fresh World Vacuum Machine 18.8 x 9.2 x 9.2 inches (Package) 7.73 Pounds

Check Price

Fresh World FW-3150 20 x 14 x 8 inches 8.89 Pounds Check Price
Wevac Vacuum Sealer CV12 21.02 x 18.19 x 12.91 inches (Package) 36.5 Pounds Check Price


Fresh World Vacuum Machine

Fresh World Vacuum Machine

It is common to preserve food for future consumption by simply wrapping food in plastic wrap and placing it in the freezer. Unfortunately, the oxygen that remains in food causes oxidation.

All food types, smell, and tastes alike will be affected. This bag sealer can remove air completely due to the super-strong vacuum pressure of up to 75kpa. It will keep your food fresh seven times longer.

It is designed to be easy to use for both dry and moist food. It has a specific vacuum sealing setting for vegetables, proteins, and “Seal Only” for delicate foods.

You can also choose between “Single Seal” and “Double Seal” if you wish to make two seals. There is also a memory function to increase your convenience. You can cut the bag roll length you require with the roll holder or cutter slider.

Moreover, you can use a commercial-grade food sealer at your home or office. It has an extended 13″ heating strip that can vacuum seal bags small and large. It can also vacuum seal up to three bags (total length13″) simultaneously. You can use it continuously for 50 minutes, and then, after a 5-minute break, it can resume.

The accessory port on this sealer machine allows you to attach a hose to vacuum jars and reusable vacuum bags. The complete starter kit includes 5 large vacuum bags (13.8’x13.8″‘), 5 medium bags (8.7’x13.8″), 1 bag roll (9.8’x196.8″), 5 reusable bags, an air suction tube, and a power cable. You can save big on food shopping and avoid going out as often as possible, especially during Emergencies.

The sealer can be plugged into an outlet (110V-240V). Initially, wait for 2 seconds until the indicator turns on. Next, you can use the bag to store food. Once the sealer has stopped, you will see four led indicators and a tone that will alert you.

In addition, it has ETL certification for commercial grade and heavy-duty usage. Finally, its unique memory function allows you to save settings for future use.

Pros Cons
ETL certification for commercial grade Need large space in kitchen to place it
Easy vacuum sealing settings
Seven times longer preservation


This vacuum food sealer is ideal for both home cooks and those who like to stock up for future use. This vacuum sealer is especially important for food storage in times of crisis.

This food saver vacuum machine will make it possible to “stay in.” Some of its exclusive features are 7X longer preservation, Single seal and double seals, Vacuum Seal or Seal only, Bag roll holder, and a built-in cutter.



Fresh World FW-3150

Fresh World FW-3150

FW-3150 is a well-built sealer machine with a powerful vacuum pump with MAX -75 to 85Kpa pressure. It has a Built-in Roll Storage & Cutter plus the capacity of holding Rolls up to 14 inches wide. Its maximum sealing line width is 0.16 in (4mm), and full seal line length is 13.8″.

Its vacuum packaging prevents the development of fungi and bacteria, which increases the product’s shelf life and reduces the company’s costs.

Additionally, unripe vegetables and fruits placed in vacuum packaging can ripen in it – the appearance and quality are improved.

It is highly efficient in performance and working for longer and continuous operations. It provides three operational Vacuum Modes: Loose – For foods with a lot of moisture Standard – The default button to dry or wet food and Tight – Applies to dry food where a higher vacuum level is desired.

Moreover, it provides the packaging of goods in a protective gas environment. Suitable for berries, soft fruits, expensive products that you cannot freeze directly. Allows preserving their taste, appearance, color, aroma, useful properties.

Its pulse and blow aeration operation allow preserving fragile foods Materials. Its internal wiring is BPA-Free having high-quality Chrome alloy material.

You can keep your food for up to five times longer than other storage options with this vacuum sealing machine. You can use both bags and rolls for storage purposes with this machine. It has a very compact, sleek, and easy-to-use design.

In addition, it can hold larger rolls than other sealers and is patent-protected for continuous operation. You will also get 110V Plug, an Instructions & Operations Manual, 10 each vacuum bags 8.5″x13″, 10 each vacuum bags 11″x14″  and 1 each roll 13.0″ Wx200.0″ L along with this sealing machine. Its operation is very easy using its easy-to-understand comprehensive instructional manual.

It has attractive black color with 4.5 feet long power cord. It performs sealing functions with sealing power up to 130W. You will get a 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Pros Cons
BPA-free manufacturing material Less warranty
Attractive black color
Three operational modes


It is one of the best sealing machines with a powerful vacuum Pump and Built-in Roll Storage & Cutter. It is Dishwasher-safe with a pullout drip tray drawer. You can use up to 14 inches wide rolls. Its longer and continuous operational capability are unique on the market.

Three operating modes, pulse/blow operations, indicator lights, and BPA-free manufacturing material make it stand out among its competitors on the market.



Wevac Chamber Vacuum Sealer, CV12

Wevac Chamber Vacuum Sealer, CV12

Wevac CV12 can hold large amounts of soup or meat. Its compact exterior makes it easy to use in any kitchen. You can place it on any countertop. It is easy to clean. The transparent chamber permits visibility of the food throughout the whole process.

The 12″L seal bar can hold standard-size (flat) vacuum bags. It can store soups and food, and it allows marinating or infusion. In addition, modern technology helps protect food from freezer burn and air leakage.

You can set Vacuum and Seal manually or let the machine do it automatically using the “SmartVac” button.

The automatic setting can be used, but you can also manually adjust the heating temperature and time. Furthermore, the timer can be adjusted for the heat strip. The manufacturer set this default setting. It comes with a detailed instruction manual to assist you with all your sealing tasks.

Moreover, this machine can perform all kitchen-based sealing functions. A few buttons control the device. They are simple to use. However, you should pay attention to how easy it is to insert the film and if it does not slip.

You can now get a professional chamber for a very reasonable price! The stainless steel body includes a smoked glass lid and a powerful dry pump. It does not require any maintenance.

The sealing tape must be kept in place. You can increase the seal time by 6 seconds if the seal is not tight enough. The piston pump’s inside is a dry piston. It is extremely durable and maintenance-free.

The chamber sealer is available for use by anyone. To fit the vacuum bag, you will need to shred any food items. First, the sealer will seal your bag by clamping it down so that the suction device can extract air. Next, the sealer will apply light pressure to activate the suction mechanism. After the air is completely gone, the pressure is slightly raised, which causes the suction mechanism to switch from weld to suction.

Pros Cons
Automatic functionality Limited warranty
Simple user- interface design


Because of its simple design, it is easy to store in your kitchen. Its small size means that it can be placed anywhere in your kitchen, no matter how big or small. You can increase the shelf life of cooked and fresh food up to tenfold with the sealer. You can also preserve vital minerals and vitamins in a vacuum without using preservatives.



Final Verdict:

A vacuum sealing machine is a must-have tool at home to preserve your favorite food items in the fridge. First, the age of vacuumed food ingredients can last 3-5x longer than the normal storage process. Second, the vacuum process makes foodstuffs oxygen-free. At the same time, bacteria and fungi cannot grow without oxygen.


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