Best Vacuum Sealer for Soups 2024

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Sealer machine is equipment that is designed to pack and save any product. Such devices allow you to preserve and extend the shelf life of a particular product. With their help, goods are packaged not only for transportation but also for convenience. In addition, a specific packaging design will help make it stand out from many other similar ones. Manufacturers now offer a wide variety of packaging machines. Therefore, each case must select a suitable model for packaging your particular product precisely. In this regard, we have compiled some of the best vacuum sealers for soups in the article. Have a look at them.

Vacuum packaging is one of the most profitable and effective types of food packaging. Thanks to the technologies used in this type of packaging, which allows storing products for much longer.

Thus, it is protected from harmful external influences. The excellent appearance of the product is also preserved. Vacuum packaging is used not only in the food industry but also in medicine, banking, cosmetics, etc.

The technology is also used in the production of mattresses, provides easy transportation and excellent preservation of goods. Vacuum bags are made of high-quality PA / PE barrier film, allowing products to be stored for a long time in a discharged environment without air penetration. The equipment with which you can vacuum pack the goods is called vacuum equipment.

When choosing a sealer, due consideration should be given to the manufacturer. He must be well known and established in the market as one of the best manufacturers of this technology.

In addition, it must take parameters such as the level of automation, durability, and performance of the equipment into account. Do not dwell on those models that are difficult to use. Remember, this equipment should be light during its operation!

Further, if you doubt which particular sealer to choose, consult a professional in the field. He will undoubtedly help you with the choice of a specific model!

The leading cause of food spoilage is the multiplication of microorganisms (yeast, fungus, and mold) that feed on oxygen. It means for extending shelf life, it is necessary to remove air from the package. A sealer device will help you to do this quickly and easily.

You can store products in sealed packaging 2-4 times longer than those in a regular bag. You can also store coffee beans, cereals, pasta in vacuum packaging at room temperature for a couple of years. Thus, by having a sealer machine at home, you can store food for future use.

A vacuum device is a particular device that ensures the products are sealed and create a favorable environment for their storage, which further excludes even a minimal risk of bacterial growth. In addition, special packaging only contributes to the improvement of the taste of this or that product.

Most sealers have the same principle of operation. From the very beginning, the product in a plastic film is placed in a special chamber of the apparatus, where oxygen is pumped out, and the film is hermetically sealed. As a result, such a modified environment increases the shelf life of products and has a beneficial effect on their organoleptic properties.

We can conclude that the sealer device will appeal to most consumers. With it, products will remain fresh and visually attractive for a long time.

In addition, a variety of models in the form of a built-in and freestanding evacuator will allow you to purchase exactly the device that is ideal for the overall dimensions of the kitchen, and the laconic and stylish design will harmoniously combine and complement any interior.

Best Vacuum Sealer for Soups (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Wevac Chamber CV12 21.02 x 18.19 x 12.91 inches (Package) 36.5 Pounds

Check Price

Food Shield 16.97 x 8.7 x 5.04 inches (Package) 5.41 Pounds Check Price
PolyScience 300 Series 14 x 18.2 x 11.8 inches 55.5 Pounds Check Price


Wevac Chamber Vacuum Sealer, CV12

Wevac Chamber Vacuum Sealer, CV12

Now you can get a professional chamber at a very affordable price for your household! The stainless steel body comes with a smoked glass lid and a powerful dry pump.

It is maintenance-free. You must not remove the sealing tape from the seal bar. If the seal is not tight enough, increase the sealing time by 6 seconds. The inside of the piston pump is a dry piston, which is highly durable and maintenance-free.

It is perfect for serving large portions of meat, soup, or sauce. Its exterior size is small and compact, making it ideal for use in any kitchen. It is easy to place on any countertop.

It is straightforward to clean. The transparent chamber allows for visibility of the food during the entire process.

It can also hold regular (flat) vacuum bags in standard sizes thanks to its 12″L seal bar. It can store food and soups and allows marinating and infusion. Modern technology protects food from air leakage and freezer burn.

You can also set Vacuum and Seal manually or allow the machine to do it automatically with the “Smart Vac” button. You can use the automatic setting, but it is also possible to manually set heating temperature and time.

You only need to adjust the timer for the heat strip. The manufacturer set this default setting. A detailed instruction manual will be provided to help you perform all of your sealing functions.

Anyone can use the chamber sealer. You should shred the food items to fit in the vacuum bag. The sealer will seal the bag by clamping it in place so that the suction device can extract the air.

It will activate the suction mechanism by applying light pressure. Once the air has been completely removed, the pressure is slightly increased, which switches from suction to weld.

Its simple design makes it easy to store in your kitchen. You can place it anywhere you like in small or large kitchens thanks to its wise size. The sealer can extend the shelf life of fresh and cooked food by up to ten times. In addition, you can preserve essential minerals and vitamins in a vacuum without the need to use preservatives.

Pros Cons
Very affordable price Gasket seam problem sometimes
A detailed instruction manual
Simple design


The machine can perform all kitchen-based sealing functions. There are a few buttons that control the machine; they are easy to use. Pay attention to whether the film is easy to insert and does not slip.





It is very lightweight and can be easily stored in a drawer on the counter. However, do not let its lightness fool you. It feels sturdy and solid, but it does not feel cheap.

This machine is different from other external machines because it uses a snorkel design to expel air from bags before sealing.

As a result, it allows the machine to use the smoother (less costly) chamber or Ziploc bags (after cutting off any Zip part of the bag) bags rather than the more expensive typical channel bags.

This machine also has a small container that captures liquids. The top left corner is where the container slides in and out.

The container does not hold much liquid. The container can save a lot of liquid, but it should not be a problem if you are concerned about juices from meats. The machine also produces a generous 5mm seal on the bag. This seal size is not standard in other devices.

Semi-automatic sealing is possible with this machine. This machine does not have an auto-stop feature like other machines. Instead, it senses when there is enough air and draws it out.

Instead, the vacuuming is initiated by pressing a button on the panel. Once enough air has been removed, the machine will retract its snorkel before sealing. An audio beep indicates that sealing is complete.

An accessory port is available for canisters and mason jars. The hose is also included. It fits the Foodsaver Manson sealers. To use the accessory port, you need to take out the clear plastic liquid container. The container is now connected to the two ports. Connect the hose to the port closest to the controls on the panel (right side facing the machine).

The snorkel must be in the out position, and the tabs (like sealing bags) locked. Next, press the start/stop button to begin the vacuuming. The best way to know when the Mason jar seal is broken is by hearing it.

The machine’s bottom has a rectangular-shaped door that opens up. If the device has absorbed any liquids or juices, it contains a filter that you can clean afterward. It is easy to clean because you only need to open the latch door and remove the silicone cover/sponge. Rinse it off. Additionally, the user guide comes in clear English with step by step instruction.

Pros Cons
You can use chamber-style pouches that are less expensive A snorkel design
Includes liquid capture area
Simple to understand manual


This machine is an excellent choice for looking for a low-cost chamber or Ziploc bag sealer, but still want to have the convenience of external sealers. This machine is different from other machines. This machine is well worth the investment.



PolyScience 300 Series

PolyScience 300 Series

This chamber sealer is excellent for sealing all your solid food and drinkables, such as soups and stews. It also has a prebuilt function to marinate your food. In addition, it has an intelligent design built with stainless steel that makes it durable and space saving.

This sealer machine has three preset cycle programming that provides adequate suction and time for all food materials.

In addition, it has a dry piston suction pump with a power of 120V, making this product almost maintenance-free for a long time to come.

Moreover, the 300 Series is capable of vacuum-sealing dry food and liquids like soups and stews. You can operate the device by simply pressing a button.

You can program three preset buttons to set the vacuum levels, vacuum hold time, seal times, and infusion times for meats and fish. You can also add a marinate cycle to expand your capabilities. You can store larger pouch sizes in the large chamber. This product is only for home usage, not recommended for commercial use.

This machine provides vacuum-sealed foods with a much longer shelf life because they are not exposed to oxygen. Many foods can be frozen long-term without losing quality or freezing to death. Pre-cooked, vacuum-sealed foods make it simple to prepare a meal right away. Stock, pasta sauces, and chicken thighs can all be frozen to be quickly thawed as needed.

In addition, you can also perform vacuum pickling with this machine. Vacuum pickling is a great way to bring out the brightness in your dish by combining fruit and vegetables with water, vinegar, sugar, salt, and spices.

They will be ready in no time. This machine also allows you to marinate your meat. For this, Mix your chilled marinade with the steaks, and let it marinate for at least 30 minutes in this sealer. Then, the steaks will be ready to grill.

Plastic wrap can be messy. Plastic wrap can also make it easier for food to slip out of storage. You can quickly see how much food is in your freezer and organize it in a neat, even way.

Pros Cons
Suction pump with the power of 120V Limited warranty
Can also perform vacuum pickling
Allows marinating for meat


This sealing machine allows food to stay fresher and longer in the fridge, freezer, or pantry. Vacuum sealing reduces food waste, saves money, makes meal preparation quicker and easier, and allows you to vacuum seal liquids. In addition, the 300 Series Chamber Sealer is maintenance-free and offers professional-level features at an affordable price.



Final Verdict:

The presence of a sealer in the house will allow you to create various blanks and semi-finished products, which will significantly reduce the preparation of dishes within a couple of weeks.

Further, you will be able to store the harvest of vegetables and fruits, buy meat, cheese at wholesalers, pickled cucumbers, and tomatoes. Thus, the vacuum dispenser will become more than just a machine but a valuable assistant in your kitchen.


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