Why Your Vacuum Machine Does Not Seal Properly?

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Why your vacuum machine does not seal properly?

A vacuum machine is one of those appliances that are becoming more and more frequent in the homes of Italian citizens. People have begun to appreciate its qualities to save space in the cupboard, in the fridge or the freezer, and preserve food for as long as possible, avoiding waste and reducing costs. Why Your Vacuum Machine Does Not Seal Properly?

Unfortunately, however, it happens from time to time that the machine presents some problems or malfunctions. In this guide, we will tell you the typical issues you might encounter and, above all, the possible solutions. Sometimes, it only takes a little care and a few more minutes of maintenance and cleaning to ensure that, your machine works perfectly.

Typical problems!

Here are the most frequent failures and malfunctions that could occur with your machine that sucks and seals.

The machine does not suck in air:

Among the typical reasons that could cause the lack of aspiration, there is undoubtedly a malfunction of the bag’s machine or incorrect positioning. Some household appliances may require a precise position of the vacuum bag, and, if not present, the device will not start up or work unsatisfactorily.

Then check how you position the casing on the plate and, if it still does not work, check the power cable or call for assistance.

If you want to remove the air from a jar or a bottle and the sealer does not suck, then check that there is no grease or food left inside that prevents correct operation.

The sealer does not seal bags:

If the device does not seal the bags perfectly, the problems, in this case, could be different, but among the most frequent ones, there is undoubtedly a possible problem with the vacuum bag. For example, it has not been positioned correctly on the Heat Wand, or it has creases. Alternatively, it may be dirty with oil and grease. So check if the bag is clean, as well as the seal bar. Then, before activating it, wipe it with a dry cloth for safety.

Another problem could be with the casings. Maybe they are too thick or poorly positioned. However, even with suitable vacuum bags, it does not work, then this is not the problem, and you have to try something else.

If it does not act after a few minutes of use, it means that it may have overheated. In this case, try turning it off for a few minutes and then turn the machine back on.

The machine turns off during use:

Unsuccessful vacuum packing what to do? If the machine turns off during use, it could be overheating. If used for too long, the appliance could consequently go into a safety lock if the motor temperature rises too much. Try turning the machine off and on again several minutes later.

Another typical cause of this problem is food on the plate of the food sealer, which interferes with the proper functioning of the same.

You should always make sure that, you have positioned the vacuum bag or tube correctly. The system of your machine may notice that something is wrong and prevent it from blocking.


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