Best Boat Covers For Trailering 2024

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2023)

When it comes to the best boat covers for trailering purposes we need to clear one thing only, that these covers are nothing like the usual tarps! They are especially custom designed and manufactured to give the ideal fit, heavy-duty fabric, and protective features. We have compiled some of the best boat covers for trailering in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

If you only need a cover for indoors storage you won’t need to consider these factors, any cover will do the job. But when it’s about trailering on highways where the cruising speed is equal to nothing less than a hurricane, you need a cover that will stay in one place and won’t blow away with the heavy winds.

Some factors that make the best boat cover for trailering are, as said earlier, its Fit, Fabric, and Features. The Fit of any boat cover that you’re planning to use while trailering must not be the Universal fit, it can either be Semi-custom or Custom fit. The Universal fit tends to be baggier or loose because, as the name suggests, they are aimed at catering to many boat models at once.

The loose fit is not ideal for trailering because you will need additional straps and ropes to even cover the whole boat properly. Not worth the effort! The Semi-custom ones are designed to fit certain hull designs and fit relatively tighter.

They can be used for trailering if secured properly. Custom-fit boat covers are ideal for trailering, they are tailored specifically for a certain boat model and embraces the boat according to its cuts, curves, and designs tightly.

Patterned to accommodate seats, bow-mounted motors, cleat locations, and windshields, these boat covers can withstand the rigorous winds, rain, or snow on the road.

For trailering, boat covers must have little to no excess fabric so that there is no flapping and fluttering cloth creating a mess behind. Moreover, the Fabric of these boat covers is either polyester, nylon, or acrylic, and to determine the polyester quality look at the denier and weight. Semi-custom or custom covers for trailering must have 300 above denier polyester used in their manufacture.

Boat covers are the first line of defense for your boats when they are in motion against rain, hail, snow, dust, tree branches, UV rays and leaves, and much more. A good boat cover is tough enough to withstand fading, cracking, or tearing and has an elasticized hem and straps to ensure a tight fit.

For any boater, boat covers are a vital piece of equipment. They not only protect against the elements of nature but also make sure your boat is safe under the cover. Sometimes moisture accumulates under the cover and causes rusting or mold formation, for that you need to keep a cover that has sufficient air vents for proper air passage.

Best Boat Covers For Trailering (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Budge B-1630-X6 264 x 106 x 1 inches 14.5 Pounds

Check Price

Budge B-1211-X6 264 x 102 x 1 inches 14.5 Pounds Check Price
Budge B-1211-X8 24.4 x 16.1 x 12.8 inches (Package) 22.5 Pounds Check Price
StormPro 240 x 130 x 0.02 inches 10 Pounds Check Price


Budge B-1630-X6

Budge B-1630-X6

Budge Sportsman RipStop B-1630-X6 is an all-weather protector for any Center Console v-hull boat. Durable and reliable in tough weather and the harshest of circumstances. When trailering, all you need is a perfectly fitted boat cover that will shield your boat on rest as well as on the go.

This cover makes sure your boat stays secure when trailering by an elasticized hem that gives a snug fit to the boat so even under stormy winds your boat never gets exposed to nature’s disasters.

It comes with top and bottom sewn-in straps that are buckled together for a durable, tight fit. When Budge boat cover is on, your boat is shielded from heavy winds, rain, snow, dust, and trees that can harm your boat a great deal.

B-1630-X6 is a model designed specifically for trailer use and owing to its incredible qualities one can easily conclude that it most certainly is the best cover for trailering. Here’s why, this cover has been manufactured and designed with perfection, containing three layers that each attends to a unique role.

This multi-layer RipStop boat cover has the first layer made from 100% waterproof polyester fabric that makes sure no water gets absorbed into the cover to reach the boat’s surface.

This layer also protects against the harmful UV rays from the sun by a special UV resistant finish. Then comes the breathable second layer, this layer helps in promoting airflow through the cover. With the addition of air vents, air circulation prevents mold, mildew, and rust from deteriorating your prized investment.

The innermost layer usually chafes or scratches the boat’s surface, but Budge B-1630-X6 is made from special microfiber fleece that is nonabrasive in nature. This prevents ruining the boat’s paint and fiberglass, and hence it’s perfect for long trails where the cover is in moving contact with the surface. Budge B-1630-X6 comes equipped with strategically designed straps and buckles in places that make sure your boat’s trailering ride is safe and damage-free.

Pros Cons
Three-layered protection Manual modification of straps needed for different center console boat models
Elasticized hem with top-bottom straps
Custom-like design for a secure fit


A worthy investment! Ideal fitting and protection while trailering. One of the best on the market due to its high performance and user satisfaction.



Budge B-1211-X6

Budge B-1211-X6

Made specifically for covering boats when trailering and outdoor storage, the Budge flat front boat cover prevents damage from numerous harmful elements of nature.
The 1200 Denier polyester is a machine-woven material that not only protects against harsh weather but also keeps all the moisture from water, ice, or snow away due to its 100% waterproof material. This polyester cover protects your boat against rain, dust, dirt, tree sap, leaves, pollen, bird droppings, and other environmental elements that may affect your boat’s appearance as well as performance in the long run.
Boats are exposed to a lot of rain, sun rays, winds, and whatnot during their ever so often voyages. The upholstery is prone to fading in color and the UV rays from the sun contribute a great deal in speeding up this damage to the upholstery.

Incredible UV protection of this cover makes it ideal to use when trailering your boat from one place to another because that is when it’s going to face sun, wind, or maybe even rain. So, it’s better to put Budge boat cover on every time you trail your boat!
Moreover, this cover is waterproof inside out!

This means there is no moisture retention under the covers to end up in mold, mildew, and spread of rust. Strong waterproof seams are in place along with sewn-in air vents to let air pass and create sufficient air circulation to prevent the accumulation of condensation inside the tent.
For trailering, the boat cover must not budge from its place, and to keep it in the right place you need straps and buckles that make the cover tightly fitted.

Budge B-1211-X6 has an elasticized hem at the bottom and sewn-in straps with easy release buckles to give the desired fit. The custom-fit of this boat cover is ideal for low profile flat front boats.

Pros Cons
Heavy-duty UV resistant cover Straps are not very flexible
Sewn-in top and bottom straps
Air vent for no moisture retention


Budge B-1211-X6 is the best choice for boat covers. A long-lasting investment.



Budge B-1211-X8

Budge B-1211-X8

Budge industries have been known for their durable and long-lasting covers for the longest time, and truly said, Budge B-1211-X8 is the best boat cover for trailering. Owing to the ease of use, storage, and efficient protection this cover provides, we recommend this cover to every boat owner who trails or docks their boat outdoors.

Coming towards the exceptionally durable thick 1200 Denier polyester material used in making this boat cover, this material defends your boat against rain, snow, dirt, sun, dust, falling leaves, insects, tree sap, bird droppings, and other disastrous environmental factors.

It is also 100% waterproof which means no matter how heavy the rain gets while trailering, your boat will be free from water.

And even if some water makes its way under the cover accidentally, the perfectly sewn-in air vents and pockets let air circulate and quickly dry out the moisture. This incredible feature saves your boat from mildew, rusting, and molds from forming.

Moreover, a trailing boat needs to be covered in a perfectly secure sheath-like cover that won’t fall off or fly away while traveling at high speed. For that, Budge B-1211-X8 has heavy-duty straps and easy release buckles that help to keep the cover in its place.

Perfect for low profile flat front deck boats. Budge B-1211-X8 is an exceptionally durable boat cover with a perfect fitment.

The flexible fit is possible due to the elastic hemlines at the bottom of the cover. This not only makes it easy to put on and take off but also helps the cover stay in one place without chafing the inside surface or the fiberglass.

Budge B-1211-X8 has a special UV finish on the outer side which protects the boat from harmful UV rays from the sun.

Pros Cons
Taped seams and sewn-in straps with buckles Slightly heavy to pack
1200 denier polyester material
100% waterproof cover with sufficient air vents


Budge B-1211-8 is equipped with all the qualities of a highly protective boat cover, and all-weather protection for safe trailering of boats. The greatest investment you can make for your watercraft!



Classic Accessories StormPro


Heavy-duty construction, durable protection and long-term storage are some of the words that best describe Classic Accessories StormPro boat cover. If you are on a hunt to find the best boat cover for trailering, this is the best choice! Want to know why?

For starters, the classic fabric used in this boat cover is a high-strength polyester which provides an exceptionally durable coverage to your boat against water damage as well as UV rays from the sun. The PVC carcinogenic chemicals can be very dangerous, this cover keeps the boat free from these harmful chemicals.

The 600D heavy-duty boat cover is designed to protect against water, wind, snow and thunder during long highway trailering. This cover is ideal for center console style boats but it can also fit boats without roofs.

For easy trailering Classic Accessories boat cover is equipped with adjustable straps that snap easily into the fast-releasing buckles on the sides of the cover.

This integrated strap and buckle system keeps the synthetic polyester cover in its place so it doesn’t fall off of the boat. Moreover, an elastic cord has been sewn with the bottom hem that provides the cover of a snug or custom fit according to the size and design of the boat.

A support pole is included with the cover that will help prevent water from pooling up in one place. The pooling of water can result in the formation of condensation under the cover, and accumulation of condensation can result in mold, mildew, or rust.

These elements can destroy the boat’s aesthetics as well as performance in the long run. Air vents and pockets are in place that makes sure air can travel inside and quickly dry out any moisture from within.

A US-based design team is always at work to make sure the boat covers are easy to use and simple to store. The materials used for making buckles, straps, and fabric are selected with care for a long-lasting finish.

Pros Cons
A classic strapping system with elastic hem No after-sale services offered
600D high-strength fabric
Support pole and storage bag included


Highly recommended boat cover for easy, hassle-free trailering for sure. Among one of the best boat covers.



Final Verdict:

Boat covers are the most essential equipment every boat owner must keep. We have already discussed in detail the horrors of not covering a boat while trailering or storing. We also completely understand the anxiety of choosing the best boat cover for trailering purposes, but not anymore! This article entails some of our top picks when it comes to trailering to help you choose the best for your boat.


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