Best Ratchet Belt for Concealed Carry 2024

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Ratchet belts are relatively new and are considered to be one of the best options you can pick in the category of belts mainly because of the convenience they provide. Moreover, these belts can be used for a number of purposes. One of the most used is with concealed carry. That is because they seem like traditional belts and gain less attention towards the wearer. Providing a hidden micro-adjustable track, ratchet belts make it easier to keep a firearm. The strength and flexibility of the belts are also important factors. We have compiled some of the best ratchet belts for concealed carry in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Although there are tons of other belt options available for concealed carry, ratchet belts are the best you can have. Other than those mentioned above, some of the other rich features of ratchet belts include:

Comfortable and adjustable.

Easy to adjust due to no holes.

No need to look for different sizes.


Supports to carry a legit (Registered) firearm with ease when protection needed.

The reason that these belts can easily support concealed carry is because of their expertly crafted leather body. It is strong and flexible enough to carry even military-grade weapons. All the more reasons to give ratchet belts an upper hand. When carrying a firearm, the fixed adjustment of a belt is necessary that keeps it from losing and ratchet belts provide fixed adjustments options to always support you.


These belts are also available in just one size that fits every wearer. The size is usually 48’’ or 60’’ in length. Measure your size then cut the remaining part of the belt.

Some come with hole option and some belts come with no-holes option which makes it easier for you to fit the buckle to your size. In terms of look, ratchet belts are simple and provide a grain leather look that fits with the concealed carry or firearm aesthetics.

You can change the buckle of your belt if you do not like it. It is simple and only requires removing some screws and you can easily replace the buckle. But keep in mind that its a lot easier to change the buckle of no-holes belt option, but little hard to change the buckle that comes with holes.

No-holes, ratchet belts come with a lever that is used to adjust the metal teeth on the strap. It releases the teeth from the strap that allows the wearer to remove the belt.

You might be thinking that ratchet belts are complex than ordinary belts, but worry not. These belts are easy to wear and adjust. They require only 1 or 2 wears to get used to it. Once you get used to it, you will find these belts much more convenient.

Best Ratchet Belt for Concealed Carry (Comparison)

Name Quality Reliability
Anson Belt & Buckle Top Rated 100 %

Check Price

Bullhide Belts Top Rated 100 % Check Price
Titanium Black Dress Belt Top Rated 100 % Check Price
Yoder Top Rated 100 % Check Price
The Outrider Belt Top Rated 100 % Check Price
Perry Ellis Portfolio Top Rated 100 % Check Price


Anson Belt & Buckle

Anson Belt & Buckle

Established in 2009, Anson is the leading brand for ratchet belts. Their products are reliable and positively rated by people and this belt is no exception.

With a strong strap and comfortable wearing, the Anson ratchet belt helps you support concealed carry like no other belt.

It is micro-adjustable and has a unique track system that is sewed with the strap. With this feature, you can make 30+1/4” micro-adjustments.

The solid leather body with no holes allows the wearer to easily fit the belt without the limited flexibility of belts with holes.

The belt has a strong leather body that is supported by a hard plastic core which gives the wearer ease of holding concealed carry.

The straps are made with vegan-friendly materials and never let loose the concealed carry. You can carry the firearm at any adjustable point and it still offers exact fitting.

The belt allows wearers to measure their fitting size and cut the rest. Although the buckle has the classic gunmetal design, it can easily be replaced as per the wearer’s requirements. It provides a complete firearm look that is much appreciated by people.

The design of the best is stylish and distinguishes it from most of the other belts. Aston Ratchet belts are extremely durable and offer life-time durability that is much appreciated among people. Moreover, they are available in a price range that is affordable by most people, making them more accessible to wearers.

Pros Cons
Strong and supportive Adjusting lever position
Durable and supportive Limited width


The affordable price and durability of Aston belts is what makes them special. Another major advantage they have is the ease of use they provide. If you are looking for a ratchet belt with supportive base and adjustable body, this one might be the best option for you.

Providing availability for all sizes, the belt can be trimmed down to wearer’s requirement. Unique style and replaceable buckles are another plus points for the Aston belts.

Overall, Aston Belt does everything right and provides comfort to wearers while also supporting them with concealed carry options at the same time. If you are considering to buy a ratchet belt with all the essential options, this is the right one.



Bullhide Belts

Bullhide Belts

Like its name ‘Bullhide’, their belts are considered to be one of the thickest belts available out there. This black-smooth-edge-heavy-duty belt is really amazing.

The thickness shows the authentic leather that makes the body of the belt. The thick strap of the belt makes it much more strong and durable. This belt is for those who want ratchet belts to be extra durable as these belts are made 15 ounces thick.

Unlike many other ratchet belts, this one has holes in it. There are nine holes in the belt and it allows to create more, however, it can be a little difficult to make more holes due to the thickness of the belt.

Although some people might the option of holes as a disadvantage, others might see it as a plus point. That is because some people find holes more comfortable than just having to strap with metal teeth. These belts are very much adjustable and provides proper comfort to the wearer.

Bullhide Belt has enough strength to carry a concealed carry without the risk of dropping it or losing it. That is because, these belts are made with the best quality of leather and allows to hold firearm with ease.

Along with strength, comfort, and durability, the most important factor is the look of the belt. The belt comes with Paul Revere stainless steel buckles that can be easily replaced with the default buckles as wearer’s desire.

Pros Cons
Unmatched strength Limited holes
Extreme durability Thickness can be an issue sometimes
Replaceable buckles


The Bullhide belt has rich features that make it a better option than many other ratchet belts. One of the main reasons is the durability of the belt that is because of its thickness. High-quality one piece of leather makes this belt much more stronger than any other belt.

Already having an upper hand in strength, the belt is available at a very affordable price range and is positively reviewed by the people.

All these features make this belt a much better pick especially for those who want to spend their valuable money only once as this built provides a long-time use with its durability. Also, it can be quite useful for new wearers of ratchet belts.



Titanium Black Dress Belt

Titanium Black Dress Belt

Some belts have weak buckles that can be broken or damaged, however, Titanium black dress has a Titanium buckles that is resistant to any kind of damage and provide a long-lasting use. The buckle of the belt does not contain any Nickle material in it.

Along with nickels, Titanium black dress belt also contains all the high-quality materials that make it strong and able to support concealed carry.

Moreover, the belt is much more useful to those who are allergic to nickel as it has no nickel or other elements like it.

With its simple and elegant design, the belt can be used for business purposes. The black leather skin of the belt gives it a good business look and can go well with suits and other professional looks. Smartly crafted, Titanium black dress belt has all the features that are vital for a good belt. Its smart look and grain leather body also provides with the best overall aesthetics with your outfits.

Pros Cons
Elegant design Limited colors
Titanium buckle
Leather body


The unique features and the business design of the belt are its most significant plus points. The titanium buckle of the belt makes the belt more durable and is very useful for people with Nickle allergy.

If you want to buy a belt that is durable while also gives you a professional look, Titanium black dress belt might be a good pick for you as it packs all the basic needs of a wearer. However, don’t put much weight on the belt as its body is not that strong.



Yoder Hidden Money Pocket Belt

Yoder Hidden Money Pocket Belt

A relatively new innovation is the Hidden Money belts. These are very useful for travelling and provides a unique feature. This hidden money belt from Yoder allow you to keep your money or other important documents in the belt. The body of the belt is sewed in such a way that it allows an opening where you can store your paperwork.

But do not confuse it that the belt is weak, the belt is still very much strong as it is made up of leather. Its thickness is little much more than the traditional or other common belts. The thickness helps with the option of zip in the belt.

This zip allows you to open and close the storage option of the belt. Moreover, the belt looks very much like an ordinary belt and can be used for a number of purposes including daily wear, business purpose, special occasions, etc.

This simple look also keeps it away from attention, allowing you to wear an ordinary belt while storing your money in it. It has a good enough storage amount that it can store 24 narrow folded bills in it.

Easily adjustable and comfortable wearing are some of the other advantages of the belt. If you are not satisfied with the look of the belt, it comes in brown and belt colors and have the option to switch buckles easily by removing the screws.

Pros Cons
Simple design Bit costly
Replaceable buckles with screws
Made of leather


This belt is a must carry if you are going for a vacation. It will allow you to store much of your money and some other documents that will help you in the journey. Paperwork is easy to store and access that makes the belt a much more reliable option. The simple look of the belt also keeps away any kind of unwanted attention.



The Outrider Belt

The Outrider Belt

Looking for a belt that is durable and can be worn for casual purposes? The Outrider Belt is a great option. Because of its rich features and its beautiful design, this belt is very comfortable and can be worn for many purposes.

This Outrider belt from main street forge is a great gift for people who love outdoor activities, and ideal for conceal carry plus lasts longer than ordinary belts available in the market.

The stylish buckle of the belt also add to its uniqueness. Made up of grain leather, the brown color of the belt suits with a number of outfits but suits the best with jeans and khakis.

The buckle of the belt can be replaced and this belt overall makes up for an amazing gift to send to your close ones. Expertly crafted, elegantly designed, and Comfortable to wear, The Outrider belt is a simple yet such a unique belt for wearers.

Pros Cons
Removable buckles Not suitable for professional outfits
Beautiful brown color
Leather body, casual wearing


This belt is style-oriented and is only recommend to wear with casual outfits. But the comfortability and leather body of the belt makes it a competitive belt in the market. Consider buying this belt if you prefer style over quality because of its elegant design that goes well with a number of looks.

If you are looking for a belt that is durable and can be worn for casual purposes, then the Outrider Belt is a great option to choose.



Perry Ellis Portfolio

Perry Ellis Portfolio

Perry Ellis is popularly known for delivering with best leather belts for men’s use as daily office wear and casual accessories.

And here we have the perfect example of Perry Ellis Portfolio Men’s Reversible Matte Gunmetal Plaque Belt for you.

This reversible-leather-belt has been designed to fit comfortably each time you use it for your office wear or casual wear.

It is available with seven holes that are strategically placed together for consistency and a better fitting. Hence, it has a 1.5” width which fits well with most of the dress pant loops.

The best thing about this leather belt is that it is a superb addition to the men’s wardrobe for daily or casual wear. It has a minimal design, making it a perfect go dress belt with the transitions for the office or formal events.

Made up of genuine leather, it has a classic and well-crafted staple with a natural texture. This natural texture is evident on both sides and the stitched edges.

It has been crafted from ballistic nylon and with leather accents and alloy buckle, this belt is undoubtedly designed to build for a long-lasting time. Apart from the quality materials, it has a tactical look, which is excellent for men of all age groups with a feel of being utilitarian one.  It is quite easy to clean without any hassle.

Pros Cons
100% leather Feels stiff
Easy to clean
7 holes for better fitting


If you are actually in search of a pure leather men’s belt which is comfortable to wear even for long hours, then choosing Perry Ellis Portfolio is the best recommendation. It has a comfortable fitting to enable you to wear it without any stiffness or uneasiness.



Final Verdict:

Selecting the best ratchet belt for concealed carry be difficult especially if you are new to this. That is why, we have presented different types/options for you that will hopefully make it easier for you to pick the one that is best for you. Consider all the factors involved in a good ratchet belt and all the pros and cons of the belts that will help you buying the right one for you.


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