Best Roller Skates for plus Size 2024

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2023)

Are you obese? Are you moving towards obesity? Are you sick of doing hard exercises to lose weight? Are you tired of being called plus size? If you nodded your head in yes as the answer to any of the questions mentioned above, then congratulations, your worries are over now! You can select skating to burn your calories interestingly. We have compiled some of the best roller skates for plus size in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Skating is an exciting and pleasurable sport that maintains your fitness and happiness side by side. Just buy skaters, perform gliding indoor or outdoor, and excellently lose your weight.

Skating is the art of gliding and your skates act as the canvas. To get a pleasurable experience of skating, you should use the perfect skate shoes. If you have a weight more than normal, some skates can carry this higher weight easily.

Also, you should select skate according to your size by following the chart size. Most skates follow shoe size. The skate’s closure system should be secured appropriately. The heel should be secured with minimal lift while standing with knees bent.

Best Roller Skates for plus Size (Comparison)

Name Closure type/Material Weight
Rollerblade Macroblade Lace-Up/Plastic 7.2 Pounds

Check Price

Rollerblade Zetrablade Elite Lace-Up/Synthetic 7 Pounds Check Price
Bladerunner by Rollerblade Buckle/Synthetic 6.8 Pounds Check Price
CHICAGO Skates Men's Classic Lace-Up/Polyurethane 6.9 Pounds Check Price


Rollerblade Macroblade 110 3WD


Women are more prone to obesity than men and it’s relatively harder for them to burn calories. Here, an ideal choice for females is presented for plus size. Let’s study the features of Macroblade. The wheels are oriented in a single line so they are named inline skates.

This product has a three-wheel drive or 3WD which due to its high performance provides increased lateral support.

This enhances the speed of skilled skaters and provides stability to beginners while training. Remember one thing before purchasing your skates, the greater the number of wheels, the lesser is the stability.

So, a three-wheel drive is considered the most ideal for skaters. Further, wheels should be stiff, so, the wheels have 85A hardness.

Also, better quality bearings make your skating more exhilarating and moving. This product has SG9 bearings to make feasible every movement of your wheels. These bearings are fast, superior, and facilitate additional speed. Good for the plus size.

This skate can be used as a racing skate or a recreational one. The athletic mesh knit upper is the reliable feature of this product. The knit upper adds technology, function, and comfort. It is designed in such a way as to provide you a softer feel on the foot.

Also, it is light in weight and adds breathability to keep your feet ventilated. The upper wraps around the foot to enhance performance. This makes your skate shoes fit your feet.

Also, the high-performance liner of these skates is one of the most comfortable liners you can skate in. The extra padding in the sole and ankle regions acts as a cushion for the feet to add joy and comfort to thrilling gliding.

Furthermore, the aluminum frames are rigid and stable. The frame is 11.4 inches long and is shorter than the three wheels. This helps you a lot in turning and carving while skating.

The frames have a lower profile design to lower the center of gravity. This feature is designed to keep increased speed and maneuverability. The point you should keep in mind is that a lower center of gravity decreases the risk of falls while turning in a speedy gliding.

So, this provides you protection and safety. Especially if you are a beginner, a lower center of gravity establishes self-confidence and determination to learn efficiently.

Also, the shorter wheelbase complements the larger wheel to get the perfect combination to achieve the desired speed. The 110 millimeters high-quality wheels maximize roll, grip, speed, and wear. They make a difference in the skate experience.

Next, a higher cuff bestows additional balance to the skater and secures a foothold. The 45 degrees aluminum cuff buckle, strap, and speed lace closure system make flexion more feasible.

This closure system adds lateral support to reduce the chances of falls and make sharp turning easy for the skater. Further, the product is colored grey and pink suitable for women’s choice.

The material used in synthesis is majorly plastic. Also, if you buy this package, you should know that included components in the package are pair of skates, a manual skate tool, brake assembly, and an extra axle to attach the brake.

Further, a one-year limited warranty is also provided on this product to increase buyer’s trust. Keep in mind that these skates can be used for speed skating by intermediate and expert skilled skaters. They are going to elevate your skate experience positively.

Pros Cons
Athletic mesh knit upper Ideal for intermediate or expert users
Twin blade aluminum frame
High-quality wheels and bearings
1-year warranty


Rollerblade Macroblade is presenting captivating features that can enhance the skating experience and pleasure in women.



Rollerblade Zetrablade Elite

Zetrablade Elite

Rollerblade is presenting an ideal skate Zetrablade Elite to turn your annoying skating experience into a pleasurable one. The whole structure of this product is designed for male skaters so, they can enjoy skating as they want. Let’s move forward to discuss its features one by one!

First of all, you should consider whether the wheels can provide you required mobility or not. In these skates, high-performance wheels are arranged in a single line so they are named inline skates.

An ideal gliding requires stiff wheels if it is done on a smooth surface such as a skating rink.

The wheels in this product are stiff and compact as they have hardness criteria of about 82 A. The size of the wheel is approximately eighty millimeters.

Ideal skating demands smaller wheel sizes so this wheel size makes up to the mark. Also, SG5 bearings in this product enhance mobility and make sharp turning feasible for you.

Further, these skate shoes have a durable frame that keeps your journey smooth. Always remember that the greater the center of gravity, the higher is the risk of accidents.

So, these skates have such a frame that decreases the center of gravity and increases stability. In addition to this, the monocoque frame is resilient to wear and tear so it is durable.

Next, this product will make skating easier for you with high cuffs which ensure maximum support. The hard shell dampens the road impact and acts as a shock absorber. Also, these skates provide an exceptional combination of grip and roll.

The size, strength, and working of both the wheels and the bearings are compatible with one another to provide a fine skate experience. This makes you roll smoothly on various surfaces from the local bike path to the skating rink.

Further, these skate shoes provide 360 degrees wrap for support. Engineered mesh increases breathability and allows the upper to wrap around your feet for an ideal fit. This avoids perspiration which results in more comfort.

In this way, skate properly hugs your feet thus elevates the skate experience. Whereas, cosmetics of this product keep it fashion-forward. So, it presents a perfect mix of fashion and function.

Also, the strong buckle in the skates supports the ankle joint. In addition to this, the heel lift is minimized by 45 degrees strap and lace system which anchors the heel in. The speed lace is so convenient and fast that it makes the skates quick and feasible to put on and take off. Furthermore, the lining and padding provide you exceptional comfort.

Whether this is the first skate or upgrade, all the cushioning needed to make skating smooth is provided by the thick padding. Comfortable skates enhance your learning capability thus reduce learning time. Whereas, the training performance liner increases the joy and contentment hidden in skating.

The components included in the package are a pair of skates, a manual, an Allen key, and an extra axle to use if you remove the brake assembly. Also, a one-year limited warranty is provided to increase your trust. Thus, to maintain your fitness, these skates are providing you extra comfort and extra-ordinary features for casual male skaters.

Pros Cons
High cuff which provides additional support Three-wheel drive is absent
High-performance wheels to ensure mobility
Durable frame to which the four wheels are attached


An ideal mix of support and mobility makes this product one of the best skates available in the market for plus-size skaters.



Bladerunner by Rollerblade Advantage Pro XT


You will be amazed to know that advantage pro-XT is an excellent recreational beginner model with extraordinary features for comfort and control at a great value. It is an ideal choice if you are looking for a lower price, great fitting, and better quality novice skate.

Women can use this product by Rollerblade to get better control and stability while gliding. Further, this design provides you extra foot support and balance.

The supportive shell lowers the road impact and makes your journey smooth. Also, the padded liner is comfortable enough to act as a shock absorber. Additionally, the liner of these bladerunner ensures a snug fit with an easy closure system.

The buckles, lace, and strap closure system provide extra protection because it keeps the foot fit into the shoes.

Furthermore, the composite frame in this product enhances its features. The compact frame is nice feature which allows the skate users to be closer to the ground.

So, because of the lower center of gravity it helps beginners with stability, shock absorption, and control. The higher the center of gravity is, the higher is the risk of accidents.

So, you should buy such skates which have a lower center of gravity as health is superior to all other things. If we have started our discussion about health, let’s discuss some safety measures of skating.

Keep the road or surface clean of hurdles to make your roll smooth. Wear a helmet to protect your skull in case of accidental falls. Use shin pads to keep your facial structures intact. Also use wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads for superior protection from the pavement.

Next, the wheel and bearing combination in this product is perfect for the beginner. The size of the wheels is 80 millimeters which are attached to ABEC 7 bearings for moderate speed with less effort which makes the ride smooth and easy.

Also, the owner’s manual is provided with the skates to enhance your knowledge about using the skates. These skate shoes are colored pink and black according to women’s choice. Further, a one-year limited warranty is also ensured which makes this product reliable.

Pros Cons
Ideal for new skaters Average material
Supportive shell
Composite frame
High-quality wheels


Bladerunner by Rollerblade Advantage Pro XT Women’s Adult Fitness Inline Skates is valuable racing skates for expert skaters. Obese riders can increase their pleasure and lessen their weight by using these skates outdoors.



CHICAGO Skates Men’s Classic Roller Skates

CHICAGO Skates Men's Classic

To meet all the basic skating requirements, Chicago Classic Roller Skates are having ⅝-inch toe stops which make your skating experience to be a smooth going one.

Breaking system has the adjustable nature with which you can easily fine-tune a quick stop or the swift turns.

Apart from that, these roller skates are available with the durable urethane wheels which make them suitable for the outdoor skating. 608z semi-precision ball bearings are also part of the wheels for the safe skating. This whole combination is ideal to meet up the wearer with the traction and speed under the demanding surfaces.

Traditional high top profile of these skates is especially designed just to provide the adequate support for your feet. For the quick adjustment, the skates have the simple lacing system which is on the larger metallic speed hooks.

Unlike the velcro straps, these lacings will never deteriorate with the time and you can easily change them in the future if it is needed.

These roller skates are made up of durable vinyl material which brings a lightweight and a soft feel even if you wear it for long hours. Unlike the leather, these vinyl boots does not require any of the time for the feet adjustment. Plus, the paddings from tongue are adjusted over the whole interface surface which makes it comfortable even for the average roller skates.

Furthermore, thanks to the sturdy aluminium base plate, you can additionally count number on the resistive skills of CHICAGO Men’s Classic curler skates. They join with an adjustable leap bar, truck, and chassis. The first-class phase is, you can customize the base and decorate your movement to your requirement for rink or pavement skating.

Pros Cons
Classy design Less color options
High stability
Great control


To sum up the whole discussion, CHICAGO Skates Men’s Classic Roller Skates are classic piece which men can wear to learn the art of skating. These roller skates are easy to control and are comfortable too. On Amazon they have a top rating to be one of the most demanding one.



Final Verdict:

High weighed individuals should select skating as a way of burning calories. One thing they should consider is that every state can not bear high weight. Instead, a Compact frame, stiff wheels, and safe supportive shoe shell are required by obese skaters. No doubt, skating affects the body from head to toe in a positive way.

You can boost your immune system using this activity or you can enhance muscle mass. You can also increase balance, focus, and coordination using this joyful and thrilling sport. So, don’t waste your time by sitting idle. Read features of the best skate shoes available in the market by just overlooking this article and decide.


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