Things to Consider When Buying Roller Skates!

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2023)

Things to consider when buying roller skates!

If you need a pair of all-around skates with a vintage look, you should go for roller skates. They are molded with a wide baseplate that gives you good durability and is perfect for all ages. Roller skates are designed for normal skating like regular trips or transportation, fitness, dancing, or disco. Read this article where you’ll get to know the most important factors before you purchase your first pair of roller skates! Things to Consider When Buying Roller Skates!

The Wheels:

The first thing you should consider is the wheels – you only need to determine whether you want soft wheels or hard wheels. The hardness of a wheel is identified by the durometer scale that proceeds from 0-100A. The adjacent you are to 100, the harder the wheels of roller skates will be.

  • Softer wheels give shock absorption, perfect grip, and a smaller lifespan.
  • Harder wheels offer little grip, shock absorption, and a longer lifespan.


The one factor that is important while picking a size is that the skates have a solid fit around your feet without being too loose and too tight. As a first-time buyer, we suggest that you should go for one size up from the regular shoe size as it gives the right fit. Moreover, always remember to read the size guide introduced to you on the product page. This step is necessary because if a particular shoe is very small in size, you might need to go two sizes up.

ball Bearings:

You must manage the bearings well to make sure that your roller skates perform their best. For example:

  • You should avoid dirt and sand.
  • You should avoid moisture and water as much as possible.

It’s necessary to pay attention to bearings when buying roller skates since you mostly reach a high enough speed that affects the rating of ABEC bearings.

Trucks and plates:

Roller skates are equipped with trucks that are made of aluminum which makes them vigorous but heavier. Also, they come with plates that are made of nylon which creates the skate lighter in weight. Further, they are also designed with cushions that can be restored to your liking.

  • The more directional stable the roller skates become if the cushions are harder.
  • The more nimble the skates become if the cushions are softer.

Hard-boot vs. soft-boot:

The next step to figure out is that if you want hard boots or soft boots.

  • Hard-boots are perfect for longer rides and fitness use as they give better support and stability. They also give the benefit that the liner can be restored if it gets destroyed.
  • Soft boots are the best choice if you need a more maneuverable skate for disco or dancing. They also provide the advantage of being finer ventilated and weighing less.

Toe stop:

Apart from having four wheels in pairs, one of the distinctive features of roller skates is the toe stop. So you should check the toe stop before buying roller skates as it can be used as a brake.


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