Best Cell Phone Signal Booster for Rural Areas 2024

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Mobile phones are important part of our lives in this modern world. Calls, messages, the Internet – all this makes life more comfortable and more varied leisure. However, we often come across a situation when the cellular signal is constantly at a low level due to weather conditions or the remoteness of settlements from the towers. The solution to this problem is cell phone signal repeaters. If the device is incorrectly selected, signal amplification will not occur. We have compiled some of the best cell phone signal repeater for rural areas in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Most often, these are antennas and a repeater. However, for high-quality signal amplification, two antennas are used, i.e. internal and external. The external one receives the signal from the operator’s base station, the internal one “distributes” it.

For the signal to be converted, a repeater is used. These devices operate in one or more communication standards. For example, the GSM standard is used for calls, and the 3G standard is used for modems of cellular operators.

You should carry out the installation of amplifiers following the technical features of the devices and with the correct diagnosis of signal reception by a telephone without an amplifier. Otherwise, serious interference may occur at the network operator’s base station, significantly degrading the signal.

When choosing an amplifier, you need to decide on the desired frequency range: to amplify the 2G signal, a repeater with support for the GSM 900 communication standard is used (the number indicates the frequency of the range repeaters work at the base station). You can use repeaters with GSM 2000-2500 standards to increase 3G or 4G signal.

When choosing a signal amplifier, firstly, it is necessary to determine the frequency of operation of the networks, and secondly, to correctly determine the direction of the Antenna. The signal will be much better and more stable if the Antenna is pointed towards the RF tower.

Cellular amplifiers are similar in mechanical configuration to standard mobile phones. However, it fulfils its main task, aimed at increasing the audio range and timely distribution of telephone signals, thanks to a complex of characteristic technical nuances.

The repeaters are equipped with external and internal antennas, power dividers. Coaxial wires are used to connect the amplifier to the electrical circuit. In addition, cellular signal amplifiers differ in communication standards, output power. Repeaters can amplify signaling messages at several levels. Therefore, a repeater is selected that has the required frequency range.

Before installing amplifiers for cellular communications signals, budget calculations must be carried out, which reflect digital information about the distances between the object and the stationary operator’s tower, the area of ​​the premises, the parameters of active and passive equipment.

Equipment for strengthening capacities outside the city is selected depending on the needs of the owner of the premises. There are devices designed to improve the quality of voice communications. The mobile market is rich in 3G & 4G repeater models that can increase the distribution of signals within a single residential or office space or covering a large area of a village.

The cell phone signal repeaters kits allow you to stabilize the speed of the mobile Internet. A cheaper option is to install an external receiving antenna, which is also used to amplify the signal.

Best Cell Phone Signal Booster for Rural Areas (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Cel-Fi GO X 21 x 13 x 13 inches (Package) 12.97 Pounds

Check Price

Home Complete (470145) 8.25 x 6 x 2.4 inches N/A Check Price
HiBoost 4K Plus 17.7 x 11.8 x 8.5 inches (Package) 12.07 Pouds Check Price
Verizon Cell Phone Signal Booster 9.88 x 6.77 x 5.04 inches 3.72 Pounds Check Price


Cel-Fi GO X

Cel-Fi GO X

GO X is a top-notch signal repeater for homes, offices and other buildings, particularly in rural areas with a 2 bar or less outside signal.

It can have as much as 100 dB gain, whereas multi-carrier systems are limited to 70 dbs. It allows you to have greater coverage even when there is less signal.

This amplifier supports only one carrier at a given time. Therefore, it is ideal for offices or families that use the same carrier or have weak signals.

You can change the supported carrier at any time using the Cel-Fi WAVE smartphone application. In addition, it supports. All 4G LTE-enabled cell phone carries across the United States of America.

This cell phone signal repeater has an outside directional antenna with wide coverage. The Antenna can be attached to any pole with a diameter of 2 inches or less.

It also has a 20-inch tall aluminum pole with your kit. You can also use an existing pole that extends beyond the roof of your home.

The Antenna receives an outside signal and routes it down a 30-ft cable to the amplifier. The signal is then transmitted to an internal antenna or several inside antennas, broadcasting the boosted signal across your space.

The signal strength of your outside signal will have an impact on how much coverage you get from a repeater. In addition, the coverage area can be greatly affected by the distance between the outside and inside antennas.

Your phone’s bars take into consideration not only signal strength but also signal quality. Although this amplifier kit will significantly improve your phone’s signal strength, it is impossible to improve signal quality.

As a result, it is possible only to receive 1 or 2 bars of signal from the outside, which could mean that your phone won’t be able to make calls and access data where it shouldn’t.

Moreover, this device provides you full control through the Cel-Fi WAVE app. Its App allows you to select the carrier to amplify signals. It also gives all information regarding signals strength, bands and diagnosis.

Its state of the art technology supports multiple devices with the same quality signals simultaneously. In addition, its kit includes everything you need, along with a lightning protector.

Pros Cons
Provides 100 dB gain Limited coverage area
Designed in California
Smart phone application for management


If you are looking for a less dropped call, clear voice quality and faster internet data speed on multiple devices simultaneously, then GO X is the best option. Its 100db data gain quality is exclusive among its competitors on the market.

Its strong signals also give long battery life to your cell phones. It is completely compatible with all cellular carriers nationwide. This device is designed in California, which provides peace of mind for all USA users with FCC standards authentication.



weBoost Home Complete (470145)

Home Complete (470145)

This cell phone signal repeater is the latest model by its company, giving a wide coverage area of up to 7,500 sq. ft. for your home or commercial use, particularly in rural areas. It has a maximum gain of 72 dB and an uplink power of 24 dBm.

It also works with all cellular service provider around the USA and other neighboring countries of America. Furthermore, with its 5G Ready technology, you can use it for more than a decade without any issue.

The Home Complete cell phone repeater delivers reliable cellular connectivity in remote areas and large homes in the countryside.

It is the strongest consumer-grade multi-user cell signal repeater along with the best performance for its price. It can reach cell towers at distances as far as 26% further than the home. It allows users to enjoy better voice quality, uninterrupted text, faster data speeds and better hotspot capabilities.

In addition, the customers will enjoy greater LTE signal coverage with the addition of Band 25. This repeater is the first to offer enhanced support for LTE users via Band 25 optimization.

It has a maximum downlink-output power of 12 dBm. This home signal repeater blends seamlessly with modern home décor thanks to its stylish, powder-coated and anodized aluminum repeater and fashionable, fabric-covered inner panel antenna.

The wall-mount brackets that support the repeater or inside Antenna can be secured using the 3M command strips (not included) or by using screws. You can also place an optional shelf inside Antenna’s kickstand. The Home Complete has donor and server ports at the top of its repeater unit, which gives disciplined and organized cable management.

It detects weak signals using a directional antenna and amplifies them multiple times using Wilson’s patent-pending SmarTech III technology to give a large coverage area. Its boosted signals can easily bypass any interior or exterior obstructions in your house, office, or large area. However, the coverage is dependent on the strength of external signals.

Moreover, this modern device has a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. It works on a simple three steps principle. First, the outdoor Antenna connects with nearby cell phone towers. Then, the repeater amplifies the signals, and lastly, an indoor Antenna transmit amplified signals to multi-users.

Pros Cons
Maximum gain of 72 db Professional required for installation process
A 30-day money-back guarantee
Coverage area up to 7,500 sq. ft


This device will provide you with reliable amplified cell phone signals for your peace of mind. It will allow you to utilize your full data packages. It transfers the same strength signals to multi-users simultaneously. In addition, you do not have to worry about changing your repeater in future due to its 5G ready smart technology.



HiBoost 4K Plus

HiBoost 4K Plus

It is one of the unique signal repeaters with a Built-in Interior Antenna. The 4k Plus cell phone signal booster increases reception for homes and offices with a coverage area of up to 6,000 square feet. It supports all USA and other neighboring countries cellular networks.

This repeater series is the first to offer industry-leading antenna technology. You can now enjoy powerful cell boosting technology built right into the unit.

It will cut down on the installation hassles. In addition, this industry-leading 4G LTE and 3G signal repeater provide a 65-dB maximum gain for maximum performance.

It is supported by a cloud-based signal repeater app that allows cloud computing for remote monitoring and troubleshooting. You can easily pair the app with your cell phone repeater kit.

It allows you to remotely monitor and troubleshoot your device while also enjoying its powerful capabilities.

Its App allows you to aim for the strongest tower source for optimal signal. A strong outdoor signal is essential, as the repeater amplifies the signal rather than creating it. It also allows you to manage your repeater and watch its performance through your phone or tablet whenever required.

Moreover, its complete and optimal antenna arrangement, along with the signal meter, allows you to locate the best available signals from nearby cell phone towers.

For a simple installation, use the powerful and innovative built-in Antenna along with a unidirectional wideband outdoor Yagi antenna. Its package also contains a bracket for wall mounting and exterior pole mounting and a 50 ft. cable.

Its installation process is very simple and easy for any location. You can install it swiftly without having any prior repeater installation experience. It has a complete instructional manual along with a package to help you during the installation process.

Outdoor Antenna transmits a signal to the repeater, which amplifies the signal. Then the built-in Antenna distributes amplified signal among all users with the same strength simultaneously. As a result, this device provides the best call quality, high-speed Internet for your browsing, downloads/uploads and buffer-free movie streaming.

You can double the signal coverage by adding a secondary indoor antenna. It also allows you to connect directly with an extra antenna without any splitter. It is also FCC authenticated device along with a 3-years warranty. You will also get USA based technical support through its highly trained customer service professionals.

Pros Cons
Coverage area of up to 6,000 square feet No money back guaranty
High-speed 4G LTE support
Easy installation process


This 5G compatible cell phone signal repeater will keep you connected to high-speed 4G LTE and 3G data connections. It can transmit signals up to 7,500 sq. ft. to give you clear voice quality, faster Internet even in rural areas.



Verizon Cell Phone Signal Booster

Verizon Cell Phone Signal Booster Best Cell Phone Signal Booster

This Verizon cell phone booster has the access of 4G LTE 5G with which you can connect multiple devices all at once. It brings for you the fun of faster downloads with data upload and is also capable of reducing the dropped/calls in the home or office.

Before you make use of this signal booster, make sure that your cell phone call is already covered with the booster because this signal booster is supporting band 13. Plus, it cannot create with the signals, so make sure that there are around 1-2 bars signal outside. It will never work if there is no such existing signal outside.

With the fastest high speed 4G data, you will be able to make video calls without any disruption. No buffering will take place.

In addition, it will also increase the signal strength, will eliminate the cell signal dead zones and also support with the HD Voice/VoLTE. It has higher audio quality and hasreduced dropped/missed calls with the ability to extend cell battery life.

Pros Cons
Support various devices Packaging is not attractive
Fast Network data with clear calls
Powerful signal reception


The reason why you should choose Verizon cell phone booster is because it is available with the connectivity of multiple devices with the powerful signal reception. Automatic gain control is excellent in providing great performance no matter whatsoever signals are being approached outdoor.



Final Verdict:

Modern cellular communication is provided by transmitting a signal from the operator’s tower to users’ mobile devices. With the help of cell phone signal repeaters, you can receive voice and text messages, access the Internet and exchange other data conveniently. This method of communication is very useful, as it allows subscribers, regardless of their location, to always stay in touch.


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