Best Ethernet switch for Google Wi-Fi 2024

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A switch works as a controller that allows the inter-connected devices to talk to each other on the same network. Ethernet switches make networks, and routers permit the formation of connections between networks. The router makes it possible for computers and other inter-connected pieces of equipment to access the Internet and some other networks. So, we have compiled some of the best Ethernet switches for Google Wi-Fi in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

The Ethernet switch is the point of connectivity in the Ethernet network. It is a small-sized device that can receive data from more than one input port and send it to each output port to send data to a destination on the network.

We can assume that the Ethernet switch is a large-sized USB hub but uniquely structured to accept the cable RJ45. A home mesh Wi-Fi technique that changes your conventional router and gives persistent, reliable Wi-Fi signals in your entire home or office is known as Google Wi-Fi.

For connecting to the internet, you still need a router and an internet service provider.

For Google Wi-Fi, you need a modem, internet service, the latest updated version of the Google Home app, and a Google account. Google Wi-Fi gives great coverage and a strong signal throughout your home without any dead zones.

Different devices can be connected directly with Google Wi-Fi router by connecting to an Ethernet switch and adding LAN ports.

More than one Google Wi-Fi device known as points can be set up quickly to make sure the availability of the network at your desired place at home.

At the bottom of the Wi-Fi, the module has a power connection and two Gigabit Ethernet sockets, one for connecting to the Internet from your broadband modem and the second for connecting wired devices such as a hub for smart home products. These factors must be taken into account before buying an Ethernet switch:

1- User count:

The number of ports a switch has is very important. If a large number of users are to be connected, then a switch with more ports is suitable for you. A user here means a device, which is connected such as a printer, firewalls for the security of a network, VoIP phones, and surveillance cameras, etc.

2- ower:

Now a lot of devices and Apps can get their electricity aka PoE from the Power over Ethernet switch, this makes everything very convenient as your devices can stay connected as well as get their electricity from only one wire of Ethernet switch. This eradicates the difficulty you face when devices can not be placed near power plugs, now one Ethernet cable provides power to all of them.

3- Speed:

A network switch doesn’t create speed itself but if you use the wrong switch, it can slow down the data sending and receiving process.

So, if you are sending a lot of data then switches with 10/100/1000 Gb ports are a great option because these ports support the maximum speed shared between the inter-connected peripherals. And for cases where heavy data is not transferred switches with speed 10/100 will be enough.

4- Managed or unmanaged:

A switch that is unmanaged commonly means plug and play, it lacks a brain and works automatically. For lower stack networks unmanaged switches are helpful. Managed switch on another hand, can be customized, additional settings can be added making your network more secure and high performing.

By customizing a network switch, you can better maximize network performance and security by keeping sensitive data closed and permitting only active ports to lower your attack area.

5- Value or price:

You should choose a switch that best fits your network, more ports come with more prices, so choose a switch of your choice at the best affordable price.

Here are some best switches for Google Wi-Fi:

Best Ethernet switch for Google Wi-Fi (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
NETGEAR (GS316) 4 x 11.3 x 1 inches 2.74 Pounds

Check Price

Cisco CBS110-16T-D 11 x 6.69 x 1.75 inches 4.8 Pounds Check Price
NETGEAR (GS316PP) 14.34 x 11.54 x 3.31 inches 5.49 Pounds Check Price
NETGEAR (GS116PP) 4.02 x 1.06 x 11.26 inches 1.94 Pounds Check Price
NETGEAR 24-Port N/A 3.15 Pounds Check Price




The GS316 is designed with 16x1G Gigabit Ethernet ports, unmanaged type means easy and ready to use, no configuration or installation of software required, speed of the switch is 10/100M,1G, multi Gig, 10G,the wireless type is 802.11a,802.11b, the voltage used is 12 volts and brand name is Netgear. Mounting options are wall and can be mounted on desktop also.

Fanless design is ideal for noise-sensitive environments, with no added noise and whisper-quiet operation, wherever it is mounted.

It gives the user peace of mind due to a 3-year warranty given by a reliable industry topper manufacturer. This switch complies with IEEE802. 3az mode and is designed to optimize energy usage and lowering operating costs. Like every Netgear switch, this is tested for great performance and reliability.

A network can be set up as follows, modem linked to Wi-Fi router, and this router then connected with 16 port Gigabit switch.

Pros Cons
16x10x100/1G ports Not a good option for an extensive and large business
Good speed, quiet operation
Low electricity costs, durable


GS316 is equipped with16 ports and the speed of the switch is 10/100/1G,a strong metal body, an energy-efficient switch that lowers the electricity costs and optimizes energy utilization, durable and high functioning, zero additional noise due to fanless design.

Users can mount it on a desktop or wall. Ensures a great and flawless network framework for your home or small business setup.



CBS110-16T-D, Cisco

CBS110-16T-D, Cisco

CBS110-16T-D is equipped with 16 ports 10/100/1000M speed and 4x1G SFP uplink ports. The switch is unmanaged which means it is ready to use, so no additional knowledge of IT is required to install this product. Network features provided are QoS, loop detection, and cable problems diagnosis with Kensington security slot.

Loop identification is an always-on characteristic that allows you to identify and eradicate loops on your network. When your network has cycles, the switch connects itself and the network traffic rotates and grows steadily instead of reaching its final point.

Traffic prioritizing is another great feature that allows important and sensitive data to be transmitted first without making delays.

Gigabit switching makes it super speedy, power over Ethernet provides the electricity to other connected devices on the same Ethernet cable along with connectivity. It is a great innovative and advanced design that makes its installation easy outside the wiring closet.

Ideal for small businesses, retail stores, etc. It can be mounted on a rack or desktop and all mounting equipment is provided in the kit. Super quiet performance with the help of fanless design without noise pollution in offices.

Pros Cons
PoE+ and power efficient Best and suitable for small and mid-size businesses
16 Ports
Ready to use, prioritize data, and reliable


Cisco business 16T 110 switch is reasonable, plug and play, ready to use, and simple with speedy gigabit switching that provides power to devices with one Ethernet cable. The best option for a resilient small business that ensures lower electricity costs and prioritizes traffic by sending sensitive data first and avoiding collisions.

Can be mounted on a wall or rack and operates silently. It has 16 Gigabit ports with which multiple devices can be connected along with great transmission speed.



GS316pp Netgear switch

GS316pp Netgear switch

The 16-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged PoE Switch GS316PP is being introduced from NETGEAR with 16-Ports, 183W PoE Budget. With built-in NETGEAR Flex Poe incorporated advanced technology.

You can cut your PoE budget anytime from 183W to give your devices the power they require to function efficiently with exchangeable outer power adapters.

The PoE technology system autonomously balances PoE power according to device requirements, irrespective of the PoE class detected. The GS316P provides the performance required at the highest level for any company or home.

It is available with a 3-yearNETGEAR warranty and 24/7 chat for total security. Its fanless design makes it super quiet and cost-efficient for small businesses.

Pros Cons
16 ports PoE Great for small businesses and homes
Unique technology for allocation of power to ports
Silent performer, easy to setup, reliable


Equipped with 16 Gigabit ports providing great connectivity with high speed, 16 PoE + ports that provide power over Ethernet to connected devices such as IP phones, IP Cameras,etc. With a power budget of only 183W.

Easy to install without any software or configuration required. All important material required for mounting on the wall or rack is provided in the kit. The amazing PoE technology of Netgear automatically adjusts the power allocation to connected devices according to their needs. Zero noise pollution to surroundings. This switch complies with IEEE802. 3az mode and is an efficient energy user, thus lowering cost.



GS116PP Netgear switch

GS116PP Netgear switch

It is a product of the pro safe series and the brand is NetGear. The GS116PP switch is designed with 16 Gigabit ports, 16 PoE+ ports that provide power over one Ethernet cable as well as connectivity to all devices. The switch type is unmanaged that makes it very simple and easy to set up without additional software and configurations.

The total power budget of this switch is 183 watts, supported with Flex PoE can limit the budget to even 155 or 76 watts also. It supports the mounting on a wall, desktop, or rack and all required hardware is given along in the package.

Wherever it is mounted, it does not create noise pollution and makes a perfect choice for noise-sensitive areas such as offices.

Pro Safe protection for a lifetime is offered by this industry-leading manufacturer and a warranty of three years. Users can chat with the experts 24/7 for any help they need to understand the functionality. Designed to operate at low costs by efficiently using the energy and reducing the business cost and is consistent with the IEEE802. 3az mode.

This switch like others of this brand is tested a lot of times for durability, quality, and high performance. It was first available in the market on June 6, 2018. Small-sized product, strong metal body, and is space-saving. The size of the buffer packet is 1 MB.

Pros Cons
Protection for the entire life is offered Not designed for very large businesses
Energy optimizer and silent performance
Power over Ethernet is a great feature
Sixteen Gigabit ports with great speed


GS116PP switch with 16 ports provides the ability to connect sixteen devices in the same network. The ports are PoE plus means the connected devices do not require to be plugged in separate sockets for the power, they can get connectivity and power over Ethernet.

The power budget is 183 watts with a speed of 10/100,1G. Pro safe lifetime protection is a good thing with a three-year warranty, replacement can be done on the next working day, and chat with experts at any time for help.

Very reliable and high-performing switch, a great option for your growing business or to connect with Google Wi-Fi router for your home. And you can mount it on a wall or desktop. High energy-efficient and cost saver also.



NETGEAR 24-Port Gigabit Ethernet Plus Switch

NETGEAR 24-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch

This NETGEAR 24-Port Gigabit Ethernet plus Switch is an excellent extender that supports great MU-MIMO data streaming. It allows your Wi-Fi router to easily connect with multiple devices all at once to speed up your whole network. The whole performance of the internet testing in this extender has been excellent.

The use of the same SSID is quite helpful, but this is not a deal-breaker given the cost. However, the coverage of the 5GHz radio band is quite appealing, which is freeing up the remaining two bands.

This product is available with a convenient wall-plug design which you can superbly blend into your home décor.

Plus, it equally offers the Tri-band frequency and can deliver a speed of almost 2200Mbps. The best thing about this extender is that it can work with any gateway or standard router. With the help of a Quad-core processor, you can make your gaming and streaming experience so much fun.

This device is also available with the FastLane3 technology, enabling you to deliver with a 100% performance boost. As compared to the rest of the extenders, this makes it so much secure and better. Its external antennas are helpful to extend coverage to the home or backyard areas.

For ensuring the fastest and secure connection, you can also Netgear’s Wi-Fi Analytics Application for testing the overall strength of the Wi-Fi connection throughout your whole house. This working application is also heedful to identify the point when your connection becomes weak.

The device is available with 24 Ethernet ports, which are divided into two rows. Each of the ports corresponds with the two LED indicators in the middle of the unit. This includes one LED, which indicates the link, and the other indicates the connection speed.

Pros Cons
Easy to setup Pricey
Can use only one SSID
Offers great MU-MIMO support


The JGS524E is designed to support the rack-mounted installation and is available with the rail kit. For mounting the switch over the rack, NETGEAR is included with mounting tabs that extend the width fitted with the 1U mounting slot.



Final verdict:

In this era of the internet, a network switch is a great gift for users who want to interconnect multiple devices on the same network. Google Wi-Fi is easy to use and convenient to set up. It has powerful Wi-Fi coverage and super speed. Its expense is a lot less than other networking Wi-Fi systems. If you wish to expand high-speed internet to all areas of your home, Google Wi-Fi is the best tool for that.

Switches are the base of a network and they even affect the speed of data transferred and even can prioritize data on a sensitivity basis. Switches are very innovative, offering great features such as power over Ethernet that eradicates the mess of a lot of cables.

Devices which are connected in every single port do not share their bandwidth with other equipment, bandwidth connected on other port of the same switch, thus eliminating the chances of collisions.

Switches come in a vast range, designed for large business networks with a large number of ports, customization features through which security of your network can be assured and performance can be monitored remotely.

Almost all switches are optimum energy users due to which cost can be controlled. The above-listed Ethernet switches are with 16 ports that are suitable for a home network, for Google Wi-Fi, and for small businesses to provide a great network with great coverage.


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