Best Gaming Chairs For Overweight 2024

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2023)

Gaming chairs are excellent for delivering you with optimum comfort, but the only concern with modern gaming chairs is that they are built with the normal human body in particular.

With many of these chairs built to bear the average weight and accommodate the typical body type, those that fall into the heavy, wide, or tall categories risk falling from the chairs as they fail to support the body, especially for prolonged periods. In this regard, we have compiled some of the best gaming chairs for overweight in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

When you sit for lengthy periods, fitting into a cramped gaming chair causes significant pain, especially if you’re a streamer or a gamer, then your gaming chair would be where you spend a significant amount of time.

Tall and heavy weighted appear to have posture problems that are more severe than normal people. Since the backbone bears a severe pressure when bearing extra weight. As a result, the risk of constant lower back pain and spinal disc disorder is higher for overweight and obese people. Therefore, finding a chair that has a snug fit on an overweight body is quite crucial.

Also, in certain cases, being overweight is very uncomfortable. And not being able to just sit conveniently can contribute to embarrassment, particularly in a formal working environment! So, it is vital for your comfort when working to find a comfortable chair as per your body size.

Only a few ergonomic office chairs cater to people who are bulky and tall. Fortunately, many extra-large gaming chairs provide ergonomic support for a heavyweight.

Big or obese people greatly reduce stresses on their joints, which are not naturally meant to bear heavy loads, by using one of these ergonomic gaming chairs. Some very nice models even offer an extra-tall backrest and support pillows will maintain the spine in a straight position.

If you are passionate about gaming, the set-up should indeed be perfectly tailored to fit you extremely well, From the perfect gaming desk to the ergonomic keyboard and all in between, if you’ll be playing for a prolonged time or remain relaxed 10 hours a day whilst streaming, then you must ensure to invest in the right gaming chair.

Just keep in mind that, the seat must be spacious enough to accommodate the body comfortably when using a gaming chair. That implies you should sit back far enough so that the lumbar support cushion is supporting the curve of your spine whilst your feet must be planted on the ground simultaneously, with no weight on your knees, whereas the backrest must support the body as well.

The correct size assures that your spinal curves will align with the support pillows. So, users of extra-wide sizes must start by having a gaming chair with a sufficiently large seat.

Following is a put-together list of some of the best gaming chairs particularly for overweight individuals to help you determine which one would be ideal for you. Although bulky users are fulfilled by any chair on this list, they differ in size, price, and functionality.

Best Gaming Chairs For Overweight (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight

Check Price

Vertagear LP4500 17.72 x 21.06 x 54.13 inches 66 Pounds Check Price
AKRacing Masters Series 35 x 29 x 17 inches 68 Pounds Check Price
RESPAWN 110 28.5 x 28 x 51.5 inches 46.5 Pounds Check Price




Since manufacturers guarantee that the large seat will accommodate up to 150 KGs, this is among the most impressive gaming chairs for overweight people.

Especially with the new ergonomic gaming chair now updated with a distinctive look and dense padding for optimum comfort, this deal allows you a comfortable atmosphere when you continue gaming and use the chair for extended durations.

The comfort pillows tend to significantly relax your head and spine as you lay back for your rest breaks in the chair.

Also, this gaming chair gives you a perfect reclining angle. Not only can you change the height of the chair to meet your preferences, but you can also greatly lean back as the chair provides an amazing reclining angle of 90-172 degrees.

On your busy working shifts on this chair, you could even take a quick nap with no discomfort or strained back muscles.

It also has outstanding Multiple Adjustability. You will personally be able to adjust the height of this gaming chair and the position of the armrests according to your own needs.

The soft lumbar cushion offers excellent ergonomic support to alleviate lower back discomfort, while the comfortable neck pillow delivers padded comfort for both office and recliner position.

Besides that, it comes with a Breathable Faux Leather cover with easily adjustable lumbar support and a headrest pillow designed to protect your spine, pelvic, and neck.

The broad base seat guarantees outstanding balance. Because of the high abrasion resistance, the 5 smooth-running castors can be freely rotated by 360 ° swivel rotation and provide complete freedom of movement with high standard mute rolling wheels that are appropriate for different floor coverings.

Pros Cons
Highly adjustable Doesn’t come with a warranty
360 ° freely rotatable castors
Supports a maximum of 150 kgs
Easy to clean cover


This new racing styled gaming chair is designed for long-lasting comfort, whether you’ve been spending a lot of time working under heavy pressure or gaming at home.

In comparison to traditional office chairs, this chair also features wide flat seating for extra comfort especially for those hard workdays for bulky people and an ergonomically built back that aligns with your body and protects your spine. This gaming chair reclines around 90-172 °, quite particularly, so that you can take a short break and rest at any position.



Vertagear PL4500 Gaming Chair

Vertagear PL4500

At the very first look, the Vertagear PL4500 marks itself as a benchmark gaming chair immediately with its racing-style architecture.

These exceptional quality gaming chairs integrate glorious comfort to racing automobile inspired elegance, thus ensuring the finest quality ergonomics and maximum adjustability to deliver both casual and professional gamers with the perfect chair for their needs.

An ergonomic seat that offers optimum comfort for the body when gaming is as necessary for long gaming sessions as it can be in a sports car.

No matter whether you game in the comfort of your own home or you just need a chair for your long working hours, this chair is ready to deliver its best for its clientele.

It also comes with a convenient adjustable tilt system that helps you to drop or boost the tension to balance your body weight with a knob, allowing you to rock when sitting comfortably.

The PL4500 comes fitted with adjustable lumbar and neck pillows that seem to be very helpful during any gaming sessions for extra support.

You can quickly customize the PL4500 with its stylish look and make use of the luxury it provides without drawing too much unnecessary attention.

The swivel office chair is indeed set upon an aluminum base with five sturdy casters on a solid steel frame and is appropriately built for heavy users with a maximum mass of up to 180 kg.

The high-quality Coffee Fibber padding, which is developed by a special process, complements the comfort. This padding is placed on the seat and backrest that enables odor control, ventilation, and rapid cleaning and drying.

Its RGB kits are what set the PL4500 apart from other gaming chairs, which are sold separately, they give the chair a completely great stylish look. These kits will deliver a practically colorful atmosphere after a fast installation.

The health factor becomes increasingly significant the longer you spend your time sitting and to ensure this the architecture of the P-Line goes to great extents.

This luxury gaming chair arrives in Carbon-Black color from the trendy PL4500 series and emphasizes on precisely such factors to deliver unparalleled comfort and flexibility.

This is also greatly reflected in the robust and strong High-Density Foam used in the cushions, as well as the particularly tall and wide backrest. This is covered in breathable, easy to clean, and retain faux PVC leather, which essentially gives the PL4500 its stylish look without storing excessive heat or becoming sticky in the warmer months.

Furthermore, in warmer months, this perforated feature does a better job of keeping people cool.

Pros Cons
Comfortable back, Lumbar, neck support Very rigid cushioning
The classy racing car-inspired aesthetics RGB kits are sold separately
Sturdy and greatly adjustable
Can bear weight up to 180 KGs


The positives of this chair include strong buildability, sleek architecture with an array of color, a broad variety of ergonomic adjustments, and an optional RGB lighting kit, which is simple to configure.

Such attributes constitute the backbone of something that is a great bundle. Therefore, bulky gamers who prefer stiff cushioning must try the PL4500 gaming chair.




AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair

AKRacing Masters Series Max

The AKRacing Masters Series Max is crafted from faux leather-coated cold-cure foam padding, with a top base of steel and a lower base of aluminium. It’s adequately padded, especially around its backrest and seat.

With a hydraulic device which can raise and lower the whole chair by pulling of the right paddle underneath the seat, a tilting mechanism which can tilt the seat back easily if you unlock the left paddle underneath the seat, and a reclining feature that expands the back of the chair from the seat.

This chair is thoroughly adjustable. It also has a perfectly flat reclining angle of 180 degrees.

The broad armrests are wrapped with PU rubber but are still adjustable by pulling a lever around the outside of the arm, enabling you to change the height of each armrest individually.

By clicking the button inside of the shoulder, you can also shift each armrest into any direction as well as rotate them15 degrees left or right.

Therefore, whatever position your arms feel comfortable in the chair’s armrest will provide the support nonetheless.

This is a grand gaming chair, and you’re going to find it a little too wide if you’re not on the bigger and heavy side. Although it is the biggest chair in the Masters’ line of AKRacing, it’s comparatively less expensive compared to the other chairs in a line.

If you’re looking for a gaming chair with strong weight capacity, the AKRacing Masters Series Max is worth your time and money. This Gaming Chair, with a huge flat seat and an overall weight size of about 180 Kgs, is made for large and bulky gamers.

Pros Cons
Large weight capacity up to 180 KGs Can feel too roomy for smaller users
Sturdy build
Generous reclining function
Top-quality product


If you’re hunting for a cozy and comfortable chair that you can even fall asleep in – this is one of those chairs. Gamers will appreciate adjusting this chair to the way they would like it to be.

Everybody has particular needs and this has been taken into consideration by AKRacing. And the best part is, all AKRacing Chairs ship with an impressive 5-year chair warranty on its components whereas a 10 years warranty on its frame as well.



RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair


The Respawn 110 racing style gaming chair can also be used as an office chair. Its racing car-like design provides you with a cool and amazing look for playing games with your squad.

The maximum weight capacity of this gaming chair is 275lbs. You can take benefits from their adjustability feature.

You can adjust the height by lowering or raising it. You can redline the respawn gaming chair from 90- to 155 degrees.

This chair provides you comfort whether you used it as a gaming session or for a long workday. The seat base is wide, deep, and very roomy. It means any human can adjust to this incredible gaming chair.

Further, the seat is padded for greater solace, and don’t hurt your hips while sitting on it for a longer period. The armrests are also padded for relaxing your arms and wrists when they are tired.

This chair is super easy to assemble. The lumber is very comfortable and adjustable. The faux leather material used in this chair makes it pretty sturdy and durable for years.

Pros Cons
For both gaming and office use The footrest needs improvement
Capacity to hold 275 lbs. weight
Durable and sturdy with bold colors


This cool-looking chair is super comfy, very sturdy, and has some extra features that make it ideal and unique for both gaming and office use. The cushioned back, head, and armrests make it an enjoyable chair even in hectic hours. Further, the chair has a padded footrest to be useful for resting during game sessions.



Final Verdict:

There are possible health hazards from several hours of sitting slouched over the gaming console, PC, or a table. Awkwardly uncomfortable chairs and Poor posture can contribute to backache, stiff neck, and shoulder pain that can interrupt your gaming experience. In addition to the comfort aspect, finding a comfortable gaming chair would therefore help in enhancing your performance as well.

Any chair can be uncomfortable especially if you’re a big man, the risk of stumbling into an off-putting chair increases exponentially with height and weight. The larger gaming chairs are specially built to cope with a person’s extra size, whether huge in weight or huge in height.

Of course, even chairs for bigger users can be extremely convenient. You just have to verify a few core parameters, though, such as a minimum of 160 KGs, great adjustability, and proper back and lumbar support.

Power and higher chair height average, and aim for chairs which have a lot of adjustable parts in specific. While keeping your chair comfortable, adjustability is the best strategy and it is the same for short and tall guys; even if you’re not quite the usual sort of body, any adjustable component of a gaming chair can be the best bet.


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