Best Gaming Chairs For Short People 2024

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2023)

Ergonomic chairs have been the best choices for people who use their computers for a long period. These chairs are known for providing better posture whilst you are working. However, in recent years, gaming chairs have gained the hype due to their sleek design and optimum posture benefits. Gaming chairs come in a variety of features, sizes, and colors.

Therefore, to gain the proper benefits from a gaming chair you must invest in a chair that is your right size. Since the average-sized gaming chairs come for an average-sized man, so short people or adolescents who might use an average-sized gaming chair might feel submerged within the chair.

If a gaming chair gains from the best stance, it requires selecting the correct height. Small individuals or teens might feel swallowed in an average-sized gaming chair. The pillows for the neck and back won’t support the intended points, and the seat itself might be too deep. So, in this regard, we have compiled some of the best gaming chairs for short people in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

A gaming chair’s role is to encourage healthy posture during long sitting periods. The neck and lumbar pillows retain the normal curves of the spine while you lean onto the backrest.

Using a chair that is ill-fitting causes the spine to work harder to support the body’s straight position. Hence causing slouching due to the tired back. For the abdominal muscles to relax, excessive slouching gives a subconscious warning therefore permanently weakening your core muscles when you stay this way for a prolonged time.

This generates a domino effect with negative issues with the quality of life. Due to inappropriate support for the back not only does it causes weakened core it also makes the upper body muscles work harder and over time, but it can also cause chronic fatigue, stiffness, and even decreased mental function.

Fat around the waist is often accumulated from poor posture associated with cognitive decline. Your body will fail to keep the pelvis in place, with thin, fatty abdominal muscles consequently the chest will stick outwards, the tailbone curls inward and the shoulders sagging as well. This puts pressure on muscle tissue, frequently resulting in constant fatigue and discomfort.

Gaming chairs encourage proper posture while seated. Yet short adults in large chairs normally can’t get the appropriate support. However, if you are a short person you must be considering buying a regular gaming chair thinking that the bigger the chair the more space will be there for you, thus it might be more comfortable however, it is not the case.

For example, the shoulder would be in an odd position if the backrest is too high. Your feet might be unable to hit the ground if the seat is too big which is not ergonomic nor convenient.

The armrest may be very far as well so you won’t be able to position your arm adequately. It’s like buying a new pair of footwear, you’ve got to choose the right fit for yourself, neither too big nor too small.

In comparison, A neutral seating posture would be provided by a well-fitting chair. This implies that the feet are planted on the floor, the legs are bent at 90 degrees, and the thighs are parallel to the plane.

That posture helps the back into a posture of uprightness. The spinal curves match the back-support pillows, keeping a comfortable balance as the person sits.

Therefore, this article discusses the best small gaming chairs for short heightened adults and children aged 12 and up if you’re hunting for a perfect size. These gaming chairs would suit between the height of 4’9″ and 5’11” consumers easily. This makes them suitable for short people and children, though these are not for kids under the age of 12.

Best Gaming Chairs For Short People (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
AKRacing Masters Series Pro 25.59 x 23.62 x 59.06 inches 57 Pounds

Check Price

Vertagear VG-SL5000 24 x 25 x 54 inches 61 Pounds Check Price
AKRacing Core Series 25.59 x 23.62 x 59.06 inches 57 Pounds Check Price
Nokaxus YK-6007-BLUE 33.07 x 25.59 x 12.6 inches 57 Pounds Check Price


AKRacing Masters Series Pro Gaming Chair

AKRacing Masters Series Pro Gaming Chair

One of the earliest and very well-established manufacturers of pro gaming chairs is AKRacing. The Pro Luxury AKRacing Masters series Collection is one of their most excellent gaming chairs.

The Masters Pro has 70 percent more padding than the standard Core Series Ex of AKRacing. Along with the amazing padding also comes with a full suite of pro ergonomic functionality.

These provide all you need to experience ease, relaxed sitting, and posture support. This offers supple yet luxurious resistance to deliver full-time lounging support.

And even after 8 hours of sitting, it delivers the strong and continued support as the foam will cushion your body in the same way. Even when you stand, the foam goes back to its original brand-new shape.

A complete set of technical features also come along with the extremely sturdy frame. The 4D adjustable armrests and the seat angle tilt-lock are the 2 major features of this chair.

Both provide mechanisms for absorbing the body’s weight such that the muscles don’t have to overwork or strain. 4D armrests give you the most flexibility when working to support your arms and wrists.

It’s easy to move the armrests for maximum support as the arms shift. With lots of legroom, short-heightened or slimmer individuals will find adequate support. Due to the 4D armrests, if the seating is too broad, it is simple to narrow them.

One of the brilliant pro features is the Seat angle tilt-lock. This allows you to tilt the seat at various angles and lock it in place. Over prolonged computation times, it’s a nice thing to have. For a short and simple refresher, tilt and lock the seat when your body begins to exhaust.

The benchmark durability and professional features require a high-quality chair cover. The Masters Series Pro offers a comfortable and versatile luxury combination.

Perforations around the touching spots of the seat and backrest guarantee maximum breathability. That implies that it will stay cool and comfortable no matter how much time you sit in it.

The Masters Series Pro is, as its name implies, a chair for professional end-users i.e. programmers, authors, video creators, gamers, and digital advertisers. There are individuals who, whilst using the computer for 10 + hours every day, use their minds for a living which is why they must invest in a good quality gaming chair.

Since people who do complicated work may encounter brain fog in poor chairs. Among the most luxurious chairs that you can purchase is the Master Series Pro. Also, all AKRacing gaming chairs deliver an industry-leading 5 years of components warranty alongside a 10 years frame warranty.

Pros Cons
Great looking and plush upholstery Little expensive for students or beginners
Very durable and easy to clean
Perforated strips keep the chair cool
Thick and soft yet resilient padding


One of the finest pro gaming chairs you can purchase is the AKRacing Masters Series Pro. It’s AKRacing’s most luxurious and expensive chair, but for true professionals, it’s worth the money.

The icing on top is the industry-leading promise of 5 years warranty. Power users enjoy comfortable seating support in a high-end chair and can focus better on it. Positive effects are much more prominent in an amazingly luxurious chair like the Masters Pro.



Vertagear VG- SL5000 Gaming Chair

Vertagear VG- SL5000 Gaming Chair

The VG- SL5000, a gamer’s joy, will hit the right spot for serious gamers. The VG- SL5000 is a racing-inspired model that enriches the daily gaming of gamers with the right features.

Built to have a wide spectrum of flexibility that offers gamers the best comfort for a prolonged period and help in any gaming position. The high backrest is meant to provide support for the neck, shoulder, and pelvic.

It is necessary to have the right ergonomic pose while sitting for a prolonged time to reduce excessive tension.

The adjustability of the seat means that various types of individuals will be able to adapt the chair to their comfortable position. Efficient height adjustment is made to ensure and you’re at the optimal angle relative to your desk.

Specially engineered to support the forearm, reduce muscle tension and shoulder discomfort, and take the pressure off vulnerable wrist areas.

Adjustability expands with a 4-way change to the armrests to ensure the forearms are relaxed irrespective of body shape and activity.

To avoid stiff shoulders, embrace the ergonomic contours built to hold the forearms steady. It also provides a separate back angle option. An angle-adjustable backrest to enable you to shift your seating posture up to 140 degrees throughout your gaming experience.

The VG- SL5000 is made of high-quality PVC fabric, making it highly sturdy and offering a luxurious look to the chair. PUC was developed as the collaboration of PVC and PU faux-leather to blend the best qualities of both resources to converge into one.

For a minimal maintenance strategy without losing functionality, PUC maintains the resilience of PVC for daily usage while retaining the softness of PU. Thanks to its stain and water-resistant properties, this material is easy to clean and manage.

The padding of the VG- SL5000 is designed with high-density durable foam, which gives the chair excellent support and comfortable seating. The open-cell airflow structure ensures that the warmth resulting from your body temperature is not absorbed within.

Thus, delivering maximum comfort and ease when used for a prolonged time. The Ultra-Premium High Durability Foam increases the lifetime of the chair by avoiding long-term deformities, making it similar to the features of memory foam.

Furthermore, the VG- SL5000 is built of a steel frame that provides a sturdy base that keeps the chair strong, stable, and lightweight. Designed for better durability and usability with a Level 4 gas lift, to handle the higher pressure and stability, the Class 4 Gas Lift has thicker walls.

Another feature is that simply by rotating the knob to balance the chair according to your body weight, this customizable tilt tension system helps you to raise or reduce the tension and helps you to easily rock, decreasing muscular fatigue without heavy pushing.

Also, it contains an extra neck support cushion and a lumbar support cushion. For better adaptability and proper posture, all cushions are conveniently adjustable.

Moreover, this chair is made up of using only the most premium content to take the complexities throughout your day-to-day into account, while designed to deliver you with one of the greatest experiences from the very first encounter.

Pros Cons
Easily adjustable Contrasting stitches might be unappealing for some
Easy to clean
Has level 4 gas lift with thick walls
High-standard product


The Vertagear Racing Series VG- SL5000 gaming chair comes with great adjustability and amazing back support for extreme gamers. The racing-style gaming chair is made up of a unique blend of PU and PVC thus providing a breathable and easy to maintain seat cover.

Whereas the foam is similar to the memory foam and adjusts itself after being used for a long period as well. This is one of the best options for short people due to its great functionality and adjustability features.




AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide Gaming Chair 

AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide Gaming Chair

AKRacing’s most basic prototype is the Core Series EX. It’s a mesh cloth chair that would last for years with excellent features, a good price, and outstanding support.

The instant you sit back in this, the Core Series EX-wide chair feels very comfortable. The breathable mesh material cover is a large part of the convenience.

It’s gentle and feels great and also the versatile back support makes this a relaxing chair. It’s a chair powerhouse that can do its work whilst complementing its surroundings.

A combination of inexpensive gaming chairs and pricey pro models is the Core EX-wide. This chair has far more flexible features compared to inexpensive seats.

It also comes with a five-year warranty for the luxury build. However, this chair narrows down on a few high-end features as a comparison to high-end pro chairs. i.e. you just get 3D armrests instead of 4D pro ones.

Secondly, you can rock it and change the rocking pressure, however, you can’t lock the seat at a certain angle. The Core Series EX ergonomic design is reasonably good. You’ll get 3D armrests and a 180 ° deep recline. These features will enable the Core EX series to be iconic chairs in a professional setting.

This chair provides you with a cover of mesh fabric, a sturdy build, and good functionality. Mesh is breathable and much more resilient than PU leathers of the highest grade. It is made more comfortable by the breathability factor.

The Mesh cloth chairs still stay cool compared to the faux leather chairs which can get warm in hot temperatures. In comparison, mesh cloth is sturdier and does not deteriorates whatsoever the way faux leather does.

A specific layer of cold-cure foam padding is under the mesh, which comes with less thickness, so there is a tad bit less pliability. The advantage of reduced pliability is that it is more effective for people to develop a balanced sitting posture.

Also, one size does not suit everyone when it comes to gaming chairs, hence why the Core Series has 4 various variants: the EX, EX-wide, SX, and LX. All varying in size, structure, and upholstery.

As the name suggests, the EX-wide is designed into a wider suit, but with suitable adjustment choices for petite consumers as well.

Pros Cons
Sturdy and fairly comfortable Added lumbar support is quite rigid
Very adjustable armrest The height is not adjustable for tall people
Optimal for short people
Cold form padding is resistant to sagging


This chair is More on the economical side of gaming chairs. It includes all the necessary minimal seating and a fool-proof mesh fabric upholstery. It’s a sturdy chair with good features that support lots of full-time sitting. Besides, it also arrives with a five-year component warranty and a ten-year framework warranty.



Nokaxus Gaming Chair, YK-6008

Nokaxus YK-6008

The Nokaxus gaming chair is made with high-quality material for greater durability and comfort while playing video games. You can rock the position you like the most with the rocking function.

The seat is furnished with enormous and delicate hand rests whose tallness can be changed according to your demand. Further, it has high thickness padding which will give you more open to padding experience.

Additionally, the wide backrest will allow you to have soft back support and it can be adjusted to different positions between 90 to 180 degrees. The headrest is also adjustable and has a massage feature for greater solace to your head.

The SGS Class 3 indicator gives protected and smooth seat lifting capacities and the thickened help case ensures the dependability of seats.

Also, thickened steel frame guarantees the unwavering quality of seats, enormous measured PU wheels shield the wooden floors from being damaged.

Pros Cons
Adjustable arm sets and headsets The fabric material need more improvements
The headset comes with a built-in massager
Padded and high-quality PU leather seat


The Nokaxus high back ergonomic seat is a gaming seat with stool and massaging back for comfort. The ergonomically designed chair is portrayed by 360 levels of revolution, flexible tallness, USB midsection rub pad, movable mid-riff pad, and head pad.

In the wake of being changed the back point from 90 to 180 degrees, the seat will meet your various requirements for work, game, rest, and massage.



Final Verdict:

You are likely to distort your spine as you regularly sit for extended periods with weak posture. Therefore, for proper support, you would have to pick the best size when it comes to gaming chairs.

This is important since it can help you relax for long working hours with the optimal posture. If you are petite, you have to go for the appropriate gaming chair for short individuals.

Small gaming chairs provide small bodies with healthy sitting support. Users can sit for longer, perform better, and are more productive as result. Count on outstanding support for extended periods of sitting and fantastic comfort.

Using a suitable ergonomic chair, kids aged 4-12 may develop healthy posture patterns. A compact gaming chair may be preferred by slender teens and/or adults between 4’9″ and 5’11”.


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