Things to Consider Before Buying a Total Station

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Total Station

A total station is known for it’s accurate, and easy-to-use working that allows you to measures both vertical and horizontal angles and distances. Engineers and Surveyors use this powerful tool to measure, set, and record the 3-dimensional points for construction needs. There are few Things to Consider Before Buying a Total Station.

But this is all just about the working of this power tool, and not how each type and model of a total station serves you. This is obvious because each of the models or options has its efficiency and accuracy level in terms of helping you in measurements.

Therefore, as a professional, you must invest in a durable and trustworthy total station for your construction work. Now to help you choose just the right total station for your professional work, let’s discuss some important aspects you should consider first.

Important Aspects:

It’s Accuracy:

Undoubtedly, when we talk about a total station, the first thing you should look for is the accuracy of this instrument. Here, the accuracy of the tool needs to be analyzed according to the nature of the work/task in which you’re using the total station. Additionally, accuracy plays an important part in the distances you measure too. Hence, the more the distance you need to measure, the more the accuracy of the total station you’ll need. So keep that in mind when you purchase a total station.

Whether it is Non-Reflector less or Reflector less:

One of the best modern and time-saving features of a total station is its reflector less additional feature. This future allows all the engineers and surveyors to measure on most surfaces, and avail and advanced usage ease.

Additionally, having a reflector less total station lets you save a great time by making the surveying and setting out work faster and more efficient. Altogether, having a reflector less total station can serve you and your construction needs wondrously.

However, if you are looking for an instrument that serves your basic measurement needs, and can serve you in a small construction task; then a non-reflector less option would also be suitable for you and your pocket.

Its Programs or Functions:

If you invest in a total station that has advanced functions and programs then you are sure to avail greater ease of usability and productivity through this instrument. Now the more the total station is powerful and smarter, the more functions and programs it will offer you with.

Additionally, this might also serve you as an extra on your pocket; especially in comparison to the basic and normal total station models. So you can evaluate between both the advance and basic models usage following the need for your work and the result you require out of the instrument.

It’s Customer Support:

If your total station has a local dealer or supplier’s customer support in your hometown, there are great chances that you can gain usage ease out of this instrument. This local support would help you achieve yearly checks on your power tool and ensure that it is consistently serving you with accurate readings.


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