Best Laptops For Gaming And School Under 500$ 2024

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Are you looking for the laptop that is for only good for gaming but also good for school work as well then you have come to the right place. Laptops have become an essential commodity for everyone irrespective of age and gender. Laptops are helpful in a number of ways, it can help students making their school assignments and play their favorite games as well. It makes a great alternative to personal computers and convenience of use. If you own a laptop you don’t have to sit on one place to complete your multiple tasks.

Yes we are talking about Desktop computer here. We have compiled some of the best laptops for gaming and school under 500$ in the article. We suggest you have a look at them and keep exploring new and wonderful products.

It is a concern for most of the gaming users to buy an affordable but high-performance gaming laptop to meet their needs. Normally, gaming laptops are quite pricey and range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

If we talk about best laptops, they come with plenty of features making it a real-time gaming experience for users. It includes all standard features that can be used for schoolwork or high-resolution graphics card for games.

A quality laptop come with many features like high resolution, fast processing, and virtual reality setup. Laptops with advanced features like VR support and powerful component has high prices that go up to 5000$ or more. There are many companies manufacturing laptops including Dell and HP, Asus, Acer, Samsung, Microsoft, and many more. Users can have a wide range of choices in laptops on which they can do multiple tasks.

Furthermore, the laptops vary in size, shapes, specs, components, and most important the performance. If you are using a specific brand of laptop and want to buy a new one then you will have a variety of options at hand. But it sometimes becomes complicated to choose the right one because companies label their laptops as the best on the market. And you end up in the trap of these companies rather than checking facts.

We are going to introduce the best laptops for gaming and schools based on their features and specs. We have researchers who have personally used these laptops and aggregated responses of consumers who have already purchased some of these laptop models, and they are available on the market.

You can find laptops in the price range of $500 with cheap Windows and components but still performs better than expensive machines. Picking laptops with smooth game-play and running applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint for school assignments can be a complex process and it requires experience and knowledge about laptops. If you don’t know much about laptops, their features, and components, we can help you to get a better laptop in an affordable range.

Check out our recommendations below to find the best laptops in a budget. These models are best to perform multiple tasks. They deliver the best gaming experience and include everything you need. Find these laptops as below and make your choice now:-

Best Laptops For Gaming And School Under 500$ (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Acer Aspire 5 14.31 x 9.74 x 0.71 inches 3.97 Pounds

Check Price

ASUS VivoBook 14.1 x 9.1 x 0.8 inches 3.75 Pounds Check Price
HP 15-bs234wm 15 x 10 x 0.9 inches 5.5 Pounds Check Price
CHUWI Herobook Pro 13.07 x 8.43 x 0.84 inches 3.06 Pounds Check Price


Acer Aspire 5 Laptop

Acer Aspire 5 Laptop

Acer Aspire 5 slim laptop managed to hang on the top slot in our best laptop reviews. This laptop appeals to users with its slim and sleek outlook. Acer includes everything that a gaming lover would love to have on this laptop.

Acer features AMD Ryzen 3 3200U dual-core processor i.e. 3.5GHz with 4GB of DDR4 RAM and 128GB NVMe SSD. This laptop has an ideal screen size i.e. 15.6 inches with HD resolution (1920-1080) and incorporates widescreen LED-backlit IPS displays. The AMD Radeon Vega 3 Mobile graphics deliver the best graphic performance and amazing experience.

The users need to know that this laptop equips 01 USB 3.1 port, 2 USB 2.0 ports, and includes HDMI port with HDCP support. The laptop adds 802.11 AC Wi-Fi and comes with a powerful battery that allows approx 7.5 hours of charging with the laptop.

The laptop runs on Windows 10 in S mode with a power supply wattage of 65W. Aspire makes a powerful laptop with its mobile processor and can handle any job. It offers crisp images with its HD IPS display and intelligent color scheme.

Its lightweight, handy, and stylish look make it perfect for various jobs. The laptop provides powerful sound with deeper bass with its wide deeper design. It is a standard laptop with all essentials to make your life easier.

Acer dominates in the market with the backlit keyboard technology that makes it comfortable to work in the dark. The laptop enables gaming lovers to play their favorite game-play on this laptop.

This laptop suits college and school students in multiple ways. It has fast processing and doesn’t let users feel any slowing while playing favorite games or working with academic tasks. It navigates comfortably between different programs and web pages. The laptop screen display is clear and its backlit keyboard doesn’t bother you when you are watching your favorite movie.

This laptop has a reasonable price and perfect for basic computing needs. With all the standard specification, it makes your day with its sound and screen quality that most of the users look when buying a best laptop to perform multiple tasks. So, if you want to experience top and high-performance then look no further when you have slim Aspire 5.

Pros Cons
Best screen display Need to off S mode to install different games
Great battery life
Great choice to perform multiple tasks


If you wan to complete school tasks or play games in your free time this Acer Aspire 5 makes a premium choice and it makes an easy machine to install several games without any problem. It is an up-gradable machine and well built and highly suitable to perform multiple tasks.



ASUS VivoBook 15 Laptop

ASUS VivoBook 15 Laptop

Asus VivoBook makes another affordable choice that is available in reasonable price for users. It is a slim, smart, and sleek laptop with all the best features, most of the users look into a laptop. Primary specs include 15.6 inches full HD screen, and NanoEdge bezel display.

Its ultra-slim bezels let the users truly focuses on the screen. It carries an anti-glare coating and comfortable viewing. The screen resolution makes 88% ratio for its screen to body display.

The laptop comes with 8GB of DDR4 Ram that is fair enough, 128GB NVMe M.2 SSD storage making it best laptop for game-play and other tasks. The laptop has ergonomic build, backlit keyboard, and fingerprint sensors for the users.

Every company tries to differentiate its brand, so did Asus. With its Ergo-lift design, it has improved the keyboard position for easy typing, which makes it a worth trying laptop.

Asus VivoBook makes a standard machine by including all components altogether. It includes different ports include a USB 3.2 Type C port, HDMI and USB 2.0, Wi-Fi 5 with plenty of other features. Asus runs Microsoft Windows 10 with S Mode, which gives you free access to hundreds of Microsoft Applications on this laptop. Just get into switch mode and install your favorite App.

It doesn’t let you down and move you on at the same speed. A compact laptop easily gets into your bag and does a variety of jobs. Moreover, the Intel Core i3 processor helps to do all the tasks quickly. It’s a highly recommended laptop with great convenience for game-play and support of the high resolution.

It’s worth buying for school and college students, great for personal use, and equips a high-powered battery for longer use. This is an ideal laptop for light gaming and to complete other academic related tasks, you get no issues while using this laptop.

Furthermore, the laptop gives adequate performance and includes specs that likely to suit your work in all ways. At this price, you would not get any better choice than this laptop. It also offers a 178-degrees viewing angle and carries a fingerprint scanner on the right side of the touch panel.

Pros Cons
Good performance Not suitable for heavy games
Sleep design
Improved resolution
Offers ADP backup


The Asus VivoBook is the smart choice for most of the users who look for a simple and elegant laptop for day-to-day tasks. It comes with different color variants that gives good choice and can run 10 hours with a single charge. The laptop also comes with ADP backup to provide consumers peace of mind.



HP 15-BS234WM Laptop

HP 15-BS234WM Laptop

HP is a popular brand for engineering state of the art machines that come at budget. This particular item comes with catchy design, slim body, and weightless to easily get into the travel bag for remote use. HP has been consistently delivering quality laptops in the market.

This is a 15.6 inches screen size laptop with a wider viewing area to make a great choice for gaming and schoolwork simultaneously. HP 15-BS234WM is the only brand that includes the original Intel Pentium Silver N5000 Quad-Core Processor at such an affordable price.

Besides, it comes with 4 GB DDR4, and 500GB 5400RPM Hard Disk adding sufficient space for loading multiple games and office applications to support schoolwork.

It includes everything that most of the users expect from a standard laptop including 802.11b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5 Combo hardware streamlining internet.

The laptop includes a diagonal HD SVA BrightView screen with backlit with matte coating making the screen anti-glare when used under poor lighting conditions. This laptop offers better usability, portability, and style to facilitate use while traveling.

The laptop makes a reliable and amazing choice while differentiating it in price and quality from its competitors. It let you connected to the internet without worries with its long-lasting battery. A single charge can get through the whole day with average use.

The laptop adds a unique styled keyboard with backlight and sloping in shape making a 2-degree angle from the back that makes perfect inclination for typing without stress. HP has incorporated two 3.1 USB ports, and one 2.0 USB ports for the convenience of users. Besides, the HDMI port supports external devices. Similarly, a headphone/microphone combo port makes your life easier when recording or listening to music on a laptop.

Its dedicated graphic card blows your mind by delivering rich graphical presentation without any halts. It is designed to run high scale software and video games smoothly. Long life, powerful battery, and sleek design are all hallmarks of HP laptops. It gives the best desktop replacement for gaming and school use and makes an ideal choice for users with a low budget.

The outlook of this laptop is as great as its specs, its powerful processor boasts more than just dealing with spreadsheets and word programs.

It is perfect to perform all standard functions and accommodates in day to day school work. The best thing about HP is its powerful processor, which doesn’t heat up even running continuously all day, unlike other inferior quality processors. Overall, it’s one of the best products on the market and highly recommended laptops for personal use.

Pros Cons
Ultra-slim and lightweight No fingerprint scanner is available in this machine
Bright display
Huge storage
Reasonable price


Although this is a refurbished model of HP but makes a good performance due to its powerful processor. This model offers convenience and carries creativity at the same time. This model of HP packs powerful components, great graphics, and performance that you cannot expect from every laptop.




CHUWI Herobook Pro

CHUWI hero book Pro is astonishingly inspiring with the screen of 1080P, a small system feature, and hard metal creation make this laptop a great choice for people. This laptop can facilitate the user in doing the writing, viewing anything on the inter, office purpose, entertainment, or whatever you want to do.

The laptop works best with the window 10 operating system and offers tremendous performance. It makes users happy by bringing a positive and wonderful experience to them. Quad-core processor N4000 intel is used. Let you perform things easily; facilitate you in different operations constant multi tasking experience.

Graphics of intel HD memory shared video provide excellent video quality for utilization of images, Photo editing basics, and facilitate gamers by proving them unified gaming knowledge. The laptop can work the well whole day and provides a good experience to those who must use the web and perform other related tasks. The laptop has awesome storage capacity and contains 7 ports, a headphone jack, and also has the ability o get connected and function well with any monitor and projector.

Pros Cons
Easily portable since its quite light weight The horsepower of the laptop might not be enough for professionals
Space is 8GB


The laptop is designed to meet the needs of people of every age group who needs to make use of the laptop continuously or occasionally. It is the most cost-effective laptop with features of excellent for watching online videos and using the web browser. 14.1 anti-scowl laptop screen gives you a broader view. Color can be adjusted according to the time like day and night mode.



Final Verdict:

Laptops have a variety of models ranging in power, storage, capacity, processing, components, and design as well. First, you need to be sure which type of laptop you need and then search the market accordingly. There are hundreds of brands available at different prices. You can choose the one which does the core job and fall into your range.

This is a simple method to hunt a laptop for personal use. If you need help to look into the features and benefit from the experiences of buyers, then you can read reviews. It will help you to know what buyers say about a specific brand.

However, we have made this process easy for our visitors and have sorted out some rational choices at affordable prices. We have shared a few of the best laptops with reasonable prices and come with standard features.

These would make the best option for gaming and schoolwork. You can play your favorite games when you are free and work as well when you have academic tasks. These models are best for multiple tasking.



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