Best Office Chairs For Back And Neck Pain 2024

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2023)

Back and neck pain is a prevalent and recurring condition that is caused by the stretching of muscle fibers and tears. There are many physical, psychological, and environmental contributors for back and neck pain. Sitting all day working on a computer screen, craning your neck to read the news on your smartphone, and slumping on the couch to watch television for extended hours are contributing ways to throw your body out of alignment. Moreover, repetitive and overuse work, such as lifting heavy loads leads to muscle injury. We have compiled some of the best office chairs for back and neck pain in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

It puts extreme stress on the back and neck muscles and causes severe pain. Like many other health conditions, the effects of neck and back pain can be more critical in people who smoke or are overweight.

If you also suffering from this condition and have annoying pain in your back and neck that won’t go away. And if yes, then stay with us! In this article, you’ll get to know every aspect of your back and neck pain plus how to prevent or manage this condition.

Back and neck pain is a musculoskeletal condition and especially common in office workers. They have the peak incidence of back and neck pain among all other occupations, with a prevalence range of 43-63%.

Sitting for all day in an uncomfortable chair leads to slouching and generates compression plus soreness in the neck and back muscles. Moreover, the muscles around your spine and shoulder girdle become annoyed and injured. If this position is maintained for extended periods, overtime, your back and neck will bear fatigue and more stress.

The surrounding muscles start to contract and as a result, you experience significant pain throughout your neck and back region. It can range from a mild, dull, ache to persistent and severe and may be disabling for you.

Moreover, pain in your back and neck can stop you in your tracks, restrict your mobility, and making it difficult to go about the normal functioning of life. Now it’s a crucial task for you to protect your neck and back from further worsens.

Thanks to ergonomic office chairs as they can do wonder to alleviate your back and neck pain. Yes, no further worries! The ergonomic office chairs conform to your body posture, offering maximum support to your neck and back muscles and keeps you comfortable for prolonged periods than ever before.

Moreover, these chairs can prevent you from workplace injuries even if you don’t already have a shoulder, neck, or back problems. The ergonomic office chairs help you maintain the right posture to avoid major problems like muscle strain, spinal deformities, and spinal disc injuries. Further, they come with maximum adjustments to keep your spine in alignment and supports for the neck region.

Almost every ergonomic chair claims to help prevent neck and back pain, but it’s not true! Now, the question arises; which type of ergonomic chair is good to combat this condition?

So, before buying an office chair, you should always consider some specific features if you want to get rid of back and neck pain. First of all, consider a chair with the right backrest that supports your entire back and makes you comfortable.

Next, choose a chair having adequate headrest to support your neck region as it is very essential to minimize neck pain. Low quality chairs adds tremendous stress to your cervical spine, leading to extreme neck pain over time.

Further, a good ergonomic chair has armrests that support your arms and reduces pressure from your shoulders and spine. In this way, you’ll prevent unnecessary back and neck pain.

So, we spent several hours researching the best ergonomic office chairs for you that not only reduce your back and neck pain but also meet your daily use requirements.

Best Office Chairs For Back And Neck Pain (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
MOOJIRS 34 x 26 x 23 inches (Package) 71.8 Pounds

Check Price

Snoviay 30.1 x 26 x 17.5 inches (Package) 62.7 Pounds Check Price
AKRacing 25.59 x 23.62 x 59.06 inches 57 Pounds Check Price
Komene 27.5 x 28.3 x 44.4 inches 48.2 Pounds Check Price


MOOJIRS Ergonomic office chair

MOOJIRS Ergonomic office chair

The revolutionary MOOJIRS mesh office chair is optimized to accommodate a variety of natural body positions and sizes. Yes, the life-changing chair is here! Its immersive ergonomic design instantly responds to your body, movement, and posture to help you find the most perfect sitting position. So, what could be better than this?

Moreover, this ergonomic chair supports you throughout the day, keeping your spine in alignment and reduces pressure from your back and neck. Let’s check it further!

The MOOJIRS office chair holds multifunctional adjustments to provide its users with the next level of comfort. It features a 3D headrest that maintains your spine’s natural S-shape and holds your ideal posture. Further, the headrest supports your neck in a healthy position and keeps centered it over your spine and shoulders.

This unique head-neck support reduces pressure from the cervical vertebrae and effectively relieves the discomfort.

In this way, you can enjoy full support and peace of mind and relaxation. Also, this office chair comes with a reclining function that provides a nice break during long bouts of sitting. Moreover, you can adjust the headrest according to your choice, so it helps to keep your work in focus while helping your neck stay comfortable and pain-free.

Furthermore, the MOOJIRS office chair comes with dynamic lumbar support that can be adjusted automatically according to your physical shape. It provides a stronger sense of wrap and support to your back that helps you remained focused and comfortable during working periods. Also, this lumbar support helps you sit up straight and alleviates pressure on your entire back.

It reduces stress from your lumbar disc and eventually prevents you from lumbar disc herniation and prolapse. In this way, it maintains the natural curvature of your spine and eliminates pain from your lower back area. Moreover, this ergonomic office chair also gets high praise for its precise support to the pelvic region that helps in spinal alignment and natural movement of the body.

The armrests of the MOOJIRS office chair have been designed especially to allow for a variety of postures. As one of the problems you face in office chairs is that they don’t offer much freedom of movement. So, keeping this in mind, MOOJIRS features an office chair with 3D armrests. They accommodate you perfectly and offer more positions for different directions.

Moreover, these padded armrests provide maximum comfort to your arms, reducing stress from shoulders and upper back. In this way, they help prevent you from back and neck pain too. Further, the MOOJIRS office chair features a premium 4D mesh fabric seat that provides comfortable skin temperature and reduces the pressure from the low back area as much as possible while sitting down. It has passed the test of major quality supervision organizations to ensure the stability and durability of the chair.

Pros Cons
Adjustable 3D headrest Little pricy
Dynamic lumbar support
Comes with with 4D mesh fabric seat
Adjustable armrests


Enjoy a relaxing experience with the MOOJIRS office chair as it prevents your neck and back pain with its ergonomic features.



Snoviay Ergonomic office chair

Snoviay Ergonomic office chair

Snoviay is a leading brand for making first-class ergonomic chairs in the whole world. It has been working with many other top brands and working hard to offer its customers with all kinds of support. The mesmeric functioning of the Snoviay ergonomic office chair provides you natural status and movements in your body. Let’s move to its features!

The Snoviay office chair is adjustable in every way, allowing every feature to be fully ergonomic for customer support. It comes with a backrest to keep your back properly aligned while working and relieves tension for long periods.

The lumbar support provides you full relaxation during long intense working hours in the office, which most chairs don’t offer. Further, it maintains your natural posture and doesn’t overstretch your muscle while sitting throughout the day.

Moreover, it reduces sprain and soreness from your upper back and prevents muscle injuries. In this way, the Snoviay office chair incredibly avoids many office job problems like numbness, joint pain, and herniated discs.

Next, Snoviay ergonomic chair features a neck rest that holds and supports your neck in a proper straight position. This support prevents your neck from slouching and pokes forward neck position. Moreover, it reduces the compression in the joints of the neck and avoids overload of the neck muscles lying at the back.

Further, the neck rest strengthens the endurance of your deep neck flexor muscles and plays a vital role in maintaining a good neck posture. So it develops a healthy impact on the individual, and also on overall business communities as it increases the productivity rate.

Furthermore, the 4D adjustable armrests of the Snoviay office chair provides the most comfortable posture for your arms and offers maximum positions to allow your body to move freely without any discomfort.

They take the pressure off from your shoulders and ease the load placed on the back by absorbing the weight of your arms. One more advantage of 4D armrests is that you can adjust them to fit your requirements with more flexibility. Moreover, the Snoviay office chair improves your computing performance with less muscular fatigue and leaving more energy for focus and concentration.

Pros Cons
Neck rest for proper alignment of the head Limited color selection
Lumbar support to prevent muscle injuries
4D adjustable armrests as well


Get a Snoviay ergonomic office chair to get rid of all your pains and to improve your posture, health, wellness, and productivity.



AKRacing Ergonomic office chair

AKRacing Ergonomic office chair

Are you an enthusiast of high-end luxury furniture for your office or home setup? Then here you go! The AKRacing has designed this chair with a true performance, sturdy, comfortable, and immersive layout with upholstery PU leather on the front and back, and you can’t deny the quality and crafting of this chair. Let’s discuss its incredible features!

AKRacing Obsidian series office chair holds a high backrest and supports your entire back all the time. The contoured shape of the back is optimized to support the natural S-shaped curve in your spine.

It reduces the pressure on your back and provides extended comfort while working the whole day. You can also get a lumbar support pillow that you can place between your lower back and chair if you need even extra support.

This built-in lumbar support pillow helps you been in the right sitting posture for protecting your lower back and waist. Moreover, it can force you to adopt a healthy posture by reducing extra compression on your body.

Further, the tilt mechanism allows you to rock back and forth and keeps your core muscle inactive state. So you can have a nice nap in the reclined position after long working hours in the office.

The ergonomics on this AKRacing chair are great as well, with so many adjustable features. So, you can easily adjust the seat height to a position where your feet remain flat on the floor, which reduces pressure on your lower back. It features a deep wide seat with additional leg support, which makes the chair perfect if you are a taller person.

Moreover, the high headrest will keep your head in the correct position, taking the compression off your back and neck. So, when the back aligned with your head in the correct position, the muscle tension will fade. In this way, you can enjoy comfortable sitting for as long as you want.

Further, AKRacing ergonomic chair features 4D armrests that are adjustable and provides immense space for movement in four directions. So, by making minor movements in your sitting pattern, it can boost the blood circulation, keeps your muscle groups active, strengthen the core muscles, and reduces low back pain. Moreover, it can take a huge amount of pressure off of your back, neck, and upper body muscles by aligning your hips and spine into a healthy sitting position.

Pros Cons
PU leather with adjustable headrest and lumbar support Not ideal for small people
Rocking and locking function
A high-quality product


Go for AKRacing ergonomic chair if you want an office chair that provides plenty of back and neck support, is comfortable, adjustable, and is perfect for a large person.



Komene Ergonomic Computer Desk Chair

Komene Ergonomic Computer Desk Chair

This komene ergonomic computer desk chair can be utilized for 4 relaxing positions from 90 to 135 degrees. You can use it for sleeping as well because of its super tilting feature. On the left is an adjuster for changing the position according to your need.

The high-back office chair will give you the benefit of reducing back pain due to long work hours by supporting your spine and keeping your posture correct. Further, the end of the seat is designed this way to keep your thighs relaxed for hours.

The back and armrest are both 4-Dimension customizable, this will lessen the muscle fatigue. The 4D armrest is made of PU durable mesh for a great relaxing experience. The seat is wholly padded with durable material that provides stability.

The lumbar support is additionally adjustable to let you have the best sitting posture during work. You can use it in the lounge for sitting as well as for gaming.

The upgraded feature in this office chair by Komene is the automatic adjustment to the different weights of people. It can carry a weight of 300 lbs. The base is produced with a sturdy material which makes this chair more durable than other plastic base chairs. This durability is also ensured with the help of the SGS and BIFMA 5.1 test by authorities.

Pros Cons
Can carry heavyweights The armrest is overly tilt-able
Ergonomic design
Highly durable


The komene has made this chair for people who want to have a chair for a computer desk. This amazing chair is super adjustable and can provide you the great comfort while working and idly sitting on it.



Final Verdict:

Are you suffering from nagging aches and pains in your back and neck region? If yes, then it must affect your day-to-day tasks. Back and neck pain is a common concern for everyone and mostly generates from working for long hours, sitting on a chair in poor posture.

Also, it occurs by your uncomfortable office chair that gives inadequate back support and too much pressure on the neck area. So, we’ve reviewed the top best office chairs for neck and back pain that support your spine’s natural curve with their ergonomic features.


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