Best Gaming Chairs Under 400$ 2024

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2023)

The experience of comfortable gaming is only achieved by using the most supportive gaming chair. Players are usually so immersed in their games during the longer periods of gaming that they wouldn’t feel much instantly however, at the end of a very long gaming session, all that they get is severe pain in their legs, shoulders, back, and neck. This is why, we have compiled some of the best gaming chairs under 400$ in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Therefore, to keep them relaxed and maintain better posture at all times, a proper chair is required.

Therefore, the simplest strategy for all these troubles is switching to an ergonomic or human-oriented gaming chair, and which goes a long way toward improving their gaming setup.

The ergonomic gaming chair is designed to satisfy a gamer’s extreme necessities. the manufacturer design and build these chairs with the absolute best and luxurious materials to ensure a loyal relationship with you and to provide you with the best chair.

However, it’s a tough job for certain individuals to find the right chair. Although there are some concerns that an optimal gaming chair will prompt a significant amount of money, however, the good news is that there are many budget-friendly choices available in the market that too with amazing customer reviews.

Such chairs are built to address the financial and health needs and comfort of the players while remaining within a reasonable price range.

It’s agreeable that it’s quite a tricky task to find a good gaming chair at a great price. Thus, after an extensive search, this article suggests a selection of the top choices.

Best Gaming Chairs Under 400$ (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
KLIM Esports 51.57 x 29.13 x 22.44 inches 56.1 Pounds

Check Price

DXRacer OH/FD101 27.5 x 27.5 x 52 inches 48.5 Pounds Check Price
Vertagear VG-SL5000 24 x 28 x 54 inches 61 Pounds Check Price
AKRacing Core Series EX 19.7 x 20.9 x 52.8 inches 57 Pounds Check Price


KLIM Esports Gaming Chair 

KLIM Esports Gaming Chair

Recently gaming chairs are trending and there’s no shortage of options. It’s a huge industry and a common space, but it makes it more troublesome than ever if you’re on the hunt for a chair within a budget.

Not only is KLIM eSports gaming chair a decent chair, but a product you can tell is built with nice ownership in mind as soon as you open the package.

Assembly seems to be the least exciting part about getting a new gaming chair. There is nothing fantastic about it, until and unless you’re someone who enjoys building furniture.

The fun thing, however, is that approximately half the assembly of this chair is completed before it goes into the package.

The reclining brackets, like the armrests, are pre-attached, and the two cushions are neatly maintained and installed with their corresponding straps. It is essential to have such a trouble-free and convenient assembly process, and it proves that KLIM cares about its customers.

The chair on its own is incredibly excellent quality with a reinforced steel frame trimmed in anti-cold foam padding and wrapped with a soft-feeling PU leather material. You get big and silent wheels, an almost horizontal recline, and completely adjustable armrests so to ensure the proper posture and comfort of the users.

Ultimately, the KLIM eSports is a comfortable gaming chair. It looks fantastic, with an amazing build, frustration-free assembly, and an economical choice. This also easily seats someone as tall as six feet and six inches maximum.

Without a question, you’re spending several hours in front of the screen if you’re a gamer. You can feel more relaxed and boost your lumbar support by using KLIM eSports. A lack of proper support can cause severe back problems, and to prevent them, the KLIM chair is designed.

It’s certainly among the most comfortable and adjustable gaming chairs. Adjustable cushions provide an extra level of comfort, but if they’re not for you, they are completely detachable.

However, if you want lumbar support, KLIM eSports has a lumbar cushion that is enormous. It is trimmed with the very same high-quality material as the entirety of the chair and is firm capable of providing significant support.

Using a lever on the right underside, the machine can be pushed up and down, enabling you to achieve a suitable level equivalent to your display. There’s also another lever on the left underside, which helps you to adjust the tilt of the chair.

It also features adjustable armrests to serve whatever makes you the most comfortable in the vertical position. Aesthetically, the diamond patterns look stunning in the stitching, and a wide range of color schemes are also available.

All in all, this chair comes with an exceptional durability reinforced steel frame, elastic straps for optimum comfort, high-quality artificial leather engineered for additional wear resistance, reclining angle of up to 160 degrees, 4D padded armrests, fully adjustable backrest, and a robust and sturdy aluminum framework. All this flexible adaptability is offered within a fair price range.

Pros Cons
Easy to assemble Wheels take a bit of pressure to fit
Outstanding materials and build quality Arm-rests look prominently cheap
Fully adjustable armrests
Looks modish in all colors


KLIM doesn’t invest big bucks on advertising; rather, it aims at producing and offering a fair price for high-quality chairs. With its exceptionally well designed, incredibly supportive, and easy to assemble, this chair is highly recommendable.




Dxracer OH/FD101 Ergonomic gaming chair

/]Dxracer OH/FD101 Ergonomic gaming chair

DXRacer is one of the most famous manufacturers of gaming chairs. In terms of comfort and efficiency, the organization prides itself on providing customers only the best quality chairs, along with all the accessories required for a complete experience, without costing premium prices.

For both average-sized and taller people, the Formula Series OH / FD101 is a powerful gaming chair. If you prefer a wide-angle of adjustments as well as decent back support, you can enjoy it.

For exceptional comfort, the OH / FD101 arrives with molded high-density foam. The 52 kg / m3 foam density is on board with the market’s highest-quality padding that too within the budget.

The cover blends PU leather with a thick mesh, which does an excellent thermal management job as well as being easy to keep clean.

The seat is not extremely wide, so it does not accommodate all, but there is a high weight limit of 450lbs for the chair itself. The high backrest also makes the chair convenient for players up to 6’2 “in height.

In this price point, the frame is just what you might foresee. Weight support and stabilization are taken care of by a powerful metal frame and an industrial grade aluminum base with a five-point star feature.

Although they have an ergonomic design, the lumbar support cushion and backrest do not feel as premium as their higher-priced chairs. There are customizable armrests, however, they are one-dimensional. The padding on them is very soft thus making the long gaming sessions much more comfortable.

You can find the standard tilt lever under the left side of the seat. To lock the position of your backrest, you can do it so that you could stretch and unwind if need be.

However, please note that the chair does not have a tilt lock system, so if you move out of the chair, the backrest will gradually reset to its default location.

Pros Cons
Race car-inspired seat with breathable fabric material Cannot do the 180-degree position
Lifetime Warranty on frame & 2-years on parts 1D armrest instead of 4D
High backrest
Massive weight capacity


he DXRacer OH/FD101 is a true gaming chair. It meets the standards for functionality, adaptability, and ergonomic design. This midrange gaming chair is one of the most famous DXRacer versions, too.

Because of the high-density foam and soft PU leather cover, this has a high degree of flexibility and loads of comfort. It seems to have very great stability and a nice color range for multiple environments. The chair is designed to last and has a large capacity to accommodate just about everyone.



Vertagear vg-sl5000_bk s-line 5000

Vertagear vg-sl5000_bk s-line 5000

Since 2015 Vertagear continues to lead new ideas for gaming chair architectures; ideas that will lead to models that are useful and attractive. Vertagear ‘s S-Line is part of the Racing Series, and so these chairs have embraced the racing car bucket seat style, like so many other gaming chairs in the market.

The key feature of all S-Line Series chairs is their general form, which fits you with your desk and holds you in that place during a gaming or writing session.

The backrest and seating of the SL5000 use a steel frame and are packed with foam with high-density resilience.

The upholstery of the seat and backrest is crafted of stainless and water-resistant faux-leather (PVC) with a breathable and open-cell structure. providing all the features in the ergonomics category which all gaming chairs tend to have.

The SL5000 has an ornate black carbon color which should blend into a professional environment and perhaps most gaming setups as well.

The five-star base is made of aluminum and has customized plastic racing casters that can withstand up to 150 kg of weight.

The SL5000 is supposed to hold you in a straight position; so that you will remain equally in contact with both components. The armrests are of decent quality and they are 4D and lightly padded.

Their height and width are adjustable, and for more minor width changes, the pads can be rotated, retracted, and balanced sideways. Likewise, the backrest is 510 mm wide and 840 mm long.

With a steel frame, the backrest and seating areas are improved and comprise of dense and durable foam cushions for a relaxed feel. It also has a large and solid seating area. A metal grade class 4 support cylinder that is accountable for all height changes rests underneath the seat. Height changes can be done using the lever on the right side.

Thoroughly examining a chair often means looking more closely at its ergonomic features. Whether a chair can swivel 360 degrees (this chair can), is one of the most significant things notice. On this chair, the two of the most commonly changed parameters are its height and the backrest tilt with a reclining angle between 80 and 140 degrees.

To ensure that one can adapt the ergonomics of the chair to their taste, the lumbar and neck pillows are included. However, proper lumbar support can provide both vertical and width-specific options for adjusting.

The pillows for the neck and lumbar are covered in PVC leather. Thanks to Snap-on attachments, the lumbar pillow is also flexible in 2 separate ways-upward and downward, ensuring that it fits the lower back in the most effective manner possible.

Pros Cons
Good build quality No rocking mechanism
High-density resilience foam The backrest can't move to the front
Great Adjustability
Long lasting


The most aesthetically noteworthy features are its car seat bucket style, fully carbon black paint theme, and incredibly thick stitching. For users wanting to focus on obtaining a proper body posture, the S-line sequence is suggested.

This chair is fitted with ergonomic features that can be seen in the other pricey gaming chairs. The seating and backrest are produced using the high-density cold foam, therefore, both being very soft. They are coated in PVC leather that is water-resistant and stainless, thus quite easy to maintain and clean.



AK Racing Core Series EX Gaming Chair

AK Racing Core Series EX Gaming Chair

AK Racing has launched its core series of gaming chairs for a large community of young players, who want a reliable and more comfortable sitting place.

The sturdy metal frame is anti-corrosion painted with high-thickness cold-secured froth cushioning for extreme solace and durability.

The customizable headrest and lumbar of ex gaming chair help pads for relaxation and improved ergonomics are included. The armrest is flexible in three ways up and down, back and forward, and can turn to the sides.

The gaming chair’s armrests are made of extraordinary cushioning, giving padding and backing to the arms and wrists.

A breathable, delicate, and ideal for warm environments, the fabric is used at both front and back sides. This gaming seat is upgraded with support belts and powder-covered with non-rust paint, the seat outline goes through 11 point quality control and will keep going for 10 years.

The seat has polyester texture upholstery which is delicate but solid & breathable and is 100% cold-safe cushioning which gives exceptional solace for longer periods. The chair comes with a class-4 gas lift which can carry a maximum of 330 lbs. weight.

It further comes in 5 striking shading alternatives: strong dark, dark blue & black, black & red, red with dark color features, and black with blue features. You can track down the one that coordinates with your setup and style best.

Pros Cons
Padded from all sides Base material breakdown
Amazing look


The AK Racing ex gaming chair provides the best long-term gaming and working experience for everyone. The material used in the chair is sturdy that offers durability.



Final verdict:

It’s not quite so simple to find an ergonomic chair with full functionality that provides the best comfort however, it is also not impossible. So, after detailed research, this article has suggested a list of the best gaming chairs under $400.

All of these are great for providing comfort and allowing you to adjust the chair to your requirements. For ergonomic support, all of these gaming chairs are excellent when staying in a mid-range budget. As these give you incredible quality and price tags, they are certainly the best of both worlds.


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