Best Office Chairs For Long Term Sittings 2024

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2023)

It has become an established reality in this rapidly changing world of innovation and development that people barely have enough time to enjoy and take care of themselves at home as it is compulsory for mostly everyone to spend nearly half of the days in the workplace doing the work. We have compiled some of the best office chairs for long term sittings in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

If the workplace lacks sufficient work resources and supplies, the workers might continue to have severe health problems. Similarly, the professionalism and the services of the departments are offered additional consideration. These days, nearly all facilities are deliberately selected to ensure the comfort of the workers.

The ergonomic office chairs are one such significant object in the workplace. Since most workplaces are turning more advanced and intelligent, which implies that they rely more on automation than manual work, ergonomic chairs are specifically built for these kinds of workplaces. These are the chairs made for the use of computer workstations.

These are designed exclusively for office workers to minimize the pressure on the various spinal cord nerves, caused by sitting in one place for an extended period, thus reducing the risk of muscle and nerve diseases. They even assist in sustaining the proper posture of the body. They align the arms and shoulders, wrists, lower back, neck, and head in the right places, consequently minimizing back pain, musculoskeletal conditions associated with work, or other such related diseases.

However, it can be difficult to choose the best ergonomic office chair as there is no standard ideal design and everyone is unique, therefore what is helpful for one individual could be unpleasant for another, so it is certainly a necessity to be comfortable in your office chair. There are some designs of office chairs that can make it easy for you, irrespective of your body shape or personal interests, to keep a balanced posture as you do your work.

Some of the best ergonomic chairs are listed below to let you have reliable information to make it easier for you to pick the right one when you select these chairs which will enable you to sit uprightly and comfortably whilst mitigating long-term damage to your health.

Best Office Chairs For Long Term Sittings (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
MOOJIRS 34 x 25.5 x 22 inches (Package) 72.8 Pounds

Check Price

MOOJIRS Ergonomic Chair 27.95 x 25.59 x 23.62 inches (Package) 66 Pounds Check Price
Mesh3 Ergonomic Office Chair 25.59 x 27.56 x 52.76 inches 59.9 Pounds Check Price
Eurotech 29 x 20 x 50 inches 66 Pounds Check Price
NOUHAUS Ergo3D 33.86 x 27.56 x 12.8 inches (Package) 46.3 Pounds Check Price


MOOJIRS Office Chair

MOOJIRS Office Chair

The MOOJRIS chair is constructed with a bionic spine and self-adjusting back and lumbar support services intended to replicate a human back and lumbar. The Ergo-fit configuration encourages you to align the backrest according to the natural shape of your spine so that you maintain a relaxed and comforting position that lets you stay focused and stable.

The seven functions of this chair are what makes it so versatile and very comfortable for long term use. These seven functions are the dynamic 3D backrest, 3D adjustable headrest, 4D adjustable armrests, adjustable seat depth, height, and the height of the backrest as well as the adjustable backrest tilt angle. To ensure natural posture and absolute support, the advanced ergonomic architecture automatically reacts to the body movement and stance. Additionally, there’s also a coat hanger behind the backrest for the convenience of its users.

It offers specific support because it is so dynamic. The waist, back, and shoulders are fragile parts of the body, so to provide them focused to support this chair is crafted to form the back of the chair in three different points. The chair consists of dynamic parts that adapt instantly to the slightest movements, establishing a new standard for the distribution of weight, spinal balance, and spontaneous activity.

Besides, consumers with varying physical types can simply adjust the angle and elastic output of both the backrest and lumbar support to ensure that they fit with the body at all times by expanding the contact surface of the mesh and the body and to have a better sense of fit and support that lets you concentrate whilst providing optimal comfort.

As the mesh covering allows humidity, body heat, and water vapor to flow through seating and back to help sustain efficient and highly comfortable temperature therefore the 4D-Mesh design is yet another added advantage. Whereas the aluminum alloy frame gives the chair the resilience it needs. To ensure the strength and durability of the chair, the armrest, seat, backrest, underframe, feet, and other load-bearing components are manufactured from high-quality aluminum alloy.

Pros Cons
Value for money Might be expensive for some
Completely adjustable
Mesh keeps the body cool
Sturdy casters for all types of flooring


The MOOJIRS Ergonomic Office chair is strongly recommended in general because it is extremely easy to assemble and feels comfortable to sit in for a long period. You should therefore invest in a chair as versatile as this one, particularly if you are having severe back pain or fatigue problems. The chair has plenty of features to allow you a comfortable experience during use. It has outstanding back support as it offers an adjustment to the backrest tilt tension that you can change to your preference. It also has the backrest tilt angle adjustment that you can use if you’d like to move to a reclined position.



The MOOJIRS Ergonomic Office

The MOOJIRS Ergonomic Office

This all-mesh office chair is built as per an average person’s complex structural profile. To obtain an appropriate seating position, users can manually adjust the headrest height and angle, the backrest height, the seat height and depth, the tilt tension and backrest angle, and 4 dimensions of sliding the armrest as per their preferences.

The waist and back are areas of the human body that are highly susceptible. The segmented backrest, consisting of two different sections, is therefore configured to deliver such sensitive parts focused support. Integrated with the rear automated lumbar adjustment, the subtle S-shaped backrest configuration will help support your cervical and lumbar vertebrae and minimize fatigue and numbness caused by prolonged sitting.

To top it off, aimed at providing optimum lumbar support and preserve the natural curve of the spine, the angle and elastic output of the lumbar can be automatically adjusted as per various body shapes. The innovative ergonomic architecture reacts automatically to the body, motion, and stance, supporting the body’s natural alignment and adequate support encourages you to operate in a comfortable sitting position.

Also, the Advanced 4D mesh has been used to allow humidity, body heat, and water vapor to flow through the seating and back of the chair to help you retain a stable and comfortable body temperature; the versatility of the mesh itself will hold it close to your body at all times also to deliver a better sense of support and comfort and to allow you to stay concentrated and relaxed for a long sitting period.

Finally, the seat, backrest, frame, casters, and other load-bearing elements are made of high-quality aluminum alloy paired with a special sleek style, guaranteeing the chair’s durability whilst making it very aesthetically build. The manufacturer also offers 3 years of free repair service for the chair which is always a convenient thing for the users.

Pros Cons
Breathable mesh No cons have yet been reported
Strong and stable casters
Fully adjustable armrests


One of the most convenient ergonomic chairs is this. The aluminum frame, design, and quality seem to be brilliant; it has all the qualities of a luxurious ergonomic chair with a breathable mesh cover. This office chair visually looks very expensive. Additionally, to improve and sustain proper balance, the lumbar control on the back is ideal. The headrest, backrest, seat, and 3D armrests are all completely adjustable. Thanks to its sturdy casters, this chair also glides smoothly on most surfaces.



Mesh3 Ergonomic Office Chair

Mesh3 Ergonomic Office Chair

The Mesh3 Ergonomic Chair has an efficient framework that is extremely durable for regular use. Also, during long work sessions, the curved breathable mesh backrest helps you to feel relaxed. The mesh back is very versatile notably if your body temperature goes high it allows great ventilation. With its breathable mesh, this is the perfect chair for hot summer months to keep you at a comfortable temperature.

This chair provides maximal support for the head and neck with its flexible headrest, while the 4D armrests offer optimal support so that no matter what position you sit in you can adjust the armrest to suit your comfortable position.

Also, it has an adjustable reclining feature to help you relax while ensuring maximum comfort during your short breaks between work. The style and quality mesh fabrics provide you with outstanding back support and encourage great posture. The backrest offers decent support around to your lumber even without an adjustable lumbar design.

Furthermore, the casters on this chair are sturdy and smoothly roll on must surface. This chair also has a strong and sturdy frame and somewhat of high weight capacity, besides, it has a distinctive look as it is influenced by high-performance sports cars and offers an elegant eye-catching build made with robust, high-quality components which do not wear out quickly.

Pros Cons
Comfortable Slight tightness present mid-seat from the suspension point
Easy assembly
Breathable mesh
Mesh doesn’t flatten unlike cushion padding


This chair is one of the most comfortable chairs for long working hours, to help you improve your posture whilst providing comfortable resting positions as well. This chair is BIFMA and CAL117 Certified. With amazing features like pre-installed Alloy steel screws, Adjustable headrest and 4D armrests, a heavy-duty base with smooth-rolling wheels and a max weight capacity of 250lbs with 4 positions Back and forth angle adjustment, this is sure to cater to all your working necessities.



Eurotech Ergohuman LE9ERG

Eurotech Ergohuman LE9ERG

With the amount of stress exerted, the lumbar support on the Ergohuman seems to have a self-adjusting mechanism that depends on your weight. It is hinged and therefore will move from a certain point to the upper section of the seatback. You can completely adjust the back of the chair up or down, which would adjust the lumbar mechanism directly on your lower back.

On the LE9ERG, the neck roll headrest is great and gives decent comfort as you lean back in the chair. It’s built to fit the neck and head crutch, but it’s not the typical upright headrest as it surrounds your neck and head as you lean on it. All Ergohuman range come with soft, but sturdy arm pads as well.

If you need to relax during your long working hours, this chair even has a reclining feature. A big plus is not just the reclining mode, but also the multiple lock tilt positions so that you can lock in your comfortable position.

Pros Cons
High back for full-body support Backrest Can Be Stiff
Multiple lock tilt positions and lumbar support Leather Backrest Can Feel Warm
Designed for long hours of use Armrests Not Width Adjustable
Sleek modern office style design


For the last decade, this chair has become one of the best sellers. It has also become a common choice for BTOD customers due to the number of modifications, efficient warranty service, and favorable price point. It is sure to keep you in a comfortable posture as it offers rigid backrest and more precise lumbar support. Overall, with this chair, you cannot go wrong and so this is the reason why it has not lacked one amount of attention ever since it was introduced.



Nouhaus Ergo 3D Ergonomic Office Chair

Nouhaus Ergo 3D Ergonomic Office Chair

This Nouhaus Ergo 3Da is ergonomically designed for daily use during work. This office chair is ideal for office workers who can use it for longer working periods as the back can be tilted to 135 degrees for the great backrest. You don’t have to set the position, simply lean back on it for a comfortable posture.

The rolling casters are made of such material which will allow you to have a quiet and smooth moving inside your office. You will not have to get up and go to the cabin to access your documents, just move while sitting and you get them. Additionally, a pair of blade wheels comes in the packaging for silk-like moving over hardwood.

You can customize the size of this chair with the adjustable height feature, meaning both men and women of any height can change their size keeping in mind your height and office table size. The easy fitting simply hugs your back for more solace during hectic duty hours.

The Elestomesh used in its manufacturing is breathable and air can pass through the mesh making it sweat absorbing. The smooth seat material can let you forget about the work tension from time to time while relaxing on it.

Further, the headrest and lumbar support are adjustable, giving your neck the required comfort. The base is made of iron which increases its holding capacity up to 275 lbs. Moreover, you can use it for lounge or gaming sessions as well because of the comfort it provides you.

Pros Cons
Durable base Armrests are not padded
2 wheel sets
Multi purpose


The Nouhaus office chair is made of durable material for office use for both men and women. The adjustable height, headrest, and lumbar support give you the needed solace while working for hours. Overall. its one of the ideal product if you sit for hours.



Final verdict:

It might not be very interesting to pick out an office chair, however, the overall impact it has on you are considerably higher. An ergonomically built office chair properly protects your lower back, holds your spine aligned, and also supports your bottom while you continuously sit for several hours without any lack of ventilation for your body.

There is no specific model that suits everyone when it comes to ergonomics chairs. This is why adjustability in such a chair is very fundamental. Quite often, you can only find the perfect height of your seat, armrest and tilt angles, and position of your lumbar support after several days of adjusting and trying the new office chair. Basically, in short, adjustability is great, specifically because not one size fits all because, for every person, there will be the optimal setting you just have to do the trial and error method to achieve the best configurations for yourself. Therefore, it is also important to invest in a chair that does not restrict your options for configuring the chair.


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