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(Last Updated On: November 17, 2023)

If you are cooking, reheating, or thawing food items, microwaves can be a must-have kitchen appliance. These stylish microwaves blend seamlessly with the surroundings without cluttering up counter space. We have compiled some of the best microwaves with trim kit in the article. We suggest you have a look at them and carry on exploring amazing gadgets.

Trim Kit microwaves are efficient, allow you to efficiently, evenly heat, and cook meals. The main considerations include having a range of cooking options you want to utilize and having an adequate size and appearance to match your kitchen.

Countertop microwaves and built-in microwaves have to be suitable in the kitchen. Of the numerous aspects to be considered, one of the most crucial could be the space for installation and cooking requirements and the microwave’s style, settings for cooking, and dimensions when selecting the right built-in microwave to fit in the kitchen.

There are several types of microwaves you should think about: convection, conventional microwaves, and oven-microwave combinations.

Conventional microwaves are the most popular kind of microwave. They operate by heating the water molecules present in food through electromagnetic radiation. They are perfect for reheating, cooking, and freezing food items; however, they cannot bake or brown recipes.

Convection microwaves come with a convection function that works similarly to traditional ovens. In addition to standard microwave settings, such as simple cooking and heating, they can bake, roast, or brown and crisp food items.

Convection features include an element of heating and the use of a fan to circulate hot air. The process works the same way as an oven that cooks crisp and brown food—bake, instead of heating the water molecules present in food items.

Oven-microwave combinations combine a standard microwave and oven into a useful appliance, usually with the microwave placed over the stove. It creates a uniform appearance and full-feature of both devices.

A higher wattage usually indicates higher cooking power and quicker and more evenly heating. A microwave greater than 800W will usually provide enough to meet most requirements. Microwaves with lower watts are generally slower and might not heat evenly.

If the microwave is over 1,000 watts of power, it is more powerful and offers a more rapid cooking time. Nevertheless, higher watts can result in a higher price cost; however, these models also have higher watts. They can be found at 1,200 watts to ensure even heating and cooking.

Certain built-in microwaves require a specific circuit based on their wattage and power consumption. The same course with another kitchen appliance could cause performance issues. Refer to the user’s manual or an experienced installer to confirm whether this is the case for the model, you have selected.

The size of a microwave is the total size of the appliance, and the capacity is the cooking space inside. Choosing the correct dimension is crucial when selecting a microwave with a trim kit. It should fit within the cabinet and have enough airflow to ensure safe operation.

Many built-in microwaves are available in 27-, 24-, 30-inch, or 28-inch sizes to match typical cabinet widths. The depth and height of microwaves can differ in various models that range between 17 and 22 inches high and 20-25 inches deep.

The size of microwaves can be wildly different according to the capacity. The first step is finding the best built-in microwave to measure the area you intend to use it in. Be sure to consider the ventilation space when taking measurements.

The amount of ventilation required will vary based on the model of the microwave. Refer to the user’s guide for the recommended dimensions of the cabinet to ensure that the microwave can be able to fit into the space safely.

Contrary to countertop models, built-in microwave needs to be installed. It is dependent on the model. Some models need professional assistance for installation. If you are considering purchasing a microwave with a trim kit, you should go through the user manual to ensure that you have the right outlet.

Certain models require outlets in a specific place relative to the microwave, such as the upper right or left corner. In these instances, the best outlet location is found in the installation manual of the microwave.

To ensure the microwave’s safety, it is necessary to be securely attached to the cabinet or wall. It is crucial to ensure that the microwave has enough space for ventilation when installing microwave.

Microwave trim kits built into the microwave provide a uniform appearance by covering gaps and ventilation. Once the microwave is installed, the installation is permanent and may have to be removed to be relocated or fixed.

With this in mind, here are the top, trim kit microwaves that you can use in your kitchen.

Best Microwave with Trim Kit (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Panasonic NN-GN68KS N/A N/A

Check Price

FRIGIDAIRE 2.2 19.63 x 24.44 x 13.63 inches 44 Pounds Check Price
RecPro RV 25 x 23 x 21 inches 28.2 Pounds Check Price


Panasonic NN-GN68KS

Panasonic NN-GN68KS

When we say best countertop microwaves with trim kit you cannot ignore Panasonic NN-GN68KS product which comes in great deal.

This stainless steel microwave with a 1.1-cubic-foot capacity evenly heats and cooks breakfast foods, after-school snacks and dinners, as well as tasty appetizers and more, making it ideal for singles and busy professionals, particularly on-the-go families.

Thanks to the flash press broiler this microwave can also be utilized for broiling with grill-like results. The broiling rack of the microwave lifts food close to the infrared grilling element for a tasty and crispy finish.

It comes with Sensor cooking. 18 Preset menu items, quick minute timer, delay start, and child safety lock are among the features of the built-in automatic genius sensor, which adjusts power and times based on different a food which is so convenient for the users.

Talking about its controls, it has 7 pre-programmed auto-cook menu items along with 13.4 inches turntable, further, child safety lock which is important for large families, delay start and timer, super quick 30 seconds popcorn button with more then two cooking levels, what else you want in a ideal product? Isn’t great?

Furthermore, the smallest possible footprint on the counter the smart, compact microwave broiler design takes up less space on the inside while providing far more capacity. Moreover, cleaning is very easy, yes you heard it right, simply wipe it down with a cloth and you are done.

Keep in mind that it has a rated output power of 1000W and a rated output power of 1100W for the broiler, as well as an overall rated voltage of 120V 60Hz.

If we talk about the trim kit Stainless Steel 27″ Microwave Trim Kit is compatible for Panasonic Microwaves with 1.2 cu. ft. capacity.

Pros Cons
More options No color options
Consumes less space
Ideal for small families


Are you looking for a space-saving kitchen solution? Panasonic NN-GN68KS is one of the best among the list with so many user friendly options and some cool features. The FlashXpress broiler is a stylish and practical addition to any kitchen in a house, apartment, or condo.





The Frigidaire 2.2 costs more than twice the price of a standard countertop microwave. Nevertheless, it is worth it, considering its huge capacity, top power rating, and consistent performance.

The Frigidaire FGMO226NUF is a simple to use microwave oven. The power level, temperature, and cook time are controlled by using the buttons for operation in the control panel.

This Frigidaire model can be described as a basic microwave. It is less feature-packed than the top model, but it can do very well.

It can cook and heat food in a short duration. In addition, the microwave comes with more elegant and stylish designs that will go well with almost any kitchen’s décor.

The Frigidaire FGMO226NUF also has an extremely powerful microwave with 1200 Watts of power. It lets you switch between nine different temperature settings, so you can choose the most appropriate one for the particular food item you are enjoying.

For optimal heating, microwaves are equipped with an auto-cooking sensor that lets the oven continuously monitor the humidity level of many of the most loved food items (popcorn potato, potatoes, and vegetables) and alter the temperature and cooking time match.

Because of this, it is possible to efficiently cook various dishes without relying on your intuition to figure out the most suitable setting.

This trim kit microwave oven has a large capacity in the range of 2.2 cubic feet. It can accommodate the size of a large dinner plate or a round dish with a handle. This capacity helps you cook large meals or cook a full duck, chicken, or a small-medium-sized turkey.

In addition, this stainless steel oven includes Start/Add 30 secs. button that lets you do quick “shortcut” cooking. It also has the Melt/Soften button to quickly and effortlessly melt butter, chocolate, cheese, Ice cream, marshmallows.

However, it is not equipped with a Child Lock feature. If you have children and wish to safeguard your children from injuries caused by microwaves, be sure never to let your oven go unattended while you are using it.

Pros Cons
Effortless reheating No Child Lock Function
Solid construction


This Frigidaire FGMO226NUF is a basic microwave. It has fewer features than the best model; however, it can do very well. It can cook and heat food in a brief amount of time. It has a more elegant design that can be matched to almost any kitchen’s décor.



RecPro RV Microwave | .9 Cubic Ft

RecPro RV Microwave

Small but powerful, the RecPro RV microwave is an ideal option for your camper, kitchen, or leisure areas for relaxation. It is also a great option when living in a tiny home or apartment.

This elegant and efficient trim kit microwave is more reliable, durable, and energy-efficient. It cooks quickly and evenly without overheating the entire kitchen- an added benefit for those who live in hot climates.

The RecPro is fitted with a motor of 900 watts. Although it’s not as powerful as the ovens we’ve reviewed, it’s capable of covering all the basic cooking needs, including reheating leftovers for cooking and defrosting frozen food, cooking beverages, heating them, and so on. It is even great in the making of popcorn.

Although it is slower than the higher-watt competitors are, it does the job and produces the right temperature to allow popcorn kernels to grow and explode. The quality of popcorn and the size of the bag play an important part in cooking time. Transforming your corn kernels into fluffy snacks typically takes between 5 to 10 minutes.

Since the capacity is so small to get the best outcomes, you should cook less than 3 ounces of popcorn bags. If you exceed this recommended size, the kernels lack airflow. It means that the bag could become stuck when rotating once they have expanded and is getting close to the wall.

Like many microwaves in the market today, the RecPro has an LED display, a child lock feature, and multi-section cooking. It also has the Add 30 seconds option. All of these functions work flawlessly and can be extremely beneficial. Although the door does not have handles, it is very easy to open with a push of a button.

This trim kit microwave oven is very sturdy. It will provide you with many years of enjoyment cooking if taken care of properly. Although it has the lowest price, it comes with features certain to enhance your cooking skills.

Pros Cons
Suitable for small spaces For small family
Child lock mode


The compact and strong RecPro microwave could be the ideal choice for your small kitchen or recreational area in your home for leisure. It is also an excellent choice for those living in a small apartment or house that is compact.



Final Verdict:

In searching for the most effective microwave with a built-in oven, one of the most crucial choices you will have to make is selecting between a conventional or convection microwave. In comparison, conventional microwaves are functional, cost-effective, and more user-friendly. Convection microwaves can heat food faster and offer results that are more consistent.


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