How to Choose the Right Grill?

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How to Choose the Right Grill?

Cooking steak and preparing BBQ in your backyard is a common practice not just in the US but the whole world now. In this regard, a safe and green cooking method will be plus to have in our homes. This is where the grills fit the best. There are several kinds of grills to provide you different temperatures and cooking conditions to improve the overall cooking experience.

Factors you need to consider:

You just cannot step into the market without having enough knowledge about the grills in order to buy the best deal for you. Therefore, there are certain factors you need to consider before purchasing a perfect steak and BBQ grill.

Know the type:

The first and foremost thing you need to look at is the type of grill. There are numerous kinds of grill type which can be used for their purposes. Charcoal grills are the standard type suitable for steaks as it can cause a black crust on meat but require more time to set up. If you can withstand the 20-25 minutes before cooking, it’ll be the right choice for you. Next, we have the Gas Grills, which is the most typical type and requires no prior setup. Most of the burners contain built-in lighters and hence reduce the wastage and hustle during cooking. You can also opt for the electric grills that don’t work on fuel. However, you might see a rise in your electricity bill.

Heat Power:

Heat power is mostly measured in BTUs. Power must be decided according to the type of meat you want to process on these types of grills. Proper heat can lock the juiciness inside the meat.

Grill Size:

It depends on the occasion and the number of family members for whom you’re preparing the food. Having a small family size will require you to have a smaller grill size and vice versa. Moreover, if you’re looking for a grill to take it on the outdoor trips, again, the size of a compact grill will be better. Here’s a checklist about choosing the grills:

  • Always check the burner’s size that meets your requirements.
  • Look for the gas burners as they are more efficient than the infrared ones.
  • Make sure that the grills have a wide temperature range, i.e., at least up to 600° F.
  • Steel grids are more convenient as these are easy to wipe and clean.


Apart from all the factors, no one wants to invest in grills that don’t last long. Most of the grills are engineered precisely by utilizing the stainless steel material that is believed to last longer on high temperatures. There are some pros and cons of all the materials stated below.

Cast Iron: It shows extraordinary stability but rusts over time.

Aluminum: It has a problem of discoloring with time but durable.

Stainless Steel: It is the most common type to be used in grills as it is easy to clean and withstand the heavy temperatures. However, it will no remain shinny and stainless forever.


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