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Metal detecting is one of the most exciting things, one can adopt this hobby to earn money, to keep oneself healthy, to relax, to make new friends, or to explore the Earth treasure. Adopting this hobby, treasure hunters search for metallic items buried years ago to earn money whereas archaeologists use metal detectors to explore the ancient civilizations. Also, many people use metal detecting as a passion to spend their time effectively and energetically. We have compiled some of the best metal detectors for deep search in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Whatever your reason for selecting metal detecting as a hobby is, you will need an instrument called a metal detector to assist your work.

Metal detection device can detects metallic objects without any hassle. Before selecting any metal detector, you should keep in mind which features of the metal detector can help you the most in your work. If you want to search deep in the soil, you should use those metal detectors that can detect metals at an extreme depth.

This will allow you to locate more items as your detector discovers more areas to explore and find metallic items. You should also consider the feature of ground balance control. Always select that detector that is best in controlling ground balance to provide you better sensitivity to a huge amount of relics.

The next feature you should keep in your mind while selecting the best detector is to know the medium in which the detector can work. You should select such a detector that is capable to work in both the aqueous and solid mediums.

So, you may not stop the work when the medium changes. But, if you want to search for metals in the aqueous medium, your detector should be waterproof. In the market, there is a versatile range of metal detectors having waterproof search coil.

The next step in selecting the best instrument for metal detecting is to make sure that you are well accessorized. Yeah, this is essential and you will need good metal detecting headphones.

They help you to hear the deepest metallic sounds so they make metal detecting easier for you. They also switch off your detector’s external speaker and block out external sound. This feature will also increase your detector’s battery life as it prevents loss of sound energy by speakers.

Soil is full of metallic remnants that you can explore, but you will need to choose the best metal detector that suits you. Here arises a problem that which metal detector should be selected as there is a variety of metal detectors in the market.

Best Metal Detector for Deep Search (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Minelab Equinox 800 56.7 x 12.28 x 4.96 inches 2.96 Pounds

Check Price

ACE 400 21.4 x 14.6 x 5.7 inches 6.9 Pounds Check Price
Nokta Makro Simplex+ 22 x 11.5 x 5.5 inches 1 Pounds Check Price
Ajax detection Segma 34 x 20 x 7 inches 3.5 Pounds Check Price



Minelab Equinox 800 Metal Detector

Minelab Equinox 800

If you are in search of the best metal detector for deep search, then congratulations, your wait is over now! Minelab Equinox 800 metal detector has a wide range of remarkable features. It has multi IQ technology which combines the power of multiple detectors into one.

The technology which is used in this detector allows you to effectively search for all metals in all types of soils which save both money and time simultaneously.

Moreover, Equinox 800 is fully waterproof so that you may search for the metal in an aqueous medium either at the bank or the beach.

Its search coil is resistant to damage by water so you can also search treasures dipped in water at the bank or seashore.

It is fully submersible up to 10 feet (approximately 3 meters or 300 cents meters) which makes Equinox 800, the best metal detector for deep search. Further, it has four modes of detecting which are park modes, field mode, and beach mooted to ground conditions.

This makes you search for metallic items wherever you want. Also, the feature of accurate target identity in this metal detector identifies your targets correctly, quickly, and confidentially.

This feature allows the detector to effectively sort between treasure and trash. You can also use eight custom search profiles and save your favorite two settings in each mode. Minelab Equinox 800 has 11 inches double-D waterproof coil that extremely helps in working marvelously. 

Let’s talk about its physical parameters. The lightweight allows you to easily carry the detector and to work wherever you want. If you think about its power source you are wrong it is battery powered. It is a rechargeable device and requires one Lithium-ion battery. As it is lightweight and user-friendly, it is easy to be handled and to be used.

Pros Cons
Water proof search coil No manual ground balance as it has auto ground balance
Multi IQ technology
It can work in four detect modes


The Equinox 800 Metal detector from Minelab is the best metal detector for deep search having lightweight design with excellent performance. 



Garret Metal Detector ACE 400

ACE 400

Garret metal detector ACE 400 is one of the best metal detectors for deep search as it holds multiple features that put it on a scale above most of the other detecting devices.

Its conductivity values make it worth buying metal detector for advance users detecting gold, jewelry, and coins deeply.

Garret metal detector ACE 400 is battery-powered. It uses four AA batteries so it is chargeable. It comes with a waterproof search coil that provides you with detection depth and additional coverage. Further, this metal detector provides you with a pro pointer that helps you a lot in pointing metal items and detecting them.

This new pointing feature helps you to perfectly locate the target in the ground or in the water and allows for faster recovery of items that can not be precisely found with an ordinary metal detector.

All you have to do is to switch on the mode, listen for the sharpest audio signal, and lock for the greatest number of segments.

Furthermore, it contains coil cover and rain cover to help you fight bad weather circumstances so that you may prevent your metal detector from damage and increase its life. Also, it provides you with clear sound easy stow headphones that help a lot in metal detecting. They let you hear sounds of the oldest and deepest relics for the best detector in deep search. 

Its discriminatory feature is its warranty of two years that make the product reliable. So, you can trust on-brand as it assures you the warranty.

Pros Cons
Clear sound easy stow headphones Due to more weight, it is not easily managed
Excellent detection capability
Two years warranty


Garret Metal Detector ACE 400 is a good metal detector with a pro pointer and warranty. 



Nokta Makro Simplex+

Nokta Makro Simplex+

Do you want to increase your treasure hunting experience? Then cheers! You are at right place. You can become a treasure hunter by using this Nokta Makro Simplex+. It is a professional detector that is fully adjustable and easier to use.

The advanced technology makes quality metal detecting for all users. Nokta Macro Simplex + is a turn-on and go detector with auto ground balancing. Auto ground balancing helps the treasure hunter a lot in metal detecting.

Nokta Macro Simplex + is submersible in water up to the depth of 10 feet or 3 meters (300 centimeters).

It is protected from total dust ingress which ensures the long life of the device. It has the feature of iron volume which helps you to turn off or adjust the volume of the low iron tone. 

Further, it has the remarkable feature of notch discrimination that discriminates target IDs of unwanted metals and makes you find what you want to find. 

It can work in a variety of mediums. It has search modes such as all metals, beach, park, or field. Especially, the beach field is remarkable as this represents the perfect working of detection in the water.

As it is 10 feet submersible in water, the beach mode helps discover metallic items such as jewelry, coins, and utensils in water. Furthermore, it’s very easy to use as it has a single menu design that helps you to work effectively. Next, Simplex + contains a pinpointer that helps a lot in metal detecting. 

For coins, artifacts, or jewelry search, underground or underwater, the Simplex + is the most reliable and cost-effective yet durable detector featuring a modern and lightweight style and ideal for outdoorsl

It has a waterproof DD search coil and covers having a length of 28 centimeters or 11 inches. It also provides you with a headphone adaptor that is 6.3 millimeters long. Headphones allow you to hear metal sounds and detect relics easily. Also, it provides you with USB charging and a data cable. 

It is chargeable and it is battery-powered. It requires one lithium battery which makes it easier to use at any place. 

One of the discriminatory features of this detector is its fabulous lighting either you are working at night or underwater. It has an LCD backlight, keypad backlight, and LED flashlight. This feature helps you work in the dark irrespective of natural light.

Pros Cons
Notch discrimination Customer service
Iron Volume
Fabulous lighting


Nokta Macro Simplex + is the best metal detector for deep search as it is easier to use with its astonishing features.



Ajax detection Segma metal detector

Ajax detection Segma

Ajax detection Segma metal detector helps you in detecting metal objects to about 8-meter depth. It serves as the best underground items finder and professional detector. This battery-powered product is remarkable and fully functional.

The excellent-searching functions make it the best pick for everyone. It detects your valuable items using its outstanding capabilities and innovative searching systems.

Moreover, it produces a 3D image of the searched target after recognizing and confirming it. It features a deep, quicker, and the best detection system.

If you search for the best device to search for different items like treasures and gold, it helps you a lot. Its multi-detection is one of the most impressive features.

Ajax detection segma metal detector is capable of responding to a target without any delay. It is easy to understand and convenient to use the device. This fast-moving and flexible tool is powerful to show the most accurate outcomes.

The spectrum analyzer and smart pulse are the two searching systems in data and results. Working on the metal detector is easy because of the high-definition interface. Its unique and innovative structure delivers a lot of power to finish the searching step with great ease.

It is a lightweight and configurable tool that makes the detection of metals straightforward. The build quality, reliability, and performance of the detector are excellent.

Pros Cons
It works without creating noise It can work for a maximum of 5 hours
It features an advanced pulse system
Most reliable product


The segma metal detector can work in extreme environments. Additionally, it is a noise-resistant device and works perfectly.

It operates for 5 hours with its advanced features. Listening to the alerts and precise detection results is not an issue with the help of a headphone outlet.



Final Verdict:

In many people, Treasure hunting persists as a hobby life long along with other childhood passions. Inside Earth or underwater, hidden in veils, there is a treasure waiting to be discovered. If you want to discover things buried deep down in the earth or submerged deep in water, you will need to use a metal detector for deep search.

Deep search locates more metallic items including coins, jewelry, arms, etc. as it discovers a wide range to find items. Anyhow, having the best metal detector and basic knowledge of metal detecting, anyone can locate those metallic items.

From beginner level to professional one, there are different options for metal detectors in the market but choosing the best detector with remarkable features is a hard task. Even then, you do not need to worry about this as in this article, we have listed the top bestseller metal detectors for deep search.


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