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(Last Updated On: November 24, 2023)

Today’s generation seems to be swept away in a world of social media and electronics. Although technology is a necessary element, it can never take the place of exercise and outdoor activity. So, it’s necessary to persuade our children to get outdoors and stay energetic. There are tremendously beneficial and entertaining outdoor hobbies – metal detecting for treasures is one of them! We have compiled some of the best metal detectors for teenagers in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

When your teenager or child moves on a metal detector and starts fluttering it near the ground, a whole new world of revelation and adventure anticipates! They will be surprised to locate how much lost jewelry, coins, old relics, and buried treasures are waiting to be found in their surroundings.

When teenagers are engaging in digging for targets, they notice the various types of rock and soil that are indigenous to their mother roots. Studying how to utilize a metal detector also teaches about electricity, electronics, and physics. This action of self-education helps your child become independent, stronger, and healthier every day.

Moreover, when your child goes through the operation of recovering and discovering lost items, they feel a sense of achievement. This is influential in enhancing your child’s self-esteem and confidence. Although metal detecting takes persistence and patience, yet it gives the reward of success.

Further, when your children get familiar with their tools and surroundings, they produce creative ideas to locate new targets. They utilize their thoughts and imaginations and learn to envision what they are discovering!

Metal detecting is a new experience for your children and they will learn how to scan appropriately, pinpoint, listen for signals, and dig up targets.

Further, to keep relics, old coins, and artifacts from getting damaged or lacerated, they need to be carefully recovered. As your teen or child gets familiar with the metal detector, he will soon recognize why the ground balance adapts to neutralize mineralization from the soil.

Before buying a metal detector for your children, there are some determinants to consider! As some models are too heavy for your children to handle, so look for a lighter-weight metal detector. Some detectors simply make signals when some target is detected, so these are the best models to start your teen periodically. Another factor to consider is the price rate while buying a metal detector for your children.

Do you want to invest an ample amount of money on a detector for your young child? Or do you want them to inspect with a low-priced detector to look if the hobby catches their awareness? Further, many models are originated to turn on and go – these are specially fitted for your kids.

These detectors hold no complex adjustments and the unit directly adjusts automatically to various ground conditions. Moreover, a visual target identification screen is always a chartbuster for your teens! When the model picks up a specific target, the screen will tell them whether it’s most likely a cap, bottle, quarter, dime, or something else.

Many constructors make particular models of metal detectors perfect for your kids and teens. Other manufacturers make entry-level detectors that are ideal for teens, and even adults who are launching into the wonderful world of metal detectors!

Best Metal Detector for Teenager (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
OMMO 17.56 x 13.7 x 5.59 inches (Package) 6.63 Pounds

Check Price

Fisher F22 22 x 8 x 5 inches 3 Pounds Check Price
Nokta Makro Simplex+ 22 x 11.5 x 5.5 inches 2.87 Pounds Check Price
Barska BE12746 Winbest pro-200 10 x 34 x 7.5 inches 4.25 Pounds Check Price


OMMO Metal Detector


OMMO Metal detector is a well-built model that is perfect for your teens hunting outdoors, streams, yards, and beaches which make it the most popular choice on the market.

This detector has been manufactured by OMMO, which is noteworthy, as they are particularly known as kings in the field of metal detection! Let’ move to its features!

OMMO metal detector is equipped with an ergonomic design handle that gives a comfortable feel to your children when they use it for metal detecting.

As the metal detector is compact and light, so it is less stressful and proves energy-saving for you. Further, it comes with an iIP68 waterproof search coil that has high sensitivity and it can detect up to 8-inches deep for smaller and larger targets beneath the earth.

Moreover, the waterproof search coil allows you to enjoy a treasure hunting experience underwater. Also, you don’t need to worry about the length of the stem as the metal detector comes with 30 inches to 41 inches adjustable stem, which is perfect for different heights.

This means it’ll heighten as your teen will heighten, ensuring you do not need to invest money in the future for a bigger metal detector!

The first one is All Metal Mode that sends you a signal whenever it sees any metal like silver, iron, gold, or other targets. Next, the second one is Disc Mode that helps you in differentiating various metals to attain a specific one.

The third mode is Pinpoint mode that selects the different positioning strengths according to your environment. It helps you in detecting the metals by sending beeping signals.

Whenever you want to find a metal object, you can just switch the PINPOINT button and it will pinpoint different targets. The powerful the target signal, the bigger the detector indicating the signal, and the horn alarm sound will also are louder.

So it makes it easier to locate the target objects for your better treasure hunting game. As it depends on the environment, you can limit the pinpoint signal in case of a wide amount of metal things in the underground.

Furthermore, the metal detector comprises a large back-lit LCD screen that helps to visualize operating mode, different detection depth, overload warning, battery level, discrimination mode, and sensitivity level.

In this way, you will get information instantaneously from the display which lets them detecting more productive and time-saving. Moreover, the metal detector holds a headphone jack that allows your children to concentrate on the detecting and it will make their hunt treasures more entertaining!

OMMO metal detector is equipped with full accessories with a color package box and you can give it to your kids as a gift for a treasure hunting adventure!

Pros Cons
Three strong operating modes A Lil bit noisy
Waterproof search coil
Large back-lit LCD screen


OMMO metal detector comprises all the essentials and features that are needed to ensure that your teenagers will enjoy their first metal detecting experience.



Fisher F22 Metal Detector

Fisher F22

The Fisher F22 is an entry-level metal detector that is best fitted for learners and beginners. It’s a powerful model with many features that allow your children for easy interpretation and evaluation. You can take your treasure hunting to the lands, lakes, yards, docks, and other freshwater areas! Let’s check it out!

One of the most beneficial features the F22 gives is the Target ID indicator function to its users. It comprises two types of Target ID indicators namely a category filled by the number and a 2-digit numerical system.

The Target category ID feature is visualized by a numerical scale with ”FE” to designate iron. The category with numbers 2-5 shows the object could be gold and the numbers 6-9 point out it could be silver.

The Target ID also calculates the conductivity of the target with fewer numbers indicating items like nickels, iron, foil, and pull-tabs. Mid-range numbers will represent targets like zinc coins and jewelry. Higher numbers typically mean silver, copper, and relics.

Moreover, there is a 9” inch search coil included with this metal detector which is triangular and concentric elliptical in shape. The search coil and shaft are waterproof that allows you to detect treasures within shallow water environments. Further, its size is the perfect choice for detecting smaller targets, and its shape imparts itself to tight spots.

Coming next, it holds a pinpointing feature that determines the correct location of your target and you’ll know when you’re near to your target.

Further, there is a depth indicator feature that gives you an exact idea of how far down your target is plus it can also offer you an estimate of the size of the treasure. One bright segment could mean a target that is less than 3” from the surface.

Next, two segments represent 3-6” deep and the three segments could specify it’s buried up to 9” deep. Moreover, the three segments could also represent that object is very large and buried very deep.

There is an Iron Audio (FeTone) feature on the F22 metal detector that permits you to adjust the volume of ferrous targets such as iron holding targets. At 10-20 settings, Iron Audio will vary from silent to maximum and non-ferrous targets will always be at the greatest volume.

Moreover, it’ll work great on dry sand, freshwater, or as far as the beaches as well! Lastly, the Fisher F22 is mesmerizingly lightweight that makes it perfect for treasure hunters of all ages and sizes, ideally age 10 and older.

Pros Cons
Target ID indicator No manual ground balance
New search coil design
Iron-Audio, ultra-lightweight


With a low price, new waterproof search coil design, and upgraded detection features, the F22 metal detector packs some valuable lightweight package.



Nokta Makro Simplex Metal Detector

Nokta Makro Simplex

Are you new to metal detecting and simply want an easy-to-use detector for treasure hunting? This Nokta Makro Simplex Metal Detector goes best for you as it has a well enough reputation in the industry and is known for its most innovative and exciting features across the world! Let’s examine its functions!

The first appreciating thing in the metal detector is the solid construction of the machine that is composed of rectangular rigid shaft tubing and two locking levers.

Further, it is equipped with molded rubber handgrip that is firm and fully vigorous, giving easy to maintain grip in muddy or wet conditions. The metal detector offers relaxing usability as the whole assembly is easily adjustable on the shaft by simply loosening and retightening the screws.

The Nokta Makro metal detector operates with VLF (very low frequency) that is about 12 kHz and can differentiate well between a huge range of ferrous and non-ferrous targets.

The next feature associated with this metal detector is the multiple selectable modes that include All Metal Mode, Field Mode, Park Mode, and Beach Mode.

The All Metal Mode offers a single tone response for every metal type and displays the communicating target VDI number. Next, the Field Mode provides 2-tone discrimination, high tone for non-ferrous, and low tone for ferrous.

Further, it gives more stability and depth while discriminating various target types. The Park Mode gives 3-tone separation and moderately faster recovery speed, making it more acceptable for messy and trashy sites.

Coming next the beach mode is created for mineralized soils and freshwater. It automatically notches out iron objects and gives full-range auto-balance capability.

NoktaMakro metal detector ensured visibility by developing in a wide backlit LCD screen, backlit keypad, and small LED flashlight for dark hunting places. Moreover, the iron volume feature of this metal detector permits you to fully adjust or turn off the volume on iron signals.

It’s quite beneficial in heavy iron infected sites, limiting the continuous iron tones while you can still able to detect their location in the background.

Another feature that makes this metal detector sticks out from others in the market is that it is the first waterproof metal detector providing extreme depth and high-end functions at an entry-level price.

Pros Cons
Fully submersible Not ideal for seabed metal detecting
Notch discrimination
Iron volume with four search modes


Whether you are discovering artifacts, coins, relics, or jewelry on land or underwater, this Nokta Simplex metal detector is the most durable yet cost-effective gift for you.



Barska BE12746 Winbest pro-200 metal detector

Barska BE12746 Winbest pro-200

Barska BE12746 Winbest pro-200 metal detector is essential is a suitable device for a beautiful treasure-finding adventure. It comes with all the necessary accessories to find items comfortably.

It has an adjustable sensitivity and a search coil that is weather sealed and 100% water-resistant. You can comfortably use it to search for metal objects in the shallow water.

The kit includes a soft carrying case, a shovel, a headphone, long cord, volume control, ear cushions, a padded and adjustable headband, and an LED indicator. The shovel is compact after folding and good to serve different purposes.

It has a saw, bottle opener, and a compass that is good to break tough ground. The shovel is a multi-use component of the kit.

The soft carrying case is suitable for transporting the whole kit. It is possible to connect the detector directly to the headphone.

It is quite comfy and simple to operate. Barska BE12746 Winbest pro-200 metal detector performs remarkably well. A view meter shows searched outcomes with its audio tone indicator, and visual blue LED indicators. It detects your precious items nicely and produces the most accurate results.

This metal detector has the power to differentiate one metal kind from the other. Moreover, it is possible to adjust the stem to about 47″. You can use the device to search for several metal kinds by managing sensitivity. The whole setup is suitable for multiple applications.

Pros Cons
Its build quality is excellent It isn't easy to use for heightened people
It comes with suitable headphone accessories
It detection results are accurate


The essential features of the Winbest pro-200 metal detector are enough to detect items instantly. It is a lightweight and durable product in the market. It is a complete package and good to provide an essential component for searching.



Final Verdict:

Metal detecting is an excellent hobby for children as it supports curiosity and motivates new learning. But selecting a child or teen’s metal detector is not an easy task though – mainly if you’re not a detectorist.

There’re countless choices in the market and buying a teen’s detector isn’t an option that should be taken easily. To help you make a perfect choice, here in this guide you’ll get a list of the best metal detectors for teenagers.


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