Best Propane Grills Under 400$ 2024

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The weekend is here! are you ready to host a perfect BBQ and steak party for your friends and family? If the answer is NO! then don’t worry, we feel you. And we’ve got a perfect solution for you as well. BBQ grills at the comfort of your home might be the best deal for you—no need to dine-in in the restaurants when you can have the professional-grade equipment at your backyard.

So in this regard, we have compiled some of the best propane grills under 400$ in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

The problem persists here is that many of you might don’t know how to find the perfect grills for your BBQ or steak session. Here, in this guide, you’ll get to know that how you can opt for quality grills.

The first and foremost step is to select the grill and fuel type. Many of you will feel obstructed here! You cannot go on further unless you cannot decide what type of grills do you want? There are many types of grills available in the market, amongst which the charcoal and gas grills are most common. Charcoal grills offer many disadvantages sometimes, which results in more sales for the gas grills.

Gas grills are convenient and handy; there’s no doubt in it! But, what sort of gas grills- natural or propane? Here you need to understand some facts and detailed attributes for both of these to make the best decision for yourself.

Basically, there are three main types of grills available out there. One type is Charcoal grill which uses charcoal to cook the meat where the second type is propane gas grills which use propane (Cylinder) gas to cook and third main type is natural gas grills that use natural gas to cook your tasty BBQ, and there is also a price difference as well.

Comparison between the natural gas and propane gas grill is continuous from the past few years, and no one has concluded which one is the actual best? For some reason, one might be superior, while for some other reasons, the other will be higher in rank. First of all, let’s discuss natural gas grills.

Natural gas grills are convenient to use and have no environmental impact. But the natural gas grills are not portable. A gas pipe coming from your supply will always be attached to the grills reducing your mobility means it has restrictions, you cannot go far from the main gas source.

On the other hand, Propane gas grills have a significant advantage of being portable and compact. You can take the propane tank along with the handy grills anywhere you want.

This attribute has benefited many of the campers and travelers and urge them to opt for this type. The next advantage is that the propane gas can produce much more heat as compared to natural gas.

Stating the numbers, the propane gas can produce a power up to 2500 BTUs, and natural gas can produce 1030 BTUs per cubic foot. That’s something more than double! Therefore, more power means less gas is required to cook the meat. It’ll save your cost and time both.

So, no wonder why the propane grills are more common as compared to the gas grills. If you’ve made your decision to rely on them, let’s get you in further detail. Here we’ve got you covered with best propane grills that fit perfectly in your budget, which also comes with unique attributes and will be a perfect fit for you.

Best Propane Grills Under 400$ (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Fuego F21C-H 21 x 21 x 46 inches 72.2 Pounds

Check Price

Char-Broil 463375919 50.4 x 24.5 x 45 inches 109.8 Pounds Check Price
NOMADIQ 19.2 x 18.8 x 8.2 inches (Package) 15.07 Pounds Check Price
Char-broil 463673519P1 24.5 x 42.9 x 44 inches 82.5 Pounds Check Price


Fuego F21C-H Element Hinged Grill

Fuego F21C-H Element Hinged Grill

This Fuego F21C-H is what you get when you think of having a BBQ or Steak party with your friends a style! Having multiple features loaded, this Feugo element grill will be the futuristic approach. Considering its design and assembly, it manages to have a smaller footprint size but a large grilling surface on the top.

Moreover, these propane grills are about 33 kg. in weight and you may require a helping hand to set it in your backyard. But once set, it’ll offer convenience and easy operations.

Considering smooth operations, here we need to discuss its quick start option and a better fire set up.

So, it has an AAA battery start-up or ignition which lit up the grill in no time. Next is the fire setup, which is done in approximately 5-10 minutes.

This means you need to hit the start and wait for 5-10 minutes so that grill can reach the desired temperature. The temperature can reach from 500-degrees to 650-Fahrenheit in 5 minutes.

Continuing the design and structure, there’s more to discuss! These propane grills are features with the hinged door design, which can open at an angle of 45 degrees and can fix even at a single place. So, there’s no need to hold the lid for longer times.

Now it’s for some power action! This Fuego F21C-H can reach up to the power of 22,000 BTUs via a dual-zone burner. Yes! You heard it right! A dual-zone burner system allows versatility to this grill. Therefore, you can either use it for direct or indirect grilling.

Moreover, 346 sq. Inches grilling area will serve you in cooking your favorite BBQ, steaks, and much more. A griddle and pizza stone kit come along, increasing the options of grilling meat.

A hinged propane tank storage door added more uniqueness to this model. A residue tray system will help you further in easy cleaning and storing the propane grills. All the grease, fat, and melted chicken will fall onto this grill, which you can easily take out to clean.

Pros Cons
500F in just 5 minutes Fiddly lid problem
346 sq. inches large grill area
Decent look
Easy cleanup


A 22000 BTU powered propane grill with a compact and sleek look to place in your backyard or kitchen. Remember this grill comes unassembled which means you have to assemble is first before using. Assembling is also not a problem with the presence of easy to understand instructional guide. Overall, its high-quality and decent looking propane grill.




Char-Broil Propane Grill

Char-Broil Propane Grill

People love this Char-Broil propane grill model no. 463375919. Do you wonder why? The reason is a great affordable deal with advanced and innovative technology! The excellent build quality and a stainless steel design will last longer than usual grills. Hence, it’s a perfect investment in terms of having delicious food.

Considering the design and performance, the Char-Grill is its example. Its grill size is perfect for the whole family or a group of friends having a BBQ or steak party.

The grilling surface has a porcelain coating of cast-iron that is not only rust-resistant but prevents your greasy food from sticking to the grills. Therefore, it offers an easy cleanup experience with minimum tools and efforts required.

Moreover, versatility is the key feature of these grills. Just when you’re grilling the meat, another porcelain-coated pan that comes along can be used to cook any other food on the side burner. Therefore, it’s a complete setup for your food.

The following detail which is worth noticing is its four burners. These burners will let you serve the food within minutes. These four burner also have a power of 10,000 BTUs and hence can reach the higher limits of temperature within just 5 minutes after ignition.

You can adjust the knobs as well to keep the temperature under limits and cook the meat as you like! The temperature range for this grill is 180 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit respectively.

A well-built design is incomplete without a rugged lid. That’s what next in our features list. The metal side shelves are added, which help you to move the lid effortlessly and also support the lid when in air. Great folding ability and sustainability are the key features for this lid.

Its performance is unique due to its flame design. It allows the flame to emit from the top, and hence an extraordinary flame efficiency can be achieved without any wastage of propane gas. Apart from the grill, the below railing is also made from the stainless steel and hence offers excellent ruggedness. Overall, its trustworthy propane gas grill.

Pros Cons
475 sq. inches grill size Cabinet space needs improvements
Four burners
Stainless steel body
Porcelain-coated pan and grill


A 4-burner propane grill with side shelves and metal tray to hold the wastage. What else do you need in a perfect BBQ grill? Remember, it works better on propane and can last for years without any serious issues. Furthermore, the temperature gauge is also added for user’s convenience, the quick startup makes this propane grill worth buying.




NOMADIQ Portable Grill

NOMADIQ Portable Grill

Who doesn’t like the portable gas gills as it’ll help you take it anywhere! The same is the case here with this NOMADIQ Portable Propane Gas Grill. It weighs only few pounds, which means that it’s not just the name which says ‘’portable’’ but it actually is.

Unlike other vendors, NOMADIQ features such grills that make the transportation comfortable, and you can take anywhere on the go, such as camping and trekking, RVs and boats, parks, hikes, and much more. To prove its truly compact nature, straps are attached for easy carrying.

It’s genuinely compact- this sentence might give you a feel that it’s a small grill that is suitable for the trips with families and friends. But wait! We’ve good news for you.

This NOMADIQ Portable Propane Gas Grill has the 226 sq. Inches of grilling area, which is more than enough for the whole family or a group of friends. Also, the efficient heating system can produce heat for the whole area providing you the best cooking experience.

Considering its design and assembly, the grills are coated with the non-stick grates, which makes the overall cooking easy as the meat and cheese will not stick to the grills. Not just the cooking, but the post-cook cleaning will be a hand-to-hand job. You can even wash the grates in a dishwasher as these are rust-resistant.

The Dual-burner technology is the unique feature of this NOMADIQ grill. It can even provide up to 10000 BTUs of power on both sides of grills. Therefore, you can control the temperature for both sides of grills individually to cook a variety of food items at one time.

The design is precisely engineered to provide a compact feel. Its different from many models available in the market. It can open and close just like a suitcase. Once you open, it’ll only take 45 seconds to setup the whole grills. There are just three simple moves that can prepare the grills for cooking, i.e., unlock, open, connect, and start grilling.

Travelling and transportation can cause the grill to break-down. NOMADIQ has taken care of this factor and ensures that every part is made up of the hardened steel to make it last longer.

A powder coating on the surface increases the durability of this propane grill. Moreover, the burners are finished through the steel cast-iron grill plates which makes it very sturdy.

Pros Cons
Heavy steel body Flame ports can clog sometimes
Cast-iron grills
Powered coated finish
Compact design


A genuinely compact propane grill that needs less than 45 seconds to setup and grill the sizzling hot meat. This NOMADIQ propane gas grill is unique and very easy to operate.



Char-broil 463673519P1 Burner Gas Grill

Char-broil 463673519P1

This gas grill burner is offered in 2-series of gas grillers by char-broil for cooking delicious homemade grilled food. The burner is very amazingly constructed for satisfying the maximum holiday barbecue needs of a family.

You can cook while keeping the spatulas and other spicing on both sides of this burner as it has metal swings for that. These can be folded when not in use.

For grilling, there are300 square inches of porcelain-covered cast iron meshes space where you can get done your barbecue with greater temperature control. Additionally, 100 square inch swing-away rack with porcelain-covered meshes is there for extra cooking space of buns and toasts, etc.

Moreover, the cooking area is covered with the help of a hardened steel case for extra durability. The UFC gives sleek sturdiness to your grilled. This gas grill also has a top-mounted temperature measure for controlling heat.

Below the grill, the burner has space to store a propane tank and other adornments. You can start it with electricity with the help of a button for the quick and dependable first operation. Flame broil sits on 4 casters, two of which are fastened to the place for soundness.

The best thing about this grill is that it is rustproof and you can easily clean it. The porcelain-covered oil pan is also removable, this offers you easy cleaning and replaceability.

Pros Cons
Temperature control Assembly needed
Easy to clean


This char-broil gas grill is a 2-burnergas barbecue grilled that conveys 24,000 BTUs of warmth across the 300 square inch cooking surface which is produced with porcelain-covered cast iron meshes. This rustproof gas grill is easy to clean. It provides an extra place for putting your accessories.



Final Verdict:

Propane grills are handy when it comes to grilling in your backyard or any other hiking or picnic spot. Portability and convenience are the major factors contributing to the whole cooking process.

Keep your hand on these propane grills mentioned above, which feature all the innovative and advanced technologies to let you have a perfect cooking experience even if you’re a beginner. These grills are loaded with higher BTUs and easy to access grills in a compact design that you cannot deny to have one for your next weekend party.


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