What Do You Mean by PSI and GPM?

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What Do You Mean by PSI and GPM?

Pressure washers are very much in demand due to the convenience and time-saving cleaning that they bring in your life. People are increasingly demanding these pressure washers; however often confused about how to consider the best pressure washer.

One common thing that confuses one’s mind is PSI And GPM in pressure washer. Some people compare these terms with each other, while others don’t even know what these terms mean.

Gallons per minute in pounds per square inch both are important to consider before you purchase a pressure washer. In this article we will tell you all the details associated with pounds per square inch and gallons per minute and help you consider all the details before buying.

What is PSI?

It stands for pounds per square inch. This term is used to determine the cleaning pressure that a Pressure washer produces to throw water onto the surface.

People use search terms to determine the power of a pressure washer. The more pounds per square inch of pressure a pressure washer produces, the more powerful it is for cleaning.

While having more pounds per square inch of pressure, a pressure washer throws water with more power.

What is GPM?

The second term used to determine a pressure washer is GPM. It stands for gallons per minute of water that a pressure washer can throw. As water players play a critical role in cleaning the surfaces, it is essential to know how much water your pressure washer throws on the surface in a minute.

Gallons per minute are the second term that is common to determine the effectiveness of a pressure washer. The more gallons of water a pressure washer throws means that it has more power and pressure.

Which is a more critical term for pressure washes?

Gallons per minute in pounds per square inch are the key terms that determine a pressure washer’s effectiveness and efficiency. They are equally important when considering choosing a pressure washer for your household.

This is because there are various factors to consider in pressure washers. And while pounds per square inch and gallons per minute are 2 of the most important factors to consider, you cannot say that one of them is more important than others.

You can clarify it with an example. Consider you are going to buy your next motorbike. You will consider its horsepower, CC, and other relative information. But you cannot make the best decision with one factor in mind.

Similarly, in pressure washer, you have to consider all the factors that denotes their effectiveness.


After reading this article, you must understand the terms like pounds per square inch and gallons per minute in the pressure washers.

We have also explained the misconception about PSI and GPM in pressure washers.

Skim through the Internet and compare the options based on pounds per square inch and gallons per minute for the right choice.

There is no doubt that pressure washer are compared based on their features and affordability. However, these terms play a vital role in such a task.


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