Why are there different colored pressure washer nozzles?

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Why are there different colored pressure washer nozzles?

Pressure washers are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Because of their tremendous power to wipe away any sort of hard-to-clean dirt their demand day by day is increasing.

The pressure washer comes in both electric and gas variants where they either use electricity or gas as a source of power.

There are various components associated with pressure washers. Many people who are new to these scratch their heads while deciding what component to use for what purpose.

So to sort out this challenge we have come up with an article that is precisely focused on different types of colorized nozzles on a pressure washer.

A pressure washer consists of various nozzles used for diverse purposes. They are painted in different colors to indicate something. Now that something will be answered in this article in detail.

You will get to know how to use different nozzles on a pressure washer and what is their purpose. We will also answer why there are different colorized nozzles on a pressure washer.

Different nozzles on a pressure washer:

Pressure washers are manufactured to be used for heavy-duty cleaning. To clean messy surfaces, they need to throw water under a tremendous amount of pressure to scratch away even the hardest dirt.

So for this purpose, a pressure version is equipped with various nozzles. They can be equipped on the pressure washer depending on what type of surface are you cleaning.

Different nozzles have different sizes of outlets that release water from the hose. You can control the pressure of water by changing these nozzles.

Why do nozzles come in different colors?

The precise answer to this question is convenience. Manufacturers color the noses in various colors so that you can identify which nozzle you are using and why. Following this article, we will tell the purpose of each color on the nozzle.

The Red color nozzle:

The red color nozzle has narrowest outlet that creates the maximum amount of water pressure. You will see a straight water line coming through the red nozzle.

The purpose of coloring it in bright red is to warn the user to use it with care. You should only use it if you have a specific reason in mind or else it might damage the material that you are cleaning. It creates a lot of pressure and force.

The Yellow nozzle:

The yellow nozzle throws the water at a 15-degree angle and is suitable to be used to strip paint and clean the concrete floors. You can also use it to plane dried up Greece.

The Green nozzle:

The green nozzle creates a 25-degree angle of water pressure that makes it’s suitable to clean most surfaces. You can use it to remove dirt from patios, decks, and sidings.

The White nozzle:

The white nozzle creates a water pressure of 40 degrees that covers a wide area while cleaning. You should also begin using the pressure washer with this white nozzle as it will help you develop expertise using the pressure washer and handling the tremendous water pressure.

It creates comparatively less force than other nozzles. You can use this pressure washer to clean your cars and windows without causing any damage.


 This was all about the different types of nozzles and their purposes on a pressure washer.  Now when you know about various types of nozzles, you can use them more accurately. Good luck putting them to use on your pressure washer.



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