Why Doesn’t Your Pressure Washer Reach Full Pressure?

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Why Doesn’t Your Pressure Washer Reach Full Pressure?

No doubt, pressure washers are a great household cleaning tool. But they are also subject to wear and tear.

You might face is sues like a loss of pressure from your pressure washer. But it’s straightforward to diagnose and sort out the problem by yourself.

This article will explain the reasons behind the loss of pressure in a pressure washer and how you can resolve the issue.

You can also follow specific tips to increase the working life of this household cleaning gadget.

Reasons behind a loss of pressure

There can be multiple reasons why your pressure washer runs or low pressure. These can be

A Kinked Hose:

A kinked hose pipe that blocks the water from running at full pressure. Make sure that the hoses are not kinked from any side.

Blocked Hose:

A blocked hose due to massive usage over a long time. Cleaning out any blockages from the hose can quickly sort out the issue for you.

Half tap issue:

The water might not be turned on at full force, or your tap supplies less water than required for the pressure washer to run at total capacity.

All you have to do is make sure that the water inlet provides enough water to meet the optimum pressure.

Inlet Filter:

The water inlet filter might be blocked by debris and fungus, which must be cleaned. Clearing out any debris from the water filter will be enough to increase the pressure.

Trigger gun:

The trigger gun and nozzle might be blocked from inside, so they should be clean to operate the pressure washer at full force.

You are done:

If you have completed all the steps, checked all the components of your pressure washer, and made sure that they are clean and clear, your pressure washer should start working fine.

However, there are cases where people still face low pressure from their device even after cleaning all its components.

In such cases, you should follow all the details mentioned below.

Diagnosing and sorting out:

You would have to open your pressure washer and have a detailed check to proceed further. It is always recommended to call an expert for this task.

However, you can do it by yourself if you know how machines work. Ensure that the pressure washer is turned off and disconnected from the power supply.

There are possibilities that a pressure washer is fluctuating from high to low pressure due to the air trapped in the pump.

To sort this out, disconnect the trigger gun and the high-pressure hose from your pressure washer while keeping the garden hose connected.

Afterward, turn on the water source and allow the water to pass through the pump for at least 30 seconds.

Reconnect all the components and try using the machine again.

How to improve your pressure washer life?

It’s essential to maintain the pressure washer well to use it for a longer time. Make sure to clean all the components periodically. Furthermore, it is recommended to check your pressure washer in detail at least once a month.


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