Best Pressure Washer for Foam Cannon 2024

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The technological progress in the modern world has resulted in the introduction of great machinery that we use in our daily life. One of the best examples of these is the pressure washers. Pressure washers are household cleaning equipment that is a perfect day-to-day cleaning tool whether you are using them for household purposes or at the workplace. We have compiled some of the best pressure washer for foam cannon in the article. We suggest you have a look at them and keep exploring some amazing stuff.

Perfect substitute for manual cleaning:

Pressure washers are a great substitute for manual cleaning. While using them, you bring down your cleaning time from hours to minutes. For this reason, they are considered a great invention for the consumer market.

As soon as pressure washers entered the consumer market they gain a tremendous amount of fame and demand. So, multiple manufacturers started to produce this equipment due to their high demand in the market.

As a result, we see thousands of brands manufacturing these pressure washers. However, there are just a few that guarantees reliability and durability in their pressure washers.

Uses of pressure washer:

Pressure washers are useful for countless purposes. You can clean your patios and sidings from this equipment conveniently.

Housewives consider pressure washers as their best helping hand and it’s justifiable. You can carry out more tasks while saving up your time on cleaning with these pressure washers.

In addition, pressure washers are great for cleaning dried-up grease and chemicals on industrial sites. They speed up the operational process at industries by making the cleaning swift and easy.

If we consider the industrial perspective in detail, then the pressure washers have reduced dependency on large workforce just for cleaning the workplace.

For example, if 10 laborers were required to clean the workplace manually, a pressure washer just demands single labor to operate the machine and save some bucks.

It not only brings down the cost of labor but also improves efficiency and effectiveness in industrial operations.

Choosing the right pressure washer:

No doubt pressure washers are beneficial in countless ways. However when you go to the market to buy your very first pressure washer then the real challenge comes in.

There are a variety of options available in pressure washers in terms of power and durability.

When various companies manufacture the same product, then choosing between the most suitable options becomes difficult.

Foam Canon:

When most people buy a pressure washer, they have no idea whether or not they can attach a foam canon to it. There are various models on the market, some of which allow attachment and others which do not.

To thoroughly clean your vehicles or any other object, a foam canon attachment is required.

So we have gathered the 3 best pressure washers available in the market currently so that you can choose the best one for you after knowing their features, benefits, and drawbacks in detail. Let’s get started.

 Best Pressure Washer for Foam Cannon (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Stanley SHP2150 15 x 15 x 36 inches 25.5 Pounds

Check Price

Workmoto 2800 13 x 15 x 19 inches 25 Pounds Check Price
SPX3000-XT1 XTREAM 16 x 14 x 34 inches 28.4 Pounds Check Price


Stanley SHP2150-BNDTNZL

Stanley SHP2150

The first one on our list is an electric pressure washer by Stanley SHP2150. It is one of the famous manufacturers that are manufacturing pressure washers for years.

The Stanley electric pressure washer features 2150 pounds per square inch of pressure while throwing 1.4 gallons per minute.

These figures are more than the substitute pressure washer in this league. You get the foam canon attachment in this product.

You also get a turbo quick-connect nozzle with this pressure washer that adds up to its features. This pressure washer has precise spray patterns that make cleaning convenient and effective at the same time.

With precise spray patterns, you can wipe away dirt from various surfaces. For example, you can clean concrete dirt, Dry mud, and leaves from your garage, all with this single pressure washer.

You can clean any sort of dirt from these precise spray pattern nozzles. So cleaning will be effective like never before.

Power of Stanley pressure washer:

The Stanley pressure washer doesn’t lack in terms of power at all. The electric-powered pressure washer is capable of throwing water with 2150 pounds per square inch of pressure.

This much pressure makes it capable to clean tough stuck dirt and any other precise area. The quick-connect turbo nozzle makes the task even easier. All you have to do is grab the nozzle and place them onto the hose.

The quick attachment option:

The quick-connect nozzle is specially designed for its perfection for precise cleaning areas. You can wipe away grime and tough dirt with this turbo nozzle.

The turbo nozzle throws the water with added pressure so you get increased power from the machine to vanish any kind of dirt.

This pressure washer is equipped with high pressure former as well. A foamer throws the detergent onto the surface that you are cleaning. Most pressure washer doesn’t have a former on board.

But the Stanley pressure washers are equipped with a detergent bucket and a pressure foamer. It allows you to form a layer of detergent on the surface like cars and patios.

This added feature adds to the convenience of getting the detergent on the cars for perfect cleaning. You can clean any type of vehicle like trucks, vans, buses, and light transport vehicles with the Stanley powerful pressure washer.

The durability of this pressure washer:

The Stanley pressure washer is equipped with leak proof connections that prevent any sort of leakages of detergent and water from the equipment.

The metal length and robust steel frame ensure that your pressure washer helps you in cleaning for decades.

Moving is not an issue at all. You can also move this pressure washer with the help of 2 wheels equipped below the equipment.

The mobility feature in any pressure washer is a critical factor to consider and while Stanley pressure washer have it for user’s convenience.

Pros Cons
Easy cleaning Limited mobility due to electric wires
Saves the cleaning time
Water saving technology


Overall this Stanley pressure washer is a great choice if you are considering using them for household purposes. They are best for household as well as commercial cleaning.



WorKMoto 2800


The 3rd one on our list is the famous workmoto high-pressure pressure washer. It stands among the top pressure washers available in the market currently.

This device is loaded with features while having an attractive appearance. The workMoto pressure washer is capable to produce a maximum pressure of 2800 pounds per square inch.

Its hose length is 20 feet which allows you to clean a wider area without moving the pressure washer. Overall it’s a complete package for your household cleaning.

More powerful than other pressure washes:

If we compare work motor pressure washers with other pressure washers in its league, then it stands on the top in terms of pressure generation and power delivery. It has the most powerful pressure motor.

This much power for delivering perfect cleaning results makes it sufficient for both household and commercial cleaning. You can clean the most caked-on dirt in seconds.

Further, intensify the cleaning, this pressure washer is equipped with 4 quick connect nozzles that produce water pressure of different intensities. The main advantage of these 4 nozzles is that you can use them according to the situation.

For rough and tough dirt you can use the zero-degree nozzle that points the water straight to the surface in a single line. However, for vehicle cleaning, you can use the 40-degree wide nozzle and cover a wider area in a single go.

Effortless assembling and moving:

 This pressure washer is not only limited to powerful cleaning when you are considering this pressure washer, but you are also getting an effortless assembling of the equipment because most of the parts come pre-assembled.

All you need to do is assemble the pressure holes with the equipment and connect the nozzles on the hose.

Furthermore, the overall frame of this pressure washer is designed in a way that allows very easy mobility. The convenient design with high handles allows you to pull it effortlessly.

The connection of the water inlet is also very simple and hassle-free. The only thing you will do is connect the water inlet to a water tap or container from where it will get its water supply.

Durability and reliability:

This pressure washer is very durable because of its robust frame and best quality equipment.

Pros Cons
It is energy efficient The electric cable makes mobility-limited
Easy to move
Effective cleaning


The hassle-free assembling and maintenance of this pressure washer is easy. It will also reduce your reliance on labor for house hold cleaning.



Sun Joe SPX3000-XT1 XTREAM


The second one on our list is the High-pressure washer from SPX3000-XT1 Xtream from Sun Joe. It might be your next favorite because of its various features. It is economical in terms of price and a sufficient option in terms of its features.

This pressure washer is also powered by electricity and has a space-saving design for convenient mobility and controllability.

It has a maximum pressure of 2200 pounds per square which proves that this economical option isn’t lacking in power at all.

It is capable to throw 1.6 gallons per minute of water at a maximum pressure of 2200 pounds per square inch.

Furthermore, the foam cannon are designed to throw the detergent up to 15 feet. So cleaning will be a lot more convenient with this pressure washer at your house.

Powerful motor:

The main attraction of the sun joe pressure washer is its powerful motor. The 13-ampere motor allows it to insert maximum pressure and throw more water onto the surfaces for effective cleaning.

In addition, the 4 quick-connect nozzles make different spray patterns that diversify the cleaning techniques.

For example, if you are dealing with dried mud then the narrow nozzle will help you clean it however while washing your car you can use the wider nozzle to spray water over a large area.

Energy efficiency:

This pressure washer is not only powerful but energy efficient as well the reason behind is the total stop technology system.

It works in a way that if you are not using the pressure washer, it will automatically turn off until you press the nozzle lever again.

In this way, you save up a lot of electricity and water while carrying out your routine cleaning. Eventually, your electricity bill won’t go up even after using such powerful electric pressure washer.

Convenient mobility:

Moreover, this pressure washer is equipped with a 34-inch spray wand with stainless steel lance. The whole frame is supported by 2 wheels that allow convenient mobility and hassle-free cleaning.

Furthermore, the additional cleaning equipment comes with the pressure washer so that you can maintain its parts easily. The needle cleans out is used to clear any blockages in the nozzle.

It also has a garden hose adapter with a 35-foot power cable that is protection certified. Overall, this pressure washer is loaded with features that make them an attractive option to consider when you are buying your next pressure washer.

Pros Cons
Hassle-free cleaning Might be expensive for some
Easy operation
Easy to assemble


Overall the sun joe pressure washer is a great device for household cleaning. It comes with a lot of features that are enough for effective cleaning. Its energy-efficient technology saves up your water and electricity which is essential nowadays.

However, the electric cable might make the mobility-limited but overall it’s a suitable option for hassle-free cleaning.



Final conclusion:

Pressure washers are available in a large number of options but for newbies who are not familiar with the pressure washers, it might be hard for them. But no worries we have made things easy for them already so that they can decide easily without any hassle.

Depends on your need because if you are buying a pressure washer for your household then electric pressure washers are best suitable. However, for industrial purposes gas-powered or diesel-powered pressure washers are more preferred because of their unlimited mobility and more power.


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