Why PSI or GPM are Important for Pressure Washers?

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Why is PSI or GPM More Important for Pressure Washers?

Pressure washers are one of the most demanded equipment nowadays because they are making cleaning convenient and time-saving.

People are opting to buy pressure washes but before choosing the right pressure worship there are certain queries to be answered.

The most common thing people are confused about the terms like PSI and GPM.  Now if you are a newbie then you will keep on scratching your head trying to understand what these terms mean.

So to explores more about pressure washes and knows why these terms matter the most continue reading this article.

What is PSI?

It is a term used in a pressure washer that stands for pounds per square inch.  It relates to the amount of cleaning pressure that the machine can produce.

You can rely on this to estimate the power of different pressure washes and compare them with each other based on pounds per square inch.

The more pounds per square inch a pressure washer is capable of, the more powerful it is.

What is GPM?

Gpm is a term that stands for gallons per minute.  As you are using water as a key cleaning substance so GPM will tell you how many gallons of water your pressure washer is throwing per minute.

It is another factor to determine the effectiveness of a pressure washer because the more water it is throwing, the more effective will be cleaning.

WHY both of them are important

Gallons per minute and pounds per square inch are very important terms when choosing your first pressure washer.

The reason behind this is that these 2 terms are the key element to determine the performance and effectiveness of a pressure washer.

For example, if you are going to buy your first car you will determine its power by looking at the horsepower it produces, similarly, pressure washers’ power is determined by these 2 main terms.

Pressure washers are available in various categories, power, and energy sources. There are hundreds of companies that are manufacturing these machines.

But you can only choose the best one for your need once you have an idea about these terms. Or else you will end up choosing the wrong pressure washer that won’t match your exact needs.


By now you must have understood the 2 main terms used in the world of pressure washers.  They are not complicated and are more self-explanatory.

However, after reading this shrt article you can make a better decision between all the available options and choose the right one for your household.

However, simply understanding these terms will not help you choose the best pressure washer; you may also need to consult with sellers of these machines who will understand your household needs and assist you in selecting the best pressure washer.

However, if you are opting to buy online then these main terms should be understandable to you.


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