How Microwave Cooking is Beneficial?

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How Microwave Cooking is Beneficial?

Today, the pace of life for most people is hectic, which is why they sometimes do not have time to eat correctly. A practical and convenient kitchen device, which is called a microwave oven, will help to simplify and speed up food preparation. In this piece we will see how microwave cooking is beneficial? so that you can get the answer of your question!

The advantages of using a microwave oven for cooking are:

1- High production speed.

2- Less nutrient loss in vegetable production.

3- The ability to dry food.


The cooking speed is faster:

Compared to traditional cooking methods, using a microwave oven is more accessible and takes less time.

For example, let us say you use the microwave to steam eggs.

You need to put the eggs in a bowl and beat them, then place the bowl in the microwave and put on high heat to cook for 3 minutes.


Less loss of nutrients when cooking vegetables:

Most vegetables are rich in vitamins, and because the microwave uses electromagnetic waves to heat them, the loss of various vitamins when vegetables are heated is lower than with traditional cooking methods.


Food can be dried in a microwave oven:

For example, cookies or melon seeds in our daily life will become soft after they become wet. During this time, you only need to reheat these moist foods in the microwave to restore their original taste.

The device, which looks like a small oven, copes with heating, defrosting and cooking in a matter of minutes.

The device is equipped with a special magnetron that generates microwaves – ultra-high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. With this effect, the polar molecules that make up the food vibrate, resulting in the food heating up quickly.

There is a difference between some modifications of the microwave oven, considering their functionality. An essential difference between more modern units is the combination of the functions of several kitchen appliances: a microwave oven with a grill or convection.

In the first case, the device’s chamber is equipped with an additional heating element, thanks to which you can very quickly cook toast, bake meat or vegetables.

Innovative appliances equipped with heating elements and a convection fan ensure uniform cooking of food by distributing heated air inside the chamber. This combined model is the most functional: it can heat food, bake meat, stew vegetables and even bake pies.

There is a classification of equipment, taking into account the volume of the chamber: this indicator can be from 8 to 42 liters.

Interior finishing can be made of durable enamel, ceramic or stainless steel. According to the table type, a distinction is made between a technique with a rotating and a fixed pallet.

When choosing an appliance for your home, give preference to a microwave oven with a power of 600-900 watts. It is enough for high-quality and fast operation of the unit, while maximum performance can cause increased energy consumption.

In the heating mode, the microwave oven operates at 60-100 W, defrosting – about 200 W, and only fish and meat are cooked at 400-600 W.


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