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Being a part of the graphical world can require great demands in terms of proper editing and appearance. Whether you’re creating films, video games, working on television production projects, all of it includes motion graphics.

We are living in advanced and next level era in terms of the graphics, we’re all more interested and attracted to media that has better motion graphics.

Basic and simple graphical editing of any media type has become pretty boring and old-fashion today. Since what’s new and more enriching to the eye is what pleases us more in terms of the media representation, the basic graphics simply take an average place in the market.

So, we have compiled some of the best graphics card for after effects in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

As a result, as someone working in any such media production, you might be well aware of the competition of creating an appealing and more attractive motion graphic work. Now when we talk about this work mainly, the most common and straight forward application that comes in handy for every graphical editing of a video is simply After Effects.

As a part of the media-editing team of a game, a movie, or a television show; you’ve surely made use of after effects as your go-to editing application. But that’s just about professional work in your office that is performed with suitable workstations and hardware pieces that help you perform your task the most efficiently.

However, the process of self-editing a video at your own space (whether you’re professional in it or not), you might have surely considered after effects more than enough here too.

But do you know what helps after effects provide an efficient video and motions graphic editing ability? Well, that’s just the graphics card of your work station that helps you use this heavy editing application in a smooth, efficient, and highly effective way.

When you have a suitable graphics card in your working PC or laptop, you can easily and more efficiently perform the motion graphics and casual effects editing process of your video project. This simply leads to a result of having a more effective, unique, and appealingly produced video that can attract more and more audience while also making your work easier and faster.

Now, who wouldn’t want to perform a pro editing task without investing too much time throughout the work? We all would for sure; whether you’re professional or just a beginner in this work.

However, without a suitable graphics card that would enhance your workstation and after effects performance and speed, you might just end up wasting a lot of time while the computer keeps on lagging on every process.

Yes well, that’s the job of a graphics card when it comes to performing a professional task on any workstation. It simply improves the graphical speed and performance of your computer overall. And without that, there’s surely no way you can get through with your work in an efficient manner.

So why waste so much of your time when you can rely on the best graphics card here? Don’t know which one would serve you and your PC as the best hardware addition.

Best Graphics Card for After Effects (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 9 x 4 x 4 inches 4.44 pounds

Check Price

PNY NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 2 x 4 x 8 inches 1.95 pounds Check Price
Gigabyte GV-N207SWF3OC-8GD 11.04 x 4.58 x 1.58 inches 1 Pounds Check Price
ASUS PH-GT1030-O2G 7.3 x 1.4 x 4.4 inches 1.36 Pounds Check Price


NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070

This NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 consists of a high-end graphics performance that comes along with an overclocking feature. All this comes at a low price with this graphics card while being highly fast and efficient in terms of performance. It can be a excellent choice for after effects.

Furthermore, the 1440p quality combined with the entry-level 4K gaming performance altogether enhances the graphical performance on your monitor.

As a result, you can simply enjoy an advanced gaming experience with 4K gaming through this GPU, and consider this option highly reliable.

With the help of the various Turing features, you can easily enhance your working and professional experience on your workstation. This way, even with the cheaper GPU option, you won’t be lacking any performance quality and setting options.

Since this GPU consumes extremely low energy, you can be sure to avail of a professionally fast and smooth performance out of this GPU while saving a lot of the invested energy overall.

With the outstanding fast speed of this graphics card, you can be sure to avail of a faster-working ease from your setup. As a result, you can easily run large and heavy graphical applications on your workstation without worrying about any lagging issues – and perform your entire professional work with great ease and speed.

The beautiful and efficient design of this GPU serves you and your workstation for a prolonged time. This means that whether you’re using your PC for constant or prolonged hours or otherwise make use of it occasionally, this graphics card would be sure to serve you as a reliable and longer-serving option.

It also includes multiple other features like the deep learning super sampling (DLSS), the real-time ray tracing (RTRT), and other additional options. All these help in providing you with a more advanced graphical setup on your workstation.

Additionally, these smart and advanced features also serve in creating a more advanced and appealing lighting effect that makes it beat all the previous models.

It also includes a USB-C port that lets you easily connect to headsets and/or any other plug-in device. This way, you can simply enhance your working experience on the setup (whether it’s a PC or a laptop), and rely on this GPU for all your necessary needs.

Pros Cons
Has a fast and smooth working No SLI setting option
Saves energy by consuming less
Consists of an efficient design


With this NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 around as your basic graphics card, you can surely avail of a highly advanced ad reliable graphical experience out of it. However, that’s not all, as this GPU also enhances the overall speed of the graphics for all sorts of working applications and software.

This way, you can easily rely on this hardware addition for improving your working speed and experience, while being able to perform even the PC lagging tasks with ease.




PNY NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000

PNY NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000

This PNY NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 comes from the professional NVIDIA’s GPU family and serves as one of the highly efficient and reliable graphics card options similar to all the other GPU additions. Now the question is, is it suitable for ‘’After Effects’’ and the answer is ‘’Yes’’ it is.

It lets you experience a next-level fast and interactive graphical performance on every application and software.

Altogether, you won’t be facing any lagging issues while working on any professional application; no matter how long the work takes overall.

The interactive performance of this GPU can easily meet all your work demands while enhancing the professional results of all the work you perform on your workstation.

It also includes the latest architecture of NVIDIA Turing GPU that combines with the ultra-fast graphics memory to serve you with a highly fast, professional, efficient, and smooth working ability on your workstation – despite the load of apps and software you run on it.

With its professional design of Cad software, you can avail extreme real-time graphics from this GPU, while also availing an immersive interaction for your PC. This combination results in the easy and smooth running of the advanced and professional programs and analysis on your workstation setup; while also eliminating all the inconveniences.

It uses an NVIDIA Quadro SVS or Scalable Visual Solutions that provides the ease of multiple monitor support to your computer. This means that you can rely on this GPU for a huge load, without the stress of having it crash.

This GPU lets you connect up to four 5K monitors to your computer setup, having 60Hz or 8K dual display features. As a result, you can easily get this GPU for multiple monitor support without worrying about any negligence of performance.

With the upgraded 8GB GDDR6 Graphics memory present in this GPU, you can see a 40% improvement in its bandwidth (in comparison to what the previous generation of GPU’s of the same family had to offer). This simply eliminates all the usage limitations of this graphics card for you to work efficiently on your setup.

It also includes 36 RT cores that help in accelerating the ray-tracing performance on your setup. This feature allows you to feel all the graphical movements as a photo realistic outcome on the monitor screen.

The advanced rendering and shading features of this GPU lets you enjoy an immersive VR that helps you explore the programs and software’s graphics deeply, without facing any errors or graphical issues.

With its advanced NVIDIA RTX technology, you can avail real-time performance ease out of this GPU that serves efficiently in all your professional needs. As a result, you can easily avail of a highly advanced and reliable performance on your PC setup.

Pros Cons
Easy to install Doesn’t have drivers included
Runs smoothly on your PC
Boosts the real-time graphics speed


The working of this PNY NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 helps you enhance the real-time graphical exposure of your PC a lot more than the usual. Additionally, this GPU also comes as an easy and fast to install hardware addition that can be reliable for prolonged usage time.




Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070

The Gigabyte GeForce GV-N207SWF3OC-8GD RTX 2070 is powered by the GeForce RTX platform, making it combine this GPU’s architecture and serving you with an outstanding real-time graphical view on your monitor.

Other than that, this graphics card also serves you with programmable shading features, and artificial intelligence – making you avail of highly advanced and captivating gaming experience. The best thing about this graphics card is that, its ideal to perform multiple tasks.

With its 3x wind force cooling system along with the alternate spinning fans, you can be sure to avoid all sorts of heating and lagging issues on your gaming PC setup.

Hence, this GPU simply promotes a highly maintained and cooling performance on the setup – despite the load of the app of software you’re working on or playing on.

For a cutting-edge and hyper-realistic graphical result of this GPU for all your gaming needs, this GPU consists of a unique real-time ray-tracing technology that helps you experience a highly advanced graphical exposure while gaming.

With the help of the outstanding thermals and stability offered by this GPU, you can be sure that it won’t lag or crash anytime soon – while you continue your gaming journey. Altogether, you can rely on this GPU as a stable and highly efficient hardware addition for your professional PC setup.

It comes with a great overclock speed that results in improving and advancing the overall graphical speed of your workstation or gaming PC. Hence, even if you’re using extremely heavy applications, you can be sure that the graphical performance is speedy and highly reliable.

The silent working of the fan of this GPU is another highly efficient and befitting quality it comes with. So even if you’re working with extremely heavy applications for prolonged hours, there’s no way you’ll be able to hear any fan running sound from this GPU. As a result, you can fulfill that desire of having an extremely silent workstation with all the hardware’s coping up silently.

Due to its intuitive controls that come along with the AORUS engine, you don’t need to worry about being confused with the working and setting of this graphics card. Instead, it lets you avail of an easy and smooth installing exposure – whether you’re a professional or a novice.

With the advanced usage ease that comes along with this graphics card, you can avail of a creative graphical touch on all the applications you use. So whether you need to edit videos, design graphics, create animations, or 3d graphics; this GPU would help you avail an advanced graphical view on the monitor – helping you improve your working capability and overall outcome.

Pros Cons
The fan works silently Extra heavy load cause slight heating
Fast working on all types of apps
User-friendly technology


Thanks to the reliability, efficiency, and next-generation graphics of this GPU, you can be sure to avail of high quality and fast performance out of this Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070. Also, the silent working of its fan and the easy to manage settings of this GPU lets you avail a more user-friendly experience overall.






ASUS PH-GT1030-O2G Phoenix fan Graphics card is a graphics coprocessor with a memory speed of 1531MHz. ASUS GeForce Card perfectly supports Microsoft Windows 10. Auto extreme Technology makes monitoring speed faster and also increases the performance of intuitive interference.

All redundant processes can be removed automatically with a single click. Gaming boosters are features to indicate all resources and maximize the system’s performance.

GPU Tweak helps in over locking and made visuals clearer.1531 MHz boost up the device with pascal architecture mode.

These phoenix graphics cards are available in the market with 2GB RAM and 1531MHz GPU Clock Speed. HDMI and DVI are used as video output interfaces.

ASUS PH-GT1030 Phoenix GeForce GT 1030 provides both manual and automatic turn-off processor and window services.

The HDMI DVI graphics card is equipped with dual-bearing fans. Each fan gives a 2X longer lifespan card. These graphic cards produce visual effects that help to boost up the performance by turning off.

Fans are specially made of premium material and specific as dust resistant. They block the dust particle and enhanced the improvement of cards. IP5X fans also increase the reliability of the Asus Phoenix graphics card.

Pros Cons
Auto extreme manufacturing Low wattage card
Efficient for gaming boosters
Better visual effects
Smooth output


Equipped with all advanced features, the ASUS PH-GT1030 Phoenix Fan graphics card is a more efficient card than the others as it contains a dual ball bearing hence increases the reliability of the system. Extreme Technology with alloy power improves the stability of components and makes it best for gaming systems.



Final Verdict:

One of the most widely trusted and used application of visual effects, motion graphics, and compositing is Adobe After effects. But even with this app being highly reliable for all your media’s graphical editing work, there’s a great chance that it wouldn’t help you perform your work efficiently in less time.

That’s because whether you’re a professional or a newbie working on some personal projects if your workstation doesn’t consist of an efficient and fast work promoting graphics card; an application as effective yet as heavy as after-effects wouldn’t be helpful.

Therefore, instead of working on just your project mainly, it’s important that you also invest in a suitable graphics card that can help promote better working for you.

Now with the help of the above-mentioned best graphics card for after effects options, you’ll surely be able to gain the most effective and fast video editing performance out of your workstation. So go ahead, choose the best option, and level-up your skills!


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