Best Plasma Cutters For Home Shop 2024

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2023)

Work-pieces made from the usual machine cannot beat the stylishness and quality of products made via innovative and modern technology. The same is the case here with these plasma-cutter machines. These electrical-arc based machines can do wonders when it comes to cut the metal objects of varying thicknesses. Whenever you’re involved in the metal cutting projects and designing further useful artwork pieces using those cut metal pieces, the plasma cutter will be the name of choice!

But what exactly is the leading technology that helps you cut a thickened metal object in minutes? Here we’ll explain everything regarding the best plasma cutters so that you can make a better deal for you at the end. So, in this regard, we have compiled some of the best plasma cutters for home shop in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

First of all, you need to know how plasma cutters work. A hot plasma jet throws out the accelerated plasma substance in addition to inert gas with sufficient air pressure that can cut the electrically conductive metal.

Most commonly, these materials include brass, copper, steel, Aluminum, and much more. Moving a little bit into the details, the central part in plasma cutting and welding is the channel making.

An electrical channel of plasma is created, and then this plasma made to fall on the metal piece, which completes the circuit via the earth terminal. A focused nozzle comes next in our list. This nozzle can fall the pressurized air at higher speeds, and an arc is formed.

This arc forms between the nozzle and the metal piece. This gas is ionized via this arc, which further creates the plasma channel. That’s the whole process by which a plasma is used to cut the metal pieces.

Now, you know the basics of the plasma cutter. It’s time to jump onto the next section where you’ll get to know the reasons why need a plasma cutter? Well, the benefits of plasma cutters, everyone knows, but in case you don’t know! We’re here for you.

First of all, the plasma cutter has made the cutting job a lot easier than before. You can cut even the 7/8’ thickened metal piece in a breeze. Most of the plasma cutters are known for their speed. They can cut different metal objects in seconds.

Having high-temperature plasma and more pressurized channels, they can cut the metal objects up to 52 inches per minute. Next, we have in our benefits list is their ability to prevent the plate warping. A plasma cutter can be used to perform the fast cutting with the lowest temperature transfer to the metal itself. This problem is quite common in the oxyfuel method.

Utilizing the oxyfuel method, you can also cut the metal objects, but a slug-like substance is created at the point due to the reaction between the oxygen and steel. In plasma cutting, you can achieve the clean metal cuts in no time.

There are plenty of benefits of having a plasma cutter to accomplish the clean cuts and complete your metal art projects. If you’ve decided to own one, we’re here at your service. After carefully examining and filtering hundreds of products online, we have come up with the best plasma cutter for the home shop.

Best Plasma Cutters For Home Shop (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Hobart AirForce 27i 22.5 x 12.25 x 10 inches (Package) 28 pounds

Check Price

Hobart Airforce 40i 17 x 18.25 x 11.63 inches 21 pounds Check Price
HeroCut55i 17 x 13.3 x 12 inches (Package) 22.4 pounds Check Price
PRIMEWELD CUT60 20 x 11 x 19 inches N/A Check Price


Hobart AirForce 27i Plasma Cutter

Hobart AirForce 27i

Bringing in the sheer power and ruggedness with a massive plasma cutter machine, our first and top pick is the Hobart AirForce 27i Plasma Cutter. This machine equips the advanced yet powerful features that are perfect to buy under this price range. Let’s discuss what’s different in this machine from its predecessors!

When it comes to power and performance, it utilizes standard power but gives extraordinary efficiency. Hobart has launched this AirForce series with the Dual Voltage system along with the multi-voltage plug.

This multi-voltage system will help you run the plasma cutter on both types of voltages, i.e., 120 or 240V. Moreover, when it comes to design, the built quality is exceptionally rugged and compact. It has a unique ergonomic design that lets the workers do the work for hours without any heat issues or lag.

It only weighs few pounds, even with the inverter. Yes, you heard it right! It has a full-fledged inverted inside, which can also run the machine on the generator power.

It enhances the portability of the machine on the other side if you need to work far away from your home shop or garage. A heat resistant handle increases the convenience and adds a plus in its design.

This plasma cutter utilizes high-grade steel and Aluminum in its construction, which increases the durability of this device. Durable plastic material is used where necessary.

One of the strongest selling points for this AirForce 27i is its ease of usage. Hobart has featured a simple technology to cut every kind of metal object with ease. Moreover, the machine requires no prior setup. You just need to start the device and initiates working.

Next is the cutting mechanism that also requires no training and can be done in simple steps via XT30R torch. Like other machines, you don’t need to preheat the metal objects as well. Hobart 27i plasma cutter can cut the Aluminum, steel, brass, and much more.

Thanks to its amperage setting that you can adjust to cut every kind of metal sheet by utilizing the optimized power via the Power Factor Circuitry (PFC).

The cooling mechanism is also employed via the fans which not only reduce the heat issue but prevent dust from entering the machine.

Pros Cons
Post flow cooling circuit Zero Con is yet reported
XT30R Torch
Fans cooling system
Offers easy cutting


Just press the trigger and cut any kind of metal with any thickness via this highly-powered Hobart AirForce 27i Plasma Cutter. It works better and give extraordinary, professional and fine cutting results.




Hobart AirForce 40i Plasma Cutter

Hobart AirForce 40i

Do you want a dominant performance in a lightweight gadget? Here’s a perfect choice for you regarding the plasma cutters. When it comes to power and functionalities, Hobart never stops to impress!

This Hobart AirForce 40i is known to have the utmost ability to cut even a 7/8 steel in just 50% of its duty cycle. That the immense power you can get through a plasma cutter. Now, it’s time to discuss all the features and attributes in detail.

First of all, Hobart AirForce 40i has auto-refire technology in use. This technology is limited to only advanced and new-age plasma cutters.

Using this technology, the cutter can cut even the expanded metals that are not easy to cut with the ordinary plasma cutters. Things are not just confined to this, but you can also cut the painted or coated surface with the help of this technology.

It seems to be a powerful machine, but what about the power source? It operates on the 240V of power source, providing higher RPMs in less power consumption.

Another unique feature is the cooling mechanism. Fans are employed for this purpose, which are not automatic and can be turned on demand. Fans have two main objectives in this powerful machine.

The first one is the cooling while the second one is the protection from the debris. This way, they keep all contaminants out of the internal chamber to keep the machine working for long life.

Speed is what this Hobart AirForce 40i promises for your metal projects! It can cut at the rate of 52 inches per minute on a ¾ steel. Also, the machine ensures to give a clean cut rather than just a fuss in no time.

It is a cutter that works on inverter technology. This inverted technology provides two benefits. First, it contributes towards its lightweight ability while second, it can work on the generators. An 8kW generator with 240V power can smoothly run this machine at the highest settings.

Both of these benefits enable you to take this Hobart anywhere you want. Additional features include the ergonomic trigger safety and XT40R torch consumption. Another best part is that, it uses compressed Air which means no gas needed to operate this. It’s one of the superior plasma cutters in the market.

Pros Cons
Fast speed (52 inches per minute) Ground clamp is weak
Auto-refire technology
Ergonomic trigger safety


Utilize this powerful machine for your home shops and industrial-based metal projects and get clean and fast cut in seconds. It’s a one-time investment that is going to last for years because new technology which is called a wind tunnel is present in this plasma cutter which protects the internal parts of the machine and increases its overall life.




HeroCut55i Plasma Cutter


HeroCut 55i is considered as the most portable plasma cutting machine in the market right now! Moreover, this powerful and rugged plasma cutter is loaded with multiple advanced features that enable you to save power and perform the clean cutting.

First of all, this CUT55i is a non-HF plasma cutter machine that works on the principle of Blowback arc. Moreover, due to no HF interference, you can also use the device in combination with a CNC machine.

A CNC connection port is available at the back-end of this plasma cutter. When it comes to working and performance, this Cut 55i will give you multiple options. It operates at 110 as well as 240 volts and hence can provide you a flexible operational ability.

You can either use it on the generator or the direct power supply, it’s upto you, However, there is one thing to note that you get different efficiency rates at different voltages. The machine can cut 14mm thickness easily in a clean manner at 65 PSI and 220V.

Furthermore, at 110 volts, the max thickness you can cut is 10mm at 65PSI. This dual voltage supply gives extreme portability options to the worker. They can utilize the low power feature when on a generator. You can also force the machine to go up to 25 mm severance under 220V power if needed.

The next feature in our list is its ease of usage. You can setup the whole machine within a minute as it offers no complex connections. Most of the components are pre-set, including the NPT ¼’’ air connectors.

A built-in air regulator helps the machine to regulate the airflow inside the machine. It helps in generating the right pressure for the plasma arc to cut the objects at a faster pace. Air filter regulators serve as a safe connection between the machine and an air compressor.

You might be wondering what’s included in the box! This plasma cutter machine comes equipped with all the accessories. The box consists of the central unit, HF pilot arc cutting torch and 5-meter cable, air regulator, Earth cable, and a manual. A highly recommended plasma cutter that is perfect for home workshops.

Pros Cons
Non-HF technology Zero Con is reported
Dual-voltage system
Set up in just 1 minute
Blowback arc start


This HeroCut55i is a perfect lightweight device that is a combination of precise cutting and dual-voltage flexible power options. This plasma cutter is 100% portable and very light in weight but still produces high power, this power can deal with all kinds of projects small or large light or heavy like a pro. Because of its lightweight and portability, it is one of the best and ideal choice for home use and other DIY projects.





The Prime Weld CUT60P is a small and compact structure welding machine. A plasma cutter is specially designed to cut rough and rusty surfaces. The compact size makes Nontouch Plasma voltage handier and easy to carry anywhere at any time as it is portable.

The ideal cutter offers better cutting quality and consumable features. PT60 torch includes blowback premium cutting that specifies the cutting design. Torch central system provides control over the project.

These cutters are widely used to cut different metals such as alloy steel, copper aluminum, and stainless steel. A lightweight plasma cutter is a perfect machine that can provide quick and quality cutting.

Prime Weld also provides a 3-year warranty to their customers. User-friendly devices can be operatable with less experience and skills as this cutter is ideal and perfect for fast turn around and top-notch cutting.

Dual voltage machine that responds at 110V/220V frequency. Blowback Technology allows working at 60amps. Painted and rusty surfaces can easily be cut through this Plasma cutter.

Pros Cons
Great performance Depth lacking machine
Low-cost machine
3-year warranty
Multi tasking


Blowback cutting torch makes Prime Weld CUT60 60AMP Nontouch Plasma cutter more feasible. This portable cutter is perfect for proper cutting and suitable for rusty surfaces. Arc Technology provides the best and durable results. Due to the low price and quick response, the Prime Weld plasma cutter is one of the best products in the market. This machine can be attached to any welder for quick start-up.



Final Verdict:

Plasma cutting technology helps you achieve every kind of cut on the metal objects no matter what thickness they have! You can cut the highest strength steels, alloys, and metals within minutes.

Plasma cutter, due to their versatile features, has their application in welding repair centers, metal service centers, car repairs, workshops, and much more. Because of their reliability plus powerful and accurate performance, you can also get the benefit from this technology and choose one for you from the products mentioned above without bringing any doubt in your mind.


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