Best Robot Vacuums For Big Houses 2024

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This is the future, and we all have different sorts of robots that work for making our lives much easier. For instance; cars drive themselves, drones navigate the sky, and robot vacuums find their way around your furniture. we have compiled some of the best robot vacuums for big houses in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

The obsession with robot vacuums is increasing day by day as they make everyone’s life hassle-free.  A robot vacuum cleaner is an autonomous cleaner which equips intelligent programming with a limited vacuum floor cleaning system. It has an electric motor that creates suction and is used to collect dirt from carpet, tiles, and hardwood floors. The dirt and debris deposit into a dust cup and gives perfect clean floors.

It is more convenient to use because it can vacuum on its own and can be kept under beds or desks or in closets, whereas a regular vacuum cleaner needs a wider amount of space. So, robot vacuums are an excellent solution especially for big houses as they maintain spotless homes without having human input. If you want to keep your house clean without lifting a finger, Then, let a robot vacuum do the work for you!

Robot vacuum cleaners have taken off in the last few years as they are extremely easy to use. It virtually runs itself after programming it for a given space with time adjustment. Moreover, they not only clean the surface but can dump the dirt they collect, and then find their way back to the charging station.

Some high-end models equip advanced sensors and able to transition between bare floors and carpeted areas and allow you to control them through a Smartphone app. So, what else you want more?

Yes, it’s a pretty good advantage for cleaning your home. Further, robot vacuums can tackle all types of dirt such as dust that has deeply embedded in your carpet, or barely settled debris on any surface. Moreover, robot vacuums can only work in a given space in which they are programmed, so you can easily limit the scope of your machine according to your choice.

A robot vacuum cleaner is a self-sufficient and self-operating, so it’s a perfect device that limits the amount of time spent on cleaning your house. But wait! Are you facing trouble in deciding which robot vacuum should buy? As there are ample amount of robot vacuums available in the market that can help you in cleaning your houses. So, we are giving some quick tips for purchasing a good quality robot vacuum.

First of all, check out the stair detection feature of the robot vacuum cleaner as it helps the robot in detecting a ledge or step, so it can back off and avoid damaging.

Next, consider the programmable times that will allow you to set times of the day or week to run the robot when you’re away at work. Further, automatic docking is a very crucial feature because when the battery charge is low, the robot can go back to the charger and docks automatically.

Nowadays, most basic robot vacuums are smart-home enabled. They’ll connect to your wireless router and can work with an app to help you control the cleaning schedule of your home.

Moreover, consider having a remote control robot vacuum cleaner as many high-end robot vacuums come with a remote control to change the settings or direct the robot cleaner around your room. Further, it must include all the basic abilities like on/off button, cleaning map, history, notifications, or spot cleaning to give you the best results.

Our team has tested a variety of the latest and greatest robot vacuums that’ll do best in cleaning your big homes.

Best Robot Vacuums For Big Houses (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Veniibot N1 Max 22 x 16.8 x 11.9 inches (Package) 15.4 Pounds

Check Price

Ecovacs OZMO T5 13.8 x 13.8 x 3.7 inches 6.7 Pounds Check Price
BISSELL SpinWave 25.2 x 16 x 5.4 inches (Package) 15.27 Pounds Check Price
Lydsto R1 17.63 x 17.01 x 16.93 inches (Package) 25.5 Pounds Check Price


Marca Veniibot N1 Max Robot Vacuum

Marca Veniibot N1 Max Robot Vacuum

Marca Veniibot N1 Max is the world’s best self-cleaning MOP that features its mop cleaning station. Yes, it’s true! It scraps the debris off plus sucks the dirty water into a separate tank and sprays clean water with disinfectant onto the map pod.

The washing base of Veniibot N1 contains a clean sewage separation system, which always maintains a clean water mop. It equips a water tank of large capacity with 800 ML and will automatically set to wash base after every 10-15 square meters of cleaning.

Moreover, it can be filled with water for more than 120 square meters for your household cleaning, so it makes a perfect vacuum cleaner for big houses.

Furthermore, Veniibot N1 uses a patented Lift-Mop machine for giving pressurized mopping. It makes the mop close to the ground by applying 10N pressure on it, so it is different from traditional sweepers which are just ‘gently touch the ground’.

Moreover, N1 Max has a built-in advanced laser LIDAR radar and SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) technology for indoor environmental maps, making it useable straight out of the box.

The machine is also equipped with a variety of sensors such as infrared and inertial navigation that can help to divide indoor space by block area. It cleans the surface in zigzag or fixed-point type in a more efficient way.

Moreover, Veniibot N1 Max robot cleaner comes with a waggled side sweeping brush with its motor that moves out from the robot for collecting the dirt. The bristles on the side brush push into the floor and give corner cleaning coverage, makes the cleaning more thorough.

Next, N1 Max equips a disposable dust bag that is capable of holding up to a liter of debris and dirt. When the dirt bag is full, it is simply taken out and replaced by the new one. So, it’ll avoid you from troublesome that happen in a manually clean dust box.

Further, you can also control the N1 Max vacuum cleaner by fixing the setting of schedule and track for the cleaning area, with the Veniibot N1 App system. Moreover, you can also clean the mop, clean the spot, clean specific areas, create the room, see cleaning history, store maps, and know when to maintain the robot, all through on its multi-function app system.

No matter, you are in the home, out of the city, or in your office; you can control your Veniibot N1 via your Smartphone. So, it will make your life easier by giving this much convenience to you.

With all these features, do you think it would be short on battery life? It comes with a 5200mAh lithium battery that gives you 120 minutes of vacuuming and mopping.

Moreover, it will automatically return for charging during its work and continue working after it is 80% of charge. Further, Veniibot provides you 120-meter squares of wider cleaning area, so it’s a perfect choice for big houses.

Pros Cons
Self-cleaning system Side brushes are not in high-end quality
Pressurized mopping
Advanced Lidar system technology
Multi-function App system


Get your home clean with this automatic Veniibot N1 Max robot vacuum cleaner, as it’ll keep your floor spick and span with its high-end built-in qualities.





Ecovacs Deebot OZMO T5 vacuum cleaner is a top auto cleaning robot that provides a versatile solution for everyday cleaning homes. It gives a systematic and efficient cleaning path by creating a precise map of your floors. Let’s move to its features!

The Deebot Ozmo T5 offers you 2-in-1 mopping by giving simultaneously vacuum and mop. It comes with a tank that occupies 240 milliliters of water and covers approximately 2000 square feet of mopping, thus it’s a perfect vacuum cleaner for cleaning of big houses.

Moreover, it can automatically avoid carpets when mopping and doubles its suction power during vacuuming with the OZMO carpet detection feature. Further, it comes with smart Navi 3.0 laser mapping and navigation that provides you faster and more efficient cleaning with its precise map.

Coming next, Ozmo T5 holds a pressure-retention system that gives high-end energy efficiency and enhances high vacuum pressure, with an amazingly low noise level. It provides you the most efficient cleaning path of your unique home environment and giving a flawless cleaning system every time.

The Deebot sets a new standard for everyday cleaning by eliminating dust and debris hidden in your carpets with its 3 levels of suction power. Moreover, it can scan and store various maps of different levels at your home. The Deebot can clean efficiently even when moved to multiple locations of your home.

Further, you can create unlimited virtual boundaries in your home through the ECOVACS home app, if you want to restrict the robot from cleaning certain areas. You can draw and designate zones on the map of your house with its custom mode and then get to know which areas need the most attention for cleaning. Moreover, Deebot equips a large 5200mAh battery that offers uninterrupted mapping and continuous cleaning in your larger homes. It provides approximately 3200 square feet of cleaning system on a single charge, so it’s the ideal one robot vacuum cleaner for large houses.

Pros Cons
2-in-1 mopping and vacuuming system Makes tricky to connect with hidden networks
Smart Navi 3.0 laser mapping
3+ hours of runtime with 5200mAh battery
Powerful Suction


Bring your entire home an intense and deep cleaning system with this intelligent ECOVACS Deebot Ozmo T5 robot vacuum cleaner.



BISSELL 3115 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

BISSELL 3115 Robot Vacuum

BISSELL is an international best-selling brand and underlines its expanding market position in Europe.

The Bissell Spinwave 3115 robotic vacuum cleaner is the top best robot cleaner that has introduced the actively spin-wave mopping with powerful vacuuming. If you are looking for an excellent wet and dry cleaning system, the Bissell 3115 is the best choice in this case! Yes, let’s discuss it further!

Bissell Spinwave 3115 comes with a two-tank system for dry and wet cleaning modes. It collects pet hair, dirt, and other debris across multiple surfaces in your home in dry vacuuming mode.

When used in wet mopping mode, the mop pads gives cleaning solution by scrubbing the sealed hard floors. Moreover, it comes with a triple-action cleaning system that uses dual spinning brushes, a rotating brush roll, and a powerful suction with up to 1500 Pa. It provides a cleaning system by removing all debris from floors, edges, and corners.

The vacuuming system of Bissell Spinwave 3115 robot cleaner is incredibly efficient and very effective. It can offer more than enough power for most vacuuming tasks and able to vacuum on any hard floor. So, it can effortlessly remove all kinds of debris, dust, dirt, and spots by its vacuum power.

Furthermore, it provides powerful automatic vacuuming with up to 100 minutes of run time, making worth full for cleaning larger homes. On the other hand, the mopping system is extremely effective and does an excellent job of removing multiple stains and messes.

It comes with two mopping pads for eliminating stains and debris from the floors. Further, the soft surface avoidance sensor of the Bissell Spinwave 3115 vacuum cleaner avoids carpet and area rugs while doing wet mopping mode.

Moreover, it gives you a LED light ring, so you can get notifications throughout a cleaning cycle. It works with the Bissell connect app, so you can start, stop, and set the schedules for cleaning cycles in your home.

Even if you’re at work, you can still turn on your robot vacuum and set a schedule for cleaning your house. The docking station of Bissell cleaner sends signals to the robot, so it automatically returns to the dock.

Pros Cons
Two tank cleaning system Consumes high power
Dry vacuuming and wet mopping mode
The triple-action cleaning system
Soft surface avoidance sensor


Use this Bissell Spinwave 3115 robot cleaner to vacuum your floors, and to mop the surfaces as this robot offers both wet and dry functionality.



Lydsto R1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Lydsto R1 Robotic Vacuum

Lydsto R1 robotic vacuum cleaner is an ideal device to have as it can be controlled by both remote and app. You can connect it to your mobile app to set a schedule or if you don’t have any Wi-Fi connection you can simply control it with the help of a remote.

The smart navigation system is installed, allowing it to detect obstacles from every side means a 360-degreesurvey.The sensor system is also very powerful which will recognize carpet and immediately forced the water tank to close for hustle-free carpet deep cleaning.

The V5 upgraded microprocessor is used for a great memory and smart mapping. The device turns itself off when not in use for efficient power consumption. The vacuum can analyze the map, scan it and then clean the house. Moreover, you can create virtual obstacles to restrict the robot not to go to a specific area.

When the battery level is low it will go to the dust collector for charging even if the connector is not in the same room. The dust collector can store the dirt bags for a week or 2. 4 suction levels will allow it to clean cracked spaces, collect hair and debris of any kind.

It can mop as well with a 250ml embedded electric water tank. This can mop the floor as well as clean the stains of your house if any.

Pros Cons
Smart navigation system Little expensive
Easy cleaning
Dust collecting for many days


The Lydsto R1 robotic vacuum cleaner is making tool for mopping and cleaning with its upgraded mapping technology. The smart LSD navigation system will allow it to detect hurdles in every direction for damage-free cleaning. Further, the vacuum cleaner has a light for tidying up at night.



Final Verdict:

Robotic vacuum cleaners have made everyone’s routine easier for cleaning homes as they have powerful suction, better edge capabilities, and perfect programming.

Many people spend hundreds of dollars on purchasing robotic vacuums for their large houses but do not satisfy with their results. So, if you’re going to buy a robot vacuum cleaner for your home, our guide will help you a lot in buying a quality one.


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