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As a roofing contractor for residential homes, the tools you use are essential to your daily life. If used correctly and wisely, they will ensure your safety, make your job run more smoothly, and let your work shine.

A well-constructed ladder can give the user easy access to heights and support when working on difficult roof slopes (always in conjunction with the proper fall protection methods, obviously). In addition, the variety of ladders you can choose from and the available accessories for support can make the difference between a lengthy, tedious installation and a short and efficient one. We have compiled some of the best ladders for getting on roof in the article. We suggest you have a look at them and carry on your expedition.

With this in mind, could you look at our suggestions below? Be aware of your homes and the sites you are working on, and the obstacles a ladder can help you overcome.

There are plenty of useful and interesting features to choose from and clever add-ons to make it appear as if the ladder world is crafted specifically for you.

Ladders are available in various shapes and sizes and come with numerous features that ensure your safety and make your job simpler. When you are beginning your search, consider what you will need your ladder for or the various kinds of ladders you will require for completing a job.

Think about your day-to-day tasks on the job site. Do you want direct access to your roof, a method to climb the top, or an elevated ladder next to the home that doubles as a workstation?

For example, to put in shingles, you will require a stepladder or an extension ladder to access the roof. You will also need the roofing ladder fixed onto the top to complete the task. Make sure you secure your ladder with an anchor (or another stabilizer) to make sure it does not slide off sideways when you get to the roof. We will discuss some options below in the “Stabilizers” section.

The roofing ladder is an extension ladder, which is securely fixed to the roof’s slope to permit roofers to work at an angle (though it should not be greater than 75°) to the roofing. An array of roof hooks need to be put on the ladder to secure the rooftop ladder in place. They are usually accompanied by rolling wheels that permit the ladder to be pushed higher up on the roof.

In roof inspections and repairs, having a basic understanding of ladders can be extremely helpful. If you do not have the appropriate ladder for your roof, even a basic DIY task could cost you a lot of time and work. However, this is not the only thing. A shaky ladder can lead to terrible accidents and even death.

Ladders are a vital element of any worker’s tool kit. Unfortunately, although they may appear simple to use each year, more than 300 deaths are caused by injury caused by ladders within the US in the United States alone! It indicates that ladders must be used with care and care. There are greater risks when rooftop work is required, for example, repairs, or installations.

If you have been on the roof, odds are you have gotten by with the standard ladder. Nevertheless, it is not enough! To increase safety and better efficiency, you will require something better.

Are you unsure of the right size ladder you need to put on your roof? If you are thinking about how tall a ladder should be to get to the top, keep in mind that a ladder can be used for differs from the actual height. Be aware of this when you calculate the size of the ladder to get to the roof.

For example, for extensions ladders, one may only use three feet above the ground. If you go higher than these do, then the extension ladder can be unbalanced and the risk of tipping. For the steps ladder, you may only take the second level (top 2 feet) without danger – anything higher than that, and the ladder can be unstable.

This space can also give the user something to hold onto if they need to get off the ladder. It could also store things if your ladder is equipped with a rung for a utility or a platform.

Best Ladder for Getting On Roof (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Louisville Ladder FE3232 N/A 62 Pounds

Check Price

Little Giant Velocity 67 x 27 x 9 inches 39 Pounds Check Price
Ohuhu 37 x 20.5 x 4.2 inches 25.3 Pounds Check Price


Louisville Ladder FE3232

Louisville Ladder FE3232

Its Louisville extension ladder measures 32 feet, which is impressive high enough for roof work. However, the ladder comes with an estimated weight of 300 pounds. Nevertheless, it means that you will be able to climb up it with some tools safely.

Roof repairs or inspections often involve spending long hours on the ladder. To accomplish this, you require an elevated ladder constructed of sturdy materials.

The fiberglass structure of this ladder will give the stability you need to ensure a safe and secure work environment. In addition, the steps come with sturdy steel shoes that limit the chance of falling. On the other hand, the rail ends, mar-resistant caps, prevent wear and tear on landing surfaces.

There are two slide guides on the uppermost part of the bottom section, which work in conjunction with the stop locks on the upper chamber to stop destabilization due to the extension being too far.

It is the Louisville Extension FE3232 Ladder comes with steel-plated swivel safety footwear. These shoes are made from robust steel and massive treads of rubber that can aid in balance and stability.

The slide guides on the top end of the base section will prevent the ladder from stretching too much by using the stops located on the rails in the fly area. Slide guides help in moving the sections smoothly and smoothly.

The rungs with a D shape are joined to the rails to give full support. They have serrated edges to provide a desirable footing to climbers. They also offer a comfortable surface to sit on.

It is widely known that fiberglass is a more expensive material for ladders, but its benefits outweigh its drawbacks by a substantial margin. One of the concerns is conductivity to electricity.

Safety in the electrical field is an important issue when climbing up the roof of a structure. Since it is made of fiberglass, this ladder provides an additional layer of security from electric shocks for the person using it.

Swivel shoes that adapt to any terrain are an enormous benefit when outdoors. It is designed for intense use and provides complete security on any terrain, including slippery and soft ones.

The Matlock is widely regarded as the standard for ladder rung locks because it is robust, lightweight, and straightforward. It is constructed of an exclusive polymer that gives these properties and allows it to handle large loads without tension or indentation.

Pros Cons
It has fiberglass material Storage issue sometimes
It is equipped with an easy-to-use rope
It is easy to move around


In the realm of ladder extensions, Louisville is the best model. It is equipped with all the features one would expect from a top-of-the-line item. In addition, its anti-mar-resistant rail ends caps offer protection for both the wall supporting it and those on the ends of rails.



Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder

Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity

The Velocity ladder is rated for duty of 300 pounds that is a significant capacity for roof-related work. From cleaning gutters to repairing shingles, you may find this ladder to be extremely versatile.

If you are looking for an adjustable ladder that can move across a range of angles, this could be the perfect ladder.

This Little Giant Velocity Ladder can be folded up into an A-frame, 90-degree, or scaffold ladder. These positions increase its capabilities and versatility in a variety of construction projects.

Its Little Giant Velocity ladder features aluminum construction that is strong and lightweight. It might be easier to move about than its fiberglass or steel equivalents.

It has dual-pin hinges to ensure stability. The Rock Locks make it simple to alter the height of your ladder.

The rungs in this model are longer than those in the case that came with that Louisville ladder. Larger rungs are simpler to work with, as they reduce fatigue while improving your balance and stability at the top of the ladder.

The ladder also comes with steps with deep treads to enhance stability and traction during use. The large flared legs and rubber grip feet could increase the safety of this ladder on the roof.

The ladder is a moderately tall choice that can hold 300lbs across both sides. It is constructed of lightweight aluminum, which makes it much easier to move from one location to another.

Moreover, it is designed for professionals and homeowners, as aside from the light structure, it also comes with palm buttons and rock locks to allow for simple but highly secure configurations. In addition, it offers easy mobility thanks to the top and the glide wheels on the lower part of the.

The Velocity ladder can function in different configurations to increase effectiveness. It is a great extension ladder, an A-Frame, a 90-degree ladder, and a staircase. It means that you have many options to use this ladder to tackle a greater range of tasks.

Its multi-position arrangements allow you to climb ladders of any height and shape easily and without assistance. However, it is always recommended to let someone else help you hold the ladder and support you when you use it.

Pros Cons
Simple to move It is little difficult to set up for some people
Very light
Flexible design


This model is extremely adaptable; it is easy to use and extremely durable. It remains stable no matter the configuration you choose to use. The Velocity is a fantastic alternative if you are in search of one ladder that can fulfill the needs of multiple ladders in one.



Ohuhu Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder

Ohuhu Extension Ladder

If you think that the huge roof ladder would be lots of work, the Ohuhu Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder is made to alter your perspective. It features a simple retraction system that allows you to reach an entirely different level.

Just use the thumb button then the ladder should move down to aid you in household chores. It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. This telescopic ladder is lightweight and can be carried with ease. It can support an overall weight of 335lbs.

The extension mechanism functions well, and the cleverly designed lock pins allow you to ensure that the ladder is at the desired size.

The ladder extensions are prevented from collapsing and sliding. Every section and rung expands slowly so that you do not hurt your fingers. If you want to paint your walls or install a roof, this ladder is ideal for home improvement. We like the sturdy strap for carrying that helps the ladder to remain small and secured for easy storage.

Many have utilized this roof ladder to do everything from lighting up roofs to fixing ceilings, and the list goes on. Many buyers have said this retractable ladder is simple to store away when not in use. It can be easily transported. Customers are pleased that the ladder will not stretch or bend despite its weight and is solid when positioned on the floor.

In addition, this Extension Ladder features a modern design that allows the retraction of a button. If you are frustrated by the pulley as well as the rope extension/collapsing mechanism being too heavy, this new design may be the thing that tickles you.

When collapsed, the ladder on your roof has an extremely compact footprint. It can be able to fit into the trunk of your vehicle. If fully extended, you may be amazed at its 12.5feet high height will get you to a good distance from the roof to do replacing shingles.

The roof ladder has caps with non-slip ends that could be helpful to keep it in the right place. The wider steps could aid in ensuring maximum stability and balance when climbing and descending on the ladder.

This Telescopic ladder is perfect for people who have little storage space. When folded, the ladder measures no greater than 40.2 inches long and is easily moved around with one hand by an average-built individual.

Pros Cons
Retraction and extension buttons Hard locks
It is strong


If you have been putting off the need for a ladder for your roof because of the space issue within your home, then the Ohuhu Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder is the answer to your problems. The sleek retractable style, durable construction, and small size make it a great purchase.



Final Verdict:

Deciding on a ladder for roofing might not be a huge decision, but a poor decision can result in severe consequences. Therefore, please do not go into it without knowing the details. You must conduct your research before making a choice.

Additionally, if you are unsure what to do, this guide will help you in the proper direction. Please select from the various ladders in this guide or utilize it to discover what you need to look for. Whatever you choose, you are sure to find the right ladder to meet your roofing requirements.


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