What are Screw, Belt, and Chain drive garage door openers?

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What are Screw, Belt, and Chain drive garage door openers?

Garage door openers are becoming trendy these days, and it’s completely justifiable. You always desire such a thing that provides a complete automation solution to your garage and brings comfort and modernity to your life. What are Screw, Belt, and Chain drive garage door openers?

Having an automated garage door opener is such a flex these days. But before you buy one of these, do you have any idea about different door openers available in the market? How would you choose the right options for your home? This article has a complete answer to all these questions as it contains relevant information regarding the main difference between the Screw, belt, and chain drive garage door openers.

What is Screw drive garage door opener?

To open or close the garage door, a screw drive garage door opener employs a trolley frame with steel rods that rotate the motor. It uses a circular motion to move the garage door, making it different from other garage door openers. The screw drive garage door opener is a better option than other door openers because it has many advantages.

Its easier to maintain because of fewer moving parts. You don’t need to adjust it as these screw drive openers are fixed. They tend to be smoother and quite than other door openers as well.

But there are some concerns associated with screw drive garage door openers. They tend to be costly and might be out of the reach of some buyers. Furthermore, screw drive openers are not recommendable for areas that face temperature fluctuations as they are sensitive to temperature change.

What are Belt drive garage door openers?

As per their name, belt drive openers utilized a belt to operate. They are identical to the chain drive openers, with just a difference in the material used to operate the device. It uses a steel-reinforced rubber or fiberglass best that’s durable to bear extreme conditions. They are the most suitable choice for heavier doors.

The belt drive door openers are smooth and quiet. They open the door faster but are a bit expensive than the chain drive garage door openers.

What are Chain drive garage door openers?

The chain drive garage door openers are the most affordable garage door openers. They use a chain frame to operate the door opener. If you don’t live in extreme weather conditions, then a chain drive opener can last longer. The chain is connected to the garage door that pushes or pulls the door to move it.

These door openers can be a little noisy but what’s interesting is their affordability. Chain drive door openers are among the most affordable garage door openers.


By now, you must be aware of all three types of garage door openers and differentiate between them. Knowing the difference, you can make the right purchase for your garage door automation.


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