Best Double Din Head Unit with Apple Carplay 2024

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Since the invention of cars and recent development seen in modern cars in the recent 20 years, the need for car infotainment systems has risen and many companies have released products that have been improved over the years. We have compiled some of the best double din head unit with apple carplay in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

The need for an infotainment system is a must in every car and is also a safety feature as it takes the driver’s focus from their mobile devices to their driving while the infotainment screens provide them with information and entertainment for a comfortable and pleasant journey.

As the advancement in technology continues, more sophisticated, yet easy to use systems capable of multiple platforms have been introduced to fulfill the needs of customers.

Each car system is unique and different, the infotainment system of the car can perform many tasks which include managing and playing Music or utilizing navigation for driving assistance, connection to the driver’s mobile device for displaying and managing SMS, Calls, or social media alerts.

Also, some manufactures include settings and various information panels of the car in the infotainment panel of the vehicle for easy access and maintenance. Also, due to the advancement in AI engineering, some manufactures have introduced Artificial Intelligence software which acts as a personal assistant and guide.

As technology progresses, the improvement and possibilities of car infotainment systems are endless. If you are in the search for a car infotainment system, then this article has been compiled to help you compare some of the best options available in the market.

Best Double Din Head Unit with Apple Carplay (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Pioneer AVH-1400NEX 11 x 10 x 7 inches 4.18 Pounds

Check Price

Pioneer AVH-2400NEX 11 x 9.5 x 6.5 inches 4.82 Pounds Check Price
Pioneer AVH-2500NEX 11 x 6.5 x 9.5 inches 4.1 Pounds Check Price
SJOYBRINGCar Stereo 7 x 3.93 x 3.27 inches 2.48 pounds Check Price


Pioneer AVH-1400 NEX

Pioneer AVH-1400 NEX

The Pioneer AVH-1400 NEX is an amazing Infotainment system that boasts an immersive 6.2” WVGA Touchscreen Display Panel.

This entertainment system lets the user experience an innovative and powerful user interface that is highly responsive and customizable. The NEX model is made in mind to the rise in today’s smartphone-driven lifestyle.

The 1400 NEX features Apple Car Play which is an innovative feature for the users iPhone to be connected to the system.

It enables the user to easily make calls, use Maps, listen to their favorite music, and access their messages just with a touch of a finger.

Users of the iPhone can take advantage of their assistant Siri. With just a touch on the 1400 NEX screen, the driver can enable Siri which can listen through the 1400 NEX microphones.

This feature helps the driver concentrate on their journey while accepting their request and answering their requests from the user’s voice.

The 1400 NEX comes with an in-built audio EQ and Time Alignment, 13-band Graphic Equalizer giving the user an enhanced and immersive audio output.

Also, it provides the user to customize the equalizer using the touch panel to get their desired audio output for a tailored listening experience.

The 1400 NEX comes with Sirius XM satellite radio for the user to browse over 130+ channels including ads-free music plus the best sports and entertainment facilities.

Simply connect the Sirius XM SXV300 tuner and get multiple additional features as Tune Mix, Weather Now and other smashing additional features.

The 1400 NEX also supports the following features such as 3.5mm AUX support,1.5A USB port, Backup-camera (reverse camera) input, Composite video Input, and Output. It also comes inclusive of Bluetooth Microphone, Wiring Harness, Mounting Hardware, USB Extension Cable, and Manual.

Pros Cons
The interface is better than other Stock stereo provided by the manufacture The device has no tactile volume buttons or rocker
Compatible with Apple smart Siri Car Play Can be expensive for some customers


The 1400 NEX is a premier Double-DIN infotainment system that is customizable and innovative as per the needs of the customer. The Apple Car Play and Bluetooth Support make it very hot in the market.

The support features such as Audio Jack and USB support enables users to make the most out of their smart devices’ capabilities while easing the load while driving.



Pioneer AVH-2400NEX Car Stereo Receiver

Pioneer AVH-2400NEX Car Stereo Receiver

The Pioneer AVH-2400NEX is an innovative and unique car infotainment system. This 2400 NEX device features all the latest and versatile as it seamlessly connects to user’s devices and can provide an output that makes all car rides safe and enjoyable, making the driver concentrate as well as providing useful data and entertainment facilities.

It’s vivid and sharp 7” screen provides the user with HD quality output as well as its software which has been designed to adapt to the user and made user-friendly to be connected to many devices.

Users of the iPhone mobile devices can enjoy special features including the Sirius XM radio, Apple Car Play. Also, for Android users, the facility of Android Auto is available.

This 2400 NEX device has an evocative 7” Clear Resistive display with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a brilliant resolution of WVGA 800×480 to provide the user with authentic and colorful video output. This 2400 NEX device comes with a motorized display which opens for the user to access and play their favorite cassettes or CDs.

The display can also be tilted using the motor for the best viewing angle for the user. The screen has 5 Display colors with 112- Key Colors.

Also, the display comes with pre-installed 13 backgrounds with the ability of more backgrounds to be added using a USB flash drive. Settings such as Dimmer setting, Brightness controls, and Home screen shortcuts are also available.

The device comes with Navigation Ready as it can be used to guide for a pleasant journey. Also, the support of Google Maps and Apple Maps are available for the user to pair up their mobile device. The facility of Waze is also available.

The 2400 NEX comes with integration such as Voice Control. For Apple device users, the facility of Apple CarPlay is also there. Also, Siri Eyes Free is compatible with this model. Spotify and Pandora are also available for the user to enjoy. Also, App Radio Mode+ is there to be enjoyed by the customer.

Also, this 2400 NEX device supports CD, MP3, WMA, and AAC Audio playback, JPEG photo slideshow Viewer, and all the latest and up to date audio and video playback facilities.

Also, in the back, there is an AUX, Sirius XM radio, and multiple other wire harness jacks available for the user to fully utilize the NEX capabilities. The 2400 NEX also comes with an optional Remote control and 1-year Warranty.

Pros Cons
Has great customizability The wire harnesses provided are short
Can be modified to every person’s requirement Has a Capacitive screen which can be slow and not much responsive
Has multiple ports and access points to plug in smart device Might need to purchase an external wire harness depending on the car


The AVH-2400NEX offers a line of features of innovative and contemporary features specially designed to provide the user with an enjoyable and comfortable experience. The 2400 NEX is an exemplary Double DIN car infotainment system that guarantees an optimal and satisfactory result to the user.



Pioneer AVH-2500NEX 

Pioneer AVH-2500NEX

The Pioneer AVH is a smart and stylish Double din car infotainment system that competes with some of the best car infotainment systems out.

The device is a sharp display with complete freedom for customization and accessibility options, making its name in the market as being one of the best car infotainment systems in user-friendliness.

The AVH-2500NEX comes with a 6.8-inch,16:9 800×480 TFT Active Matrix WVGA LCD backlit super crisp Display unit with a fixed display unlike its predecessor the AVH-2400NEX which had a motorized display that opened.

The AVH-2500NEX has a slot at the top of the display for CD mount. The 2500 NEX has side-mounted buttons for volume control, home button, call control, and multi-tasking window.

The 2500 NEX comes with built-in Bluetooth. The NEX also supports Apple Car Play for a smarter way for iPhone users to make and manage calls, stream their favorite music, and play their desired videos. Also, the feature of using Apple Maps to navigate around is available to give the rider a pleasurable journey.

Also, the 2500 NEX comes with Vozsis with Amazon Alexa which can pair up with your smartphone which is available for both iOS/androids. With just a click of a button, the user can seamlessly play music, check the local news, or get a quick update on the weather. Also, Alexa’s voice feature is available which can be toggled using the Alexa Voice command.

As well as Bluetooth, Apple Car Play, Amazon Vozsis, and Android Auto, the 2500 NEX also has DVD playback, iPod Audio, video Connection through USB, and SD card input plus USB input, Pandora streaming, and Smartphone compatibility.

The 2500 NEX supports audio playback formats such as MP3, Radio Data Service RDS, AAC, FLAC, Mpeg-3, WAV, WMA to provide the user with all the facilities to be taken advantage.

Pros Cons
Comes with an LCD backlighting feature for a luminous glow The screen has a slow refresh rate
The parking assists lines can be modified as per the driver’s requirement
Highly recommended


The 2500 NEX is the successor of the previous generation of the 2400 NEX with more advanced features and greater customizability ranging from the home screen to the settings. It has an additional feature of Mosfet Power amplifier which gives a surreal sound playback and giving the customer a joyful and enjoyable journey.




SJOYBRINGCar Stereo Compatible with Apple CarPlay


This car stereo is fully compatible with Apple CarPlay, and the central unit is equipped with a 1024*600 high-resolution capacitive screen, which is more colorful, clear, and vivid. In addition, it supports 1080P HD video playback that makes a huge difference from other competitors with double Din head units on the market.

It uses a BMW interface, power cable, video interface, straightforward installation, and better data transmission stability. Similar products need to connect to seven places. However, SJOYBRING reversing camera only needs to connect three places.

You can pause or stop the music as you wish while the translation is in progress. (Can be set in settings). The built-in 16-band equalizer adapts to your taste and listening environment—the latest Mirror-Link Phone technology for Mirror-Link, compatible with almost all versions of iPhone and Android phones.

Moreover, with the USB port on your Android or iOS smartphone, you can display your smartphone screen directly on the large 7-inch touchscreen for reliable information and entertainment on the go anytime. With this feature, you can use map navigation, watch your favorite movies or music videos from applications installed on your phone, such as YouTube.

You can control this device with the buttons on the car’s steering wheel by correctly connecting the key1 and key2 cables. Easily search for songs, stations and change the volume.

The impedance-based input keeps the handle working. If you have digital signal routing, you need to purchase an optional CANbus decoder. It is equipped with high-quality RADIO 4754 silicon IC for the best AM / FM reception and brings you the latest information from all over the world.

Pros Cons
It supports 1080P HD video Professional Installation Required
High quality RADIO 4754 silicon IC
Compatible with both Android and iPhone


Stream audio wirelessly over Bluetooth so you can listen to and control tracks, turn up and turn down the volume, and play/pause on your system with music streaming services like Spotify and Pandora. Support Bluetooth Music ID3 tag display so that you can browse albums, artists, etc., you can see.



Final Verdict:

The double DIN car infotainment system is a must-have in the 21st century with the rise in services such as Apple Car Play. Such services enable the driver to concentrate on the road while providing them with information and entertainment.

Apple Car Play gives the user the feeling of being in the Apple Ecosystem. It enables the user to interact with the car entertainment system with the freedom and openness they feel while operating their mobile devices.

Car Play makes it easy for iPhone users to access apps for calling, messaging, and managing their notifications. Moreover, Car Play provides Navigation via Apple Maps. In conclusion, Apple Car Play can be a very handy addition in all Double DIN car infotainment systems.


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