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If you are planning a remodel or renovation task in your kitchen, there are four kinds of microwave ovens to choose from. The type you will want to select depends on the location you intend to install it. It could be in the kitchen, on top of the range, or in a built-in drawer. Apart from an oven drawer, microwaves can also include convection cooking functions. Some microwaves are equipped with toaster and Rotisserie functions. We have compiled some of the best countertop microwave with trim kit in the article. We suggest you have a look at them and continue exploring.

What are the main reasons you should choose a countertop microwave over other models?

The issue boils to cost. The countertop model is more affordable than the other models are and does not need professional help for installation. However, there are many practical reasons to select the countertop model for an upgrade or remodel. They could include:

A full size microwave is not essential for you. It is unnecessary to have an enormous one, and you do not mind placing it on the countertop. Countertop microwaves usually can trim them, which can help you save money while still putting the appliance inside your cabinets for the look of a built-in.

The microwave trim kit provides the microwave with a built-in design and allows for airflow. A thin frame that runs around its front creates a look like its built-in. Then the lower, upper, and rear ductwork joins the cabinetry inside.

While our focus on remodeling is the built-in microwave, we will be discussing countertop models in this article. IN addition, these countertop models include trim kits for easy construction.

If you have decided that a countertop model is the best option for you, and then you have to follow the particular selection criteria. It is essential to have a space for a counter—the bigger the microwave, the more significant number of people you can feed. The size of the microwave is expressed in cubic ft.

Small microwaves measure around 0.8 cubic feet. The largest, family-sized microwaves are within the range of 1.2 and 2.2 cubic feet range.

A smaller microwave, such as the Amazon Basics unit at 0.7 cubic feet, measures just 17.3″ x 14.1″. A giant microwave, like that of the 2.2 cubic feet. GE Profile has dimensions which are 24″ x 19.5″. It is greater than 3 square ft.

It is essential to ensure an electrical outlet nearby, apart from the dimensions. It is best to be in the back of the unit, as cords of power draped over the counter are not just ugly. They could also be dangerous.

The more power you have, the greater the power and the quicker it cooks. The standard or benchmark is 1000W. It is enough power to cook quickly and efficiently. The wattage of microwaves typically can range from 700W for the lowest end to 1,200W at the upper range. Certain microwaves are equipped with inverter technology to cook even when altering the power settings.

Other microwave specifications to be aware of include,

  • Control panels that are easy to read and displays that are simple to operate. Search for buttons that are large and icons that are easily recognizable. You do not want to press a button close accidentally.
  • Find quick keys, as well as preset settings like “auto cook,” “keep warm,” “popcorn,” “defrost, “etc.
  • Check for moisture sensors that measure the humidity level within the unit. Match it to the type of food and regulate your cooking time.
  • If you have kids, consider the option of locking your child out.
  • Find smooth control panels. They are more accessible to neat.
  • Be aware that certain microwave ovens are not equipped with turntables and instead use flatbed technology to power. Turntables can be challenging to use.
  • Look at door options. Think about the drop-down door over hinged doors for its flexibility. It is also more convenient to use for left-handed people. Additionally, you might prefer a door with a handle rather than a push-button operated door.

Below are our top three countertop oven selections that follow the criteria we discussed earlier.

Best Countertop Microwave with Trim Kit (Comparison)

Name Material Energy
Panasonic NN-SN766S Stainless Steel 1250 Watts

Check Price

Panasonic NN-TK621SS Stainless Steel 1200 Watts Check Price
Panasonic NN-GN68KS Stainless Steel 1000 Watts Check Price


Panasonic NN-SN766S

Panasonic NN-SN766S

The Panasonic NN SN766S is the most suitable choice for its cost. This model’s power output is about 1250 watts. It is a decent microwave, and it offers lower cooking times and quality, more consistent results (when compared to other models at similar prices).

It also has better performance and comes with the same build quality as other microwaves on the market, but twice the cost.

This Panasonic model is among the microwaves for the countertop, which are multi-purpose and can be bought with an integrated unit.

With massive capacities, impressive features, and a mighty motor. It is a fast microwave to cook food and defrost your veggies without using up the space.

One of its best-known features is Inverter Technology that also has turbo defrost. This technology allows for an unstoppable flow of energy at any temperature setting that results in a uniform, well-cooked meal that is equally prepared using different cooking methods.

Consistent power draws let food freeze evenly, reducing the possibility of cooking too much outside

and cold within.

With a capacity of 1.6 cubic, the Panasonic SN766S offers ample space to store dishes of every size. It can also defrost small Fresh Turkey (less than 14 pounds) or four chicken breasts. The Child Lock function is a crucial feature too. It reduces the chance of severe injuries and makes your kitchen a secure place for your family and you.

Moreover, if you are cooking food and need a little more time to cook, you can prolong the cooking time by increments of 30 seconds by pressing the “Add 30 Seconds” button.

The microwave can also delay the cooking by as long as up to 99 mins and 99 sec. It means you can select the time you would like your oven to start the microwave process. It lets you choose when other tasks need to be completed.

With several automatic cooking options, it is possible to cook many typical dishes like popcorn, pizza, oatmeal, pasta soup, etc. If your food is cooked, but you do not wish to serve it up in a hurry, the keep-warm function allows food to remain at serving temperature for at least 30 minutes after food is cooked. For many, this feature is beneficial.

Pros Cons
High capacity Stiff button
Genius Sensor


The Panasonic SN766S is a great model in this particular category. It is more efficient at ensuring that you get consistent outcomes when you compare it with other models of similar prices. It is also a good choice for comparison with various premium models.



Panasonic NN-TK621SS

Panasonic NN-TK621SS

The Panasonic Microwave Oven NNTK621SS Stainless Steel Countertop uses invert technology to give you delicious and quick cooking.

The oven has an elegant design, making it the perfect fit for contemporary kitchens. It has 1.2 cubic feet. It is easy to cook enough food for your whole family.

Microwave cooking is easy and space saving, 1200w smart black countertop oven with eleven power settings, intelligent controls, LEDs, three levels popcorn button 13.4 inches; turntable, easy to clean interior, manual, and auto controls.

Inverter technology produces smooth streaming of microwave energy to ensure uniformly heated food edge to center.

It also comes with the Turbo defrosts inverter for all frozen items. Turbo defrosts speed up the defrosting process to allow food to be thawed faster and more thoroughly to create food that is more delicious.

A clever sensor automatically adjusts power and timings to take the stress out of cooking every day. The package includes ten cooking settings that are sensor-controlled. The sensor’s reheating system evenly warms food to preserve nutrients and flavor in leftovers.

Furthermore, there is no need to guess when making meals with the microwave. It comes with an automatic cooking function that detects how long it takes to cook. There is no chance of cooking undercooked or undercooked food.

The microwave comes with a safety lock that can stop accidents from occurring for your safety. When the appliance is turned off, it has a child safety lock to prevent accidents.

It is equipped with a variety of features and functions. This Panasonic microwave is easy to use to detect the cooking time using the auto cook feature. It means there is no uncertainty when it comes to cooking.

It also can auto-reheat meals, whether they are at room temperature or chilled. The timer control is easy to operate using labeled buttons and ensure smooth operation. This device is ideal for cooking various meals, including vegetables, meat, eggs, meat, and other things.

Pros Cons
Programmable dial A bit loud
Innovative features
Compact for small spaces


This Panasonic Microwave Oven the NNTK621SS Stainless Steel Countertop uses invert technology to allow you to enjoy quick cooking time and tasty outcomes.

The oven has an elegant design that makes it the perfect fit for modern kitchens. It has a 1.2 cubic feet capacity cooking area. It is easy to cook enough food for your whole family.



Panasonic NN-GN68KS

Panasonic NN-GN68KS

Panasonic has provided the latest and most potent efficient multi-purpose cooking technology in this machine. The NN-GN68KS Kitchen Chef 2-in-1 countertop multi-oven.

It is designed to meet the demands of chefs and beginners’ needs; it offers four distinct features: baking, air-frying broiling, traditional microwaving, and baking.

A surge in hectic lifestyles and the need for quick, nutritious, and fresh food has led to rapid growth in the multi-cooking appliance’ segment, including items like multi-cooker cookware and toaster ovens equipped with convection functions.

The 2-in-1 Home Chef Countertop Multi-Oven is versatile enough to allow users to use either of the two cooking techniques independently for delicious results, quick food and snacks or as a combination to create many quick and healthy dishes that everyone can enjoy.

You can cook various food items and snacks with the utmost precision with two different cooking options. To perfection, the HomeChef 2-in-1 Countertop Multi oven users do not require additional appliances to cook their favorite food items.

Air fry is a healthier option than traditional frying, and it swiftly circulates hot air over the food items, which is quicker than convection to produce crispy brown outcomes.

The preparation of food that involves broiling is also accessible Dual infrared technology efficiently prepares food on a grilling rack that brings food closer to the grilling element that is infrared and creates the crispness that isn’t present in traditional microwave cooking.

Baking is also more accessible and efficient with the Countertop Multi-Oven from Home Chef that can function as an oven that is a primary or secondary. Its Convection Bake function is available between 215deg. and 425deg. for roasting and baking without heating the house or using more energy than conventional oven baking.

In addition, using an intelligent microwave sequencing system built on the Inverter’s continuous-power delivery and Turbo Defrost feature ensures the food’s taste, texture, and nutrients, without causing frozen edges or cooked edges.

To add to its extensive selection of valuable choices, 07 auto-cook settings and 11 levels of power give the ideal temperatures and timings for rapid and precise results for breakfast cereals, grains, vegetable dishes, and much more.

Pros Cons
Two different cooking options Limited Availability
Convenient Baking
Reliable option


A recent Panasonic survey found that an average of 9 tiny kitchen appliances were utilized by U.S. households, leaving very little counter space left to prep food or other uses.

With 1.1 cubic feet inside, the sleek, stainless steel Home Chef 2-in-1, Countertop Multi-Oven comes with an ample cooking space inside and a small exterior footprint that will save counter space. If you are looking for a more style that is built-in, an optional trim kit can be used to make it into walls or cabinets.



Final Verdict:

A microwave is a necessity for many people, whether you are buying it the first time or simply because your previous one was damaged or your kitchen needs an upgrade.

After you have identified the kind of microwave suitable for your particular situation, you should determine what kitchen space you are willing to sacrifice. If the counter space is small, you may need to make space by choosing a smaller size.


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