Best Pressure Washer for Auto Detailing 2024

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First thing first:

The past few decades introduced various innovative items that are now restructuring the way we perform normal tasks. They are easing them to a large extent. If we consider the example of normal household cleaning, it was a hectic task before the invention of pressure washers. Pressure washers have completely changed the way we used to clean our vehicles, garages, rough and dirty areas. We have compiled some of the best pressure washers for auto detailing in the article. We suggest you keep on looking.

Why you need a pressure washer?

The time spent to clean all dirty objects has been reduced from hours to minutes. Pressure washers are a great household cleaning tool that is suitable to clean various surfaces and objects like swimming pools, car porch, and even vehicles.

What is a pressure washer?

The pressure Washer consists of various components like a hose, pressure pump, tires for mobility, fuel tank if you are not using an electric pressure washer. When we talk about the fuel used in pressure washers then it depends on what type of system are you using.

Type and Conveniences:

Some pressure washers are electric models that use electricity as a power supply. However, in such a pressure washer you will be bound to access limited space because of the electric wire attached with a pressure washer.

Furthermore, there are diesel-powered pressure washes that are very effective and more powerful. You can move them from place to place without any difficulty.

There are also gas-powered pressure washes that are one of the most powerful systems for commercial cleaning. They convey great water pressure and are more suitable to be used on commercial sites.

Some other benefits:

With so many benefits that a pressure washer offers, you must be willing to buy one. But it’s always a challenge to choose the right system among many of them available. It depends on your need and where you will be using these washers.

You can also wash your solar panels with pressure washers to get maximum energy from your solar system.

For normal household cleaning, it is recommended to use electric power pressure washers. They are considerably powered to wipe away all the dirt from your house.

They are also easy to handle and energy-efficient because they are specially designed to work for household purposes.

But if you are looking for a pressure washer to use on commercial sites. Then gas-powered pressure washers or diesel-powered pressure washers will be an optimum choice.

Pressure washer for multiple purposes:

As we have already discussed that the pressure washers can be used for multiple purposes, not just for surface cleanings.

Many people around the world are using these to wash their vehicles big or small don’t matter. These things give you extra-ordinary cleaning details which you cannot get from manual cleaning. You can use pressure washers both for domestic and commercial purposes.

But if you are still confused about what to choose then we have gathered the 3 best pressure washes that will be best suitable for your needs.

After exploring our best picks you will be able to narrow down your choice and choose the best one among them.

 Best Pressure Washer for Auto Detailing (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Sun Joe SPX3000-XT1 16 x 14 x 34 inches 28.4 Pounds

Check Price

Greenworks 2000 17.32 x 19.29 x 31.73 inches 32 Pounds Check Price
Sun Joe SPX3001 14.4 x 16.5 x 33.5 inches 36 Pounds Check Price


Sun Joe SPX 3000- XT1 pressure washer

Sun Joe SPX 3000- XT1

Sun Joe SPX 3000- XT1:

The first pressure washer on our list is the powerful extreme electric high-pressure washer SPX 3000- XT1 that may be your next favorite gadget due to its countless features.

It is one of the best choices among the available pressure washers in the market. This pressure washer is an economical option in terms of price and a sufficient choice in terms of its features.

What makes it so special?

It involves an electric power supply with Space-saving dimensions and a maximum pressure of 2200 pounds per square inch. Justifies that this pressure washer won’t be under powered at all.

Not Heavy:

The sun Joe extreme pressure washer weighs few pounds. So it won’t be heavy to move from one place to another.


In addition, it involves 20 feet long to make the cleaning even more convenient. You will get a maximum flow rate of 1.65 gallons per minute from this powerful pressure washer.


Many companies are manufacturing pressure washes these days but very few are reliable among them, when we talk about reliability we cannot ignore the SPX 3000- XT1.

Because, this item is more suitable and perfect to eliminate grime from any surface within no time.

It features a powerful 13-ampere whole motor that generates maximum pressure to vanish Dirt and grease from any surface. With the extreme pressure of 1.6 gallons per minute make sure that your cleaning tasks completes in the first go.

The Power:

The foam cannon shoot the detergent up to 15 feet. Justifies that you will be easily covering a wide surface with detergent without moving the machine.

For Vehicles:

It makes it suitable to clean different sized vehicles. So you will be saving a considerable amount of money that would rather be spent on car cleaning stations.

Nozzle type:

The 4 quick connect nozzles arrange different spray patterns from pinpoint Z to fan spray and involve heavy, medium, and light spray. You can change the nozzle in seconds and clean various items conveniently.

For example, if you are about to clean dried grease, then a pinpoint jet nozzle will be more suitable. Fan spray is suitable to moisturize the surface before applying detergent on it.

Energy efficient:

This device is energy-efficient, it is equipped with total stop system technology that automatically shuts down the pump when the trigger is not engaged.

It saves a lot of electricity and brings down your electricity bill even while you are using one of these.

Electric-powered pressure washers connected with the electric cable that might make the mobility-limited but with the 20 feet long pressure hose, you can clean longer surfaces without moving it.

Pros Cons
Makes cleaning easy Limited mobility
Save up the electricity Unusable during power breakdowns
It is energy efficient Only suitable for small commercial use


Overall this extreme pressure washer is the best choice if you are using it for household purposes. It will make your cleaning task exciting and easy.

It is loaded with features that will help you in all the cleaning tasks. However, if you want to use it for commercial purposes then it might not be the best option because of the limited mobility due to the electric wire connection.




Greenworks 2000 Max psi

Greenworks 2000 Max psi 

Greenworks 2000:

The second option on our list is the attractive-looking green work 2000 Max pressure washer that is also electrically powered.

Why Greenworks?

Green work is also among the top companies producing high-end pressure washers. That is why it’s considerably more powerful and energy-efficient than other pressure washers. Furthermore, the price tag of this pressure washer is reasonable too.

The Power:

This pressure washer features 2000 psi pressure at 1.2 gallons per minute which ensures that you can clean any surface conveniently.


Green works pressure washer has passed all the quality standards and it is tested according to the PWMA standards.

Particularly its mist test, that shows the company and its products are most reliable out there.

Multiple uses:

This 2000 PSI Pressure washer guarantees easy cleaning of the residential areas as well. It is best suitable for household cleaning tasks where you can clean your swimming pool, garages, and other surfaces.

It has a powerful 14-ampere motor that delivers power to the pump. You can operate it with the convenient push start button. Furthermore, it is energy efficient due to having the Start-Stop technology when they spray when is not engaged.

It means that you will not be pressing the spray lever. The power pump will go off until you use the spray nozzle again.

For Vehicles:

Due to its multiple uses feature, this pressure washer is also vehicle friendly, you can use this gadget for your vehicle cleaning for better results.

In addition, it has an onboard soap tank that also delivers effective pressure to spray detergents on the surfaces.

You can easily cover your vehicles in detergent while washing them with this pressure washer. All you need to do is keep the soap tank filled with detergent.

The automatic Start-Stop technology in this pressure washer makes it very energy efficient and saves a lot of your electric cost.

People are often worried about their electricity bills while having these heavy-duty devices. While you can fearlessly trust on this due to the modern technology mechanism.

Pros Cons
Attractive color tone Limited mobility
Easy to carry design Suitable for small scale
Maximum power delivery


Overall this green work pressure washer is an optimum choice for household cleaning. It delivers considerable power and pressure to clean various surfaces.

The most attractive component of this is the price tag because it is cheaper than many other options available in the market.

It depends on your frequency of use but if you are not a frequent user or want a pressure washer for only household cleaning then this is just right for you.



Sun Joe SPX 3001

Sun Joe SPX 3001

SPX 3001:

The 3rd one on our list is the stylish electric pressure washer by sun Joe SPX 3001 that is Equipped with solid hose reel.

Special features:

It comes in green color and attractive finishing and design to make cleaning in a stylish way. It has a 2030 PSI pressure motor that delivers 1.76 gallons per minute.

This pressure washer is electrically powered with 14.5 amperes of current. This pressure washer has the most power among these 3 options so will you do the job even more effectively.

The Difference:

This pressure washer has a lesser length than the above 2 options but when it comes to the power of the pressure motor, this option stands at the top.

More gallons per minute of water pressure which is more than most of the pressure washes in its category.

The usage:

It is suitable to clean dried Greece from surfaces like swimming pools, balconies, and tiles. But its usage isn’t limited to just these places.

You can conveniently use this pressure washer to clean your vehicles as well. So it will let you save a lot of money that would rather be spent on automated car washing stations.

The Convenience:

One of the main problems faced by pressure washer owners is the management of water hoses. It is difficult to Roll and unroll the hose.

So the manufacturer added a hose reel in this pressure washer that solves the problem. All you have to do is pull the water hose from the reel and roll it after you are done with the cleaning task.

This little edition is the main attraction of this pressure washer.

Furthermore, it has an extra-large onboard detergent tank that can hold up to 1.2 liters of detergent, which means don’t need to refill the detergent tank again and again.


It is CSA certified with the maximum certified pressure of 2030 PSI. However, under typical Load, the washing pressure is 1450 psi.

In addition, this option is considerably cheaper than other options. So it makes cleaning effectively while keeping the price tag affordable.

This pressure washer is designed in an attractive appearance that not only emphasizes product performance but also its appearance. It makes it stand out of the typical pressure washes and let you wash with style.

Pros Cons
Attractive appearance Electric cable makes mobility-limited
Modern design Usage for small scale
More powerful than other pressure washers


Overall this sun Joe Pressure washer is an optimum choice if you want greater pressure that is made for multiple cleaning.

The best part is that it will stop working when the holes are not passing water. So overall it’s a good choice.



Final Verdict:

Pressure washers are great to have in your garage, you can perform multiple tasks from these devices. From floor cleaning to carpet cleaning, door way cleaning to vehicle cleaning, these washers can perform better in each task and gives better results.


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