What is Series I & Series II electronics for wall consoles and buttons?

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2023)

What is Series I & Series II electronics for wall consoles and buttons?

Garage door openers have introduced us to explore new technological progress limits and ease our lives using them. No doubt that your forefathers had never thought of opening the garage door in any other way than stepping out of the car and walking towards the garage. What is Series I & Series II electronics for wall consoles and buttons?

The modern world has merged this manual way with technological advancements and introduced a device known as automated garage door openers.

Having one of the garage door openers, all you have to do is press a button on the keypad provided, and the electric motors installed on the door open the garage for you. Many homeowners have opted for this modern feature to make life convenient.

As garage door openers are becoming popular, the FAQs related to them are also increasing. People search for various questions on the internet before purchasing the complete garage door automation solution.

So here in this article, you will get everything you need to know about garage door openers and find out what are Series I, II, and III electronics for wall consoles of the garage door openers.

What are garage door openers?

The garage door opener is an electronic device that uses motors to move the garage door between open and close positions. It is usually operated by the wireless remote control provided with the device. These openers are installed on the garage doors compatible with all sorts of materials like wooden, vinyl, and metal doors.

The garage door openers come in various types; their working mechanism is the same but uses different means to operate the device. Following are the explanation of three different types of garage doors:

The belt drive garage door opener utilizes a rubber or fiberglass belt that connects the garage door with the door opener. The belt moves the motor and the garage door to slide between open and close positions. These door openers are heavy-duty and made to move the heavy-weight garage doors.

The chain drive door openers are similar to the belt drive. The only difference between them is that the chain drive opener uses a metal chain found in cycles. The chain connects the door opener with the garage door and assists in opening and closing it. It’s one of the cheapest options in garage door openers.

The screw drive openers run differently. It uses the screws ad bolts that rotate to operate the door opener. So there are no sliding parts in screw drive door openers. These openers are modern and durable and last for a longer period but are a bit expensive than other openers.

Series I, II, and III electronics for wall consoles.

To open the garage, the door openers are connected to wall consoles. These consoles come in different Series known as Series I, Series II, and Series III consoles. These consoles have different compatibilities with the door openers, for example.

Different television uses a specific remote control. Similarly, the door openers utilize different wall consoles categorized in Series I, II, and III. You have to use a specific series console for the door opener. It is also mentioned on the owner’s manual which series console will be suitable for your garage door.


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