Best Garage Door Opener with Battery Backup 2024

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The modern world is advancing at a speed of flash where everything is turning advanced. Technological advancements have restructured the way of performing even the simplest tasks. These tasks have become easier to do, which helps save time and effort. We have compiled some of the best garage door openers with battery backup in the article. We suggest you have a look at them and keep exploring wonderful products.

Various activities were never so easy, and people would have no idea that technological progress would advance them to the most efficient manner.

For example, people in the last century would have never thought that a garage door could open and close automatically. Nowadays, it doesn’t seem so amazing that garage door automation exists.

Similarly, countless other things have developed into a newer and advanced way to run day-to-day life activities. However, we’ll be precise and talk about the automated garage doors in this article.

The garage door openers are the base for converting the manual garage door into an automated one. It involves several motors, belt drives and a couple of operating devices that let you open and close the house garage with a simple click of the button.

There are plenty of benefits associated with an automated garage door that are mentioned further in this article.

Imagine you have reached home with your kids who don’t let the environment stay peaceful.

Now, if you aren’t lucky enough to have an automated garage door, then you have to step out of the car, leaving your naughty kids behind and open the door manually. In that little time window, the kids could create a lot of trouble, like Turing the gear into drive mode or releasing the hand break out of incautious behavior.

All of it can result in something way worse than you can think. But having a simple, smart garage door opener can prevent all that from happening. All you must do is press the button on the remote, and the garage door opens itself.

Similarly, if you had surgery or not feeling well ad driving back home, it’s way more challenging to get out of the car, walk to the garage door and insert force to open and close it. So in such a case, a garage door opener would be a blessing.

These are just a few pros among the uncountable benefits that automated garage door openers bring into your life, and that is the main reason why they are becoming an essential buy these days.

Garage door openers are demanded massively worldwide, so many companies opt to manufacture them. There is a wise availability of garage door openers in terms of sizes, load-bearing capacity and the type of drive that runs the door opener.

There are belt drive openers that utilize rubber or fiberglass belt and screw drive openers that runs on rotating bolts to open the garage door. But the question is if you are willing to buy one of these garage door openers, how would you pick the right one for your house? What if you live in an area that faces frequent electricity shutdowns?

So to guide you rightly, we have picked some of the best garage door openers with the highest rating loaded with features and offers battery backup to work during load shedding. Check out the following door openers:

Best Garage Door Opener with Battery Backup (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Chamberlain RJO70 7.5 x 7.9 x 21.5 inches 38.2 Pounds

Check Price

Chamberlain B970T 18 x 10 x 6.5 inches 35 Pounds Check Price
LiftMaster 85503 20 x 12 x 12 N/A Check Price
LiftMaster 8550W 15 x 15 x 10 inches (Package) 22 Pounds Check Price


Chamberlain RJO70

Chamberlain RJO70

The RJO70 garage door opener from chamberlain is an advanced version of it. As per its name, this garage door opener is wall-mounted that comes in a stylish design.

The wall mounter garage door opener features a space-saving design, a complete door automation solution, battery backup for operating the door opener during a power failure, and many extra features.

Modern homes are getting compact, and space utilization is becoming a centre of interest.

You don’t have plenty of space to place a huge garage door opener in the ceiling and eat up that useful space. These smart chamberlain wall-hung openers don’t eat up the ceiling space, and you can place bulbs fans in them. So, this wall hung door opener is less intrusive on space.

In addition, there is a great benefit for people who live in areas that face power breakdowns. The chamberlain wall hug door openers come with battery back-up to operate the door.

It’s a life-saving feature, especially when you need to leave the house in an emergency and there is no electricity.

Furthermore, the mobile app feature connects your smartphone with the door opener and enables you to control it anywhere. You can open and close the door and check its status if you are in any doubt that it might be left open when you leave.

The automatic garage door locks deadbolts the door after it closes so that maximum security is ensured. Furthermore, the door opener’s function is smooth and quiet that doesn’t bother your neighbors and the housemate when you open the garage door.

Pros Cons
Attractive design that appeals the visitors Expensive than standard door openers
Space-saving design for small houses
Maximum security of the house


The chamberlain wall-hung door opener is undoubtedly attractive and smart in terms of design and feature.

It’s a great thing to convert your garage door into an automated one and save useful garage space at the same time. If price is not a concern for you, then this is highly recommendable, but this is a bit out of range for affordable options seeking people.



Chamberlain B970T

Chamberlain B970T

B970T smart garage door opener by chamberlain, it’s among the most popular and highly rated door openers available in the market that offers features that exceeds your expectations.

The chamberlain garage door opener features a powerful 1.25HP motor that moves the heaviest garage door easily.

It also has a battery backup of a couple of houses so that you can operate the garage door in such circumstances. These smart door openers also give you a secure house environment with all the safety features explained below.

The garage door comes in various shapes and sizes, and the metal ones are considered one of the heaviest doors. To operate such heavy doors, powerful motors are needed to bear the massive load and move the garage door at an optimum speed.

So Chamberlain Company kept that in mind and added a 1.25HP heavy-duty motor that is enough to open and close your heavy garage doors.

It also gives it the best performance during extreme weather conditions. So, it’s guaranteed that this powerful motor won’t face any resistance by weather conditions or by the heavy doors and operate well during all circumstances.

The chamberlain smart door opener is equipped with motion-detecting sensors connected with the brightest LEDs to keep the environment. Whenever any moving activity is detected, the sensors light up the bulbs to throw light into the whole garage.

There are also smartphone connectivity features that connect the smartphone with the door opener so you can check the door status from anywhere. You can also control it through Wi-Fi even if you forgot to close the door after leaving.

The battery backup ensures that you don’t face any difficulty if there is an electricity failure and you have to enter the garage or leave it. The batteries are enough to operate the door several times before they need a charge-up.

Pros Cons
Secures the house from intruders Poor wireless connectivity in some cases
Quick entry and exit
Low cost of maintenance


Overall, the chamberlain smart door opener offers great features more than someone’s expectations from a door opener in this price tag.

The smartphone connectivity feature is duly advanced, and a simple update could improve it. It’s a good purchase for someone desiring garage door automation but has a heavy or two-car garage door.





The third on the list is the famous belt drive door opener 85503-267 manufactured by life master. These openers utilize a rubber or fiberglass belt that connects the door opener with the garage door and moves it with the motor. They are optimum to move heavyweight doors and provide an easy and smooth door movement.

Security is becoming a major concern these days, and people look for door openers that offer maximum-security features. So here is the answer in these life master door openers as they are equipped with a video camera.

The camera is attached to a motion-detecting sensor that detects any movement in the garage. The camera starts recording when the sensor detects any movement.

You can also see live videos of what’s happening in the garage. So, you can have a proof video to use as evidence if an intruder breaks into your house.

Like all the modern door openers, the life master smart door opener also offers smartphone connectivity through the company’s mobile app.

It enables you to control the garage door from any place. You can also see the live video from the door opener camera on your smartphone once it’s connected with the door opener.

People who face power failure are often concerned that whether they should buy an automated door opener or not. The reason behind this is that it runs on electricity and will stop if the electricity goes off.

But you don’t have to worry about this issue while purchasing the life master smart door opener. It comes with a proper battery backup to provide power to operate the door even when there is no electricity.

Pros Cons
Works fine during power failure Extra expense for storing videos
Enables you to see the live garage video
Gives modern features to your garage


The life master camera-enabled door opener is the most secure option available in the market as it allows you to have a live video of the garage. It’s recommendable if you live in areas having high crime rates. However, you would have to buy extra storage devices to save the recorded videos, so consider that expense.



LiftMaster 8550W Elite series

LiftMaster 8550W

Last but not the least, the life master Elite series 8550W is unmatchable. It features smartphone connectivity, a reliable motor that lasts for years, battery backup to provide power during a power failure, and a security feature that sends you a new code with every click so that the door opens only for you.

Starting with smartphone connectivity, the life master smart door opener enables you to connect it with your smartphone so that you won’t face difficulty controlling the device if you are away from the house. You can control the door openers with a simple touch on your phone and know its status from anywhere.

Secondly, the security feature provided in this door opener allows you to have a separate code used as a pass code. You can change it with every click.

It ensures maximum security that only allows you to use the code and open the garage door. Standard door openers are difficult to reprogram, but with the life master door opener, you can do this task in seconds.

Furthermore, the battery backup provided with this door opener is a life-saving feature because some areas face frequent electricity breakdowns. People get stuck in their houses if they don’t know how to open the door opener manually. The battery backup does the job in power failures too.

Pros Cons
Provides garage door automation Customer service
Energy-efficient device
Easy to install


The life master elite door opener is a secure and efficient tool for garage door automation. It is the best to secure your premises in a smart way.



Final Verdict:

By now, you have seen several smart door openers that bring in household automation for your house. All you have to do is compare them in terms of price, features, and durability and choose the best one for your house. Good luck with your purchase.



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