Best Budget Plasma Cutters 2024

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2023)

Metal objects are hard and tough- but not impossible to cut. You cannot deny the importance and the purpose of these plasma cutters in the hardware industry. Plasma cutters mainly send the electrical arc via an inert gas through the metal. Highly flowing gas can easily cut the molten metal objects and provide you the outcome in a few minutes.

Keeping in mind the principle of these cutters, it is quite evident that these are easy to use but requires some grip from the users. Here in this guide, you’ll get a complete piece of information about the plasma cutter’s working, their components, and some best plasma cutter products that you can choose. This is why we have compiled some of the best budget plasma cutters in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

The first thing you need while starting the cutting job with a plasma cutter is the equipment for measuring the plasma flow. Most of the modern plasma cutters have them fitted into the main body, so you don’t spend pennies.

Once you have the plasma measuring kit, it’ll be comfortable and safe to use a large and powerful plasma cutter. Also, it will give you the numbers of how much plasma is flowing in and out, so that you can regulate it according to the type of metal you need to cut.

The next component for any plasma cutter is the cup and nozzle. The nozzle is the portion at the end of the plasma torch from where the hot plasma comes out at the specific speed. The less the area of the spout, the more will be the pressurized flow of plasma coming out. The nozzle and electrode itself is made up of the pure copper mostly and is different for every kind of plasma cutter.

The most expensive component for a plasma cutter is the torch. Therefore, the torch must be taken care of while using the machine. Once you destroyed the plasma torch by some means or others, you can change it as well.

The plasma torch comes in two different types. The most common ones are the high-frequency torches that let you create a spark via three main components, the three components include the capacitor, high voltage transformer, and spark-gas assembly. Another type is the contact start torch. These types of torches are used to reduce the interferences of electrical materials and start instantly on touching with a metal object.

The next component might be a remote control. But keep in mind that not all the plasma cutters come equipped with the switch remote. If you want more convenience and comfort, then prefer a device with a remote control feature.

Now you know the main components of the plasma cutter and their essential functions, it’s time to find the best budget plasma cutter for you!

Best Budget Plasma Cutters (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
Forney 251 20P 15.13 x 8.13 x 12 inches 21.1 pounds

Check Price

Forney 317 250 P+ 15 x 7.5 x 14 inches 40 pounds Check Price
Hobart AirForce 27i 22.5 x 12.25 x 10 inches (Package) 21.7 pounds Check Price
Mophorn CT520D 25.12 x 16.22 x 13.15 inches (Package) 39.5 pounds Check Price


Forney Easy Weld 251 20P Plasma Cutter

Forney Easy Weld 251 20P

If you need a plasma cutter that lets you cut and mold things in a design whatever you want! Then this Forney Easy Weld 20P Plasma cutter a perfect choice for you. First things first, considering the efficiency of this plasma cutter, its versatility is the reason for fame.

Versatility can be explained in terms of its compatibility for cutting materials that it can cut mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and any other sort of thin materials having thickness ¼’’. Accessible to usability is another reason why you need to keep your hand on this Forney Easy Weld.

You only need to run the 120 Volts of power supply along with the compressed air. An air dryer along with the regulator is added in this plasma cutter that keeps all the functionalities optimized at a faster pace with a more significant outcome.

Clean cuts are necessary when you’re working at a pro-level! That’s where this Forney Plasma Cutter fits in. It features a perfect drag and touches technology that keeps the material firmly in place while cutting.

Keeping in mind the convenience, the plasma cutter comes in a very compact and sleek shape. Due to its compact design, the central machinery parts are designed in a way to use less power. The machine weighs only a few pounds. This feature, hence making it easy for you to travel with it and take it anywhere you want. Moreover, when it comes to exterior design, it presents a rugged appearance—all tidy and clean from all sides.

This plasma cutter machine includes all the accessories you need to work. Therefore, you don’t need to spend a single penny once you buy this Forney Easy Weld 251 20 P Plasma Cutter.

The machine package includes the 13’ cutting torch and 8’ ground clamp, plus 20A-15A adapter, and an additional electrode. Precisely the cutting capacities for this machine are, Stainless steel (¼’’), brass (1/4’’), and copper (1/4’’) respectively.

So, keep your hands on this perfect plasma cutter machine to complete the metal art projects. Overall, it’s simple and portable, decent looking, and very easy to use.

Furthermore, keep the following points for troubleshooting. There are three types of indicating lights which tell you the status of the machine. The green light shows less power.

If the yellow light is stable it means you need to cool down the machine, if this yellow is blinking, it tells you the air pressure is low and finally, red light indicates you need to check the cups. In case you don’t understand anything it is recommended to see the manual.

Pros Cons
Cuts steel, aluminum, brass and copper Its duty cycle is less as compared to others
Drag Torch technology
Generator friendly
Only 120V power


Backed up by a 12-months warranty from the manufacturer, this Forney Easy Weld 251 20 P Plasma Cutter makes sure that you cut every type of material with wide cutting capacities. The best part is, you just need 120 volts to operate this product. It’s a perfect tool that is invented just to make your life easier.




Forney 317 250 P+ Plasma Cutter

Forney 317 250 P+

Upgraded products always take something with them! That’s what this Forney 250 P+ does from as compared to its predecessors.

You can make use of this Forney 317 250 P+ machine to do all the metal works, do-it-yourself projects in your garage, metal artworks at the pro level, and much more. First of all, let’s have a look at the machine’s working and performance.

Working and performance are what you need to cut and mold the metal objects for your projects precisely. A low-performing plasma cutter won’t be able to cut the thickened brass and steel or can cut them with the bruises that will ruin their quality, but not in this case because it utilizes the electrical arc and compressed air in combination to work for the optimized quality cuts.

This technology brings performance and excellence in cutting all sorts of objects, including aluminum, steel, brass, and other conductive metals.

Bringing in more convenience in cutting, this plasma cutter features the drag touch technology. This technology is quite innovative and intelligently cuts the material in a precise manner.

Now, you might be thinking about how it works? Well, the simple answer is, it works like a torch. The machine focuses light onto the metal object you’re cutting in the same line as the blade is cutting, and then you’ll get a precise straight line cut precisely in the path of light. Isn’t it a fantastic feature that programs the way you cut?

When it comes to usage, the consumer is happy with its functionalities. The reason behind this fact is easy to use and optimize working. Moreover, to add more convenience, the machine comes with the built-in compressor and the lightweight inverter that helps this device providing more efficiency in less power consumption.

When you use plasma cutters for a longer period, overheat problems can happen very often, and this can bring the machine to failure in no time. To save your significant investment here is a perfect thermal overload protection feature that is added in this machine.

This plasma cutter machine will cut the power supply and stops working itself when the temperature reaches above the limits, which is really a cool feature. Now its time to know what you get in the box? This 250 P+ Plasma Cutter machine comes with the 15’ ground cable and a plastic storage container plus five electrodes, and one diffuser ring as well.

Pros Cons
Thermal overload protection Maximum cut capacity is 1/8’’ for steel
Air regulator installed
Improved design
3 LED lights


This high duty plasma cutter helps you cut the abrasive metals in no time with integrated air pressure and electrical arc technology. Just like other Forney machines, the 250 P+ plasma cutter is also simple and easy to use and gives excellent results.



Hobart Air Force 27i Plasma Cutter

Hobart Air Force 27i

Heavy-duty metal cutting is a tough job. The thickened objects cannot be cut with the light plasma cutter machines. However, if you need a powerful plasma cutter with 2X efficiency and cutting capacity, then this Hobart AirForce 27i is for you!

First of all, let’s discuss the extraordinary power that this plasma cutter utilized to build its performance. It features the Dual Voltage Power supply with a Multi-Voltage plug. This way, you can not only have the outclass performance but have versatile connectivity options.

You can either use 120V or 240V of power supply to run this plasma cutter. Moreover, there are different power receptacle options present in this machine that gives a tool-free experience in connecting the power supply.

Next, to look for in this Hobart Air Force 27i, Plasma Cutter is the XT30R torch. This XT30R torch brings many comforts along with it. It enables the users to have the ergonomic trigger safety while cutting the objects, and an economical replacement cutting tips.

As we have already discussed that powerful machinery heats up very often. That’s a common thing! But to ensure convenience and enables the machine to work for long hours, Hobart has fit a specialized cooling system in this AirForce Plasma Cutter.

The fan system provides two essential functions. First of all, it keeps the machinery inside cool and offers no lag during the work. Another purpose is to keep all the contaminants and pollutants out of your machine.

If you’re planning to buy this heavy-duty AirForce plasma cutter, you might be worried about the electricity costs. Well, you don’t need to be! This AirForce plasma cutter features another unique functionality which is named as Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuitry. It firmly assures that the machine will use 30% less power as compared to the other devices under the same power.

Moreover, this circuitry has additional safety options, including the voltage drop trip, nuisance current minimization, and more. After the trigger is released inside the machine, and airflow circulated, which cools down the torch and extend the life of parts.

Pros Cons
Post flow air current cooling No built-in air compressor
Power factor correction system Cord is bit short
XT30R torch installed
Best in the market


This AirForce 27i Plasma Cutter by Hobart brings in more performance and quality with its double voltage power supply and heavy components. The machine allows you to drag the torch wherever you want which adds more convenience. It’s one of the best and super quality product overall that has 100 percent customer satisfaction ratio.



Mophorn CT520D Plasma Cutter

Mophorn CT520D

The mophorn plasma cutter has 3 tasks operating abilities. It can do two welding tasks namely TIG & MMA welding by using a 200-Amp DC. During the activity of MMA welding or TIG welding, this welding and cutting hardware is highlighted with the soundness of yield. The plasma cutter also cut different metals with 50-Amp & air compression.

The plasma cutter is also dual-voltage powered, this voltage utilization is best for voltage variance required for 3 jobs.

The welding switch is embedded to switch between welding and cutting modes. Both modes are easily changeable because of the button. Additionally, the machine is furnished with a particular LCD screen that exhibits current for your analysis.

The protection is best provided by this mop horn’s amazing product meaning it is over-voltage, and over-current secured.

The cooling framework offers extra security to the user. Overheat security begins when the yellow light is on meaning the unit is over-burdened. This light turns off when the unit has chilled off with the help of fans at the back of it.

This 3 in 1 plasma cutting is little, can without much of a stretch convey to any DIY, upkeep, fix, metal manufacturing, and specialized projects. Its applications are wide and include apparatus fabricating, sheet metal preparing, auto upkeep, iron handling, enormous undertakings, manufacturing plant, improving the home, developing field, and so on.

Pros Cons
Lightweight Can’t weld aluminum
Great value to money
Portable and multitasking


Mophorn 3 in 1 Plasma Cutter has wide applications with the help of its dual voltage, heat protection, and compact system. The lightweight plasma cutter is easy to assemble and workable.



Final Verdict:

If you’re planning to work on the metal objects in your garage at home or you own a hardware metal construction store, then this guide must be a helpful piece of information for you.

We’ve tried to cover every point regarding the plasma cutter’s components, their functions, and some best available products in this regard. Above mentioned plasma cutters have powerful output, durable and rugged components, and long-lasting plasma torches to help you cut every kind of metal object conveniently.

At last, here is a safety check for you. We suggest you to please wear the safety shield which covers all of your face and hands to protect yourself from any injury.


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