How to Select and Operate the Plasma Cutters?

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How to Select and Operate the Plasma Cutters?

A Complete Guide:

Before you strike an arc with the plasma cutter, you need to understand the basics of plasma cutters.  A single cut can upgrade the worst piece of metal into a useful object. All the fabricators, welders, contractors, metal workers, and DIY makers use the plasma cutters for a perfect cutting experience. There’s a reason why! The utmost precision and clean cuts. How to Select and Operate the Plasma Cutters?

The plasma arc is so efficient that it can cut even the thickest metal with ease. The highly pressurized arc can heat and melt a specific area of the metal. Then, this area will turn into the molten form and break. As compared to other methods, it is more precise and fast.

Choosing a plasma cutter machine will require you to make some efforts before. There are various models available from a variety of brands that offers diverse functionalities. They can cut from the poor conductive steel to highly conductive aluminum. You need to understand your requirements and need to opt for a better device.

Choosing the Best Plasma Cutter:

Type of Material:

The first and foremost thing to consider is the thickness of metals. The thickness will play an essential role in selecting the right plasma cutter machine. Hence, what you need to look to understand the process. Every machine’s voltage and amperage will give an overview of its power.

Quality Cutting:

By knowing the speed and cutting capacity of any plasma cutter, you can make sure that what type of cut it can perform. There are mainly three standards universally on metal cutting by the plasma cutters as follows.

Rated Cut: This is the slowest speed and only for the manual cutting. It creates a smooth and clean-cut in return at the speed of 10RPM.

Quality Cut: A little higher speeds can achieve this cut, and the operator can cut the think metal in this way.

Sever Cut: Sever cut the maximum cutting capacity of any plasma cutter where the user will push the limits of the device. The cutting speed and cutting capacity for this type of cut will depend on the voltage and max—output power of the plasma cutter.

Consumable and accessories of the Plasma Cutters:

Many sources will guide you about the factors that you need to look for the plasma cutter machines. But here in this complete guide, we’ll also mention the consumable and accessories you need. Without them, no cuts can be achieved perfectly.

Extended Cutting tips: Make sure you have enough extended tips while cutting the metals. Fortunately, most of the plasma cutter having more power than 40 amps come with the 1/8 inch off the surface tips. Some workers will look for extending tips (1/2 to 1 inch) that can provide them with a better cutting ability in the corners and edges.

Roller Guides: If you’re unable to have the stands, make sure to have the roller guides and circle cutting guides for stable and precise cuts.

Gouging Tips: Use a gouging tip to remove the old and ugly welds. The plasma cutter will be able to fit the gouging tips due to high-pressure arc with less smoke.


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