Best Plasma Cutters Under 1000$ 2024

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Most of the people think that plasma cutting is a highly advanced, technical and complicated process, well, it is an advanced method and requires technical skills to operate it but this method, keep in mind that it is not at all complicated. You will learn to operate this machine in a few days. We have compiled some of the best plasma cutters under 1000$ in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

It works on an electric arc which simply passed through the nozzle via an inert gas. The gas and arc then heated at higher temperatures and fell onto the metal object to cut through it. However, the material of interest must be conductive for cutting.

Therefore, you can utilize the plasma cutter for aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, mild steel, and nearly all the other metals easily. Now, as you’re well-versed with the basics of plasma cutting.

But you might still have a question in your mind that what sort of plasma cutter machine is the best suit for your work? Then here, in this guide, you’ll get the answers to all your questions.

There are various types of plasma cutters available in the market, each having a slight difference in components. This small difference enables them to use it in a variety of industries. The primary reason for their use in every sector is their portability, ease of usage, fast working and lightweight ability. The few common industries where you can use the plasma cutter to work are as follows.

Like, if you’re a plumber, the plasma cutter can prove helpful for all your tasks and projects. No matter whether you’re just cutting a metal pipe or creating the edges for connections, this machine will make it done in minutes. Instead, you use an oxyfuel method, which will generate the oxide slug and will also take time to cut the objects.

Next, if you own a fabrication shop, no device can help you better than these metal plasma cutters. You’ll enjoy the comprehensive benefits while using these devices for your operational work.

Some of the advantages include extreme portability, quick working, smooth edges, and quality cutting. Fabrication is all related to cutting and modification, which cannot be done better than these plasma cutters.

HVAC is another niche where these plasma cutters can offer their operations. In HVAC, you can get all kinds of jobs done, whether new installations or repair works, within no time.

You’ll be amazed to know that even as a farmer, you can get hold of the benefits of a plasma cutter. Here’s how! Farmers use plenty of metal gadgets, including ploughs, tractors, harvesters, and tanks. Various other kinds of metal machinery can wear and tear over time. You can repair them on your own once you own a portable plasma cutter.

Last but not least are the recyclers! As a recycler, a plasma cutter will be a necessity for you to have in your garage or shop.You can opt for these machines for cutting blocks, sheets, pipes, reducing the size of other metal objects, and much more.

This indicates that no matter what you do a plasma cutting machine is a must-have tool.

So, these were some of the professions where the professionals can opt for the plasma cutters for their service. We hope we have covered you well with the answers to your question about why you need to own a plasma cutter and how it will help you! But after discussing so many benefits/advantages of plasma cutters it will be unfair if we don’t suggest to you which plasma cutter is going to be your best partner.

Best Plasma Cutters Under 1000$ (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
LONGEVITY Forcecut 40D 15 x 6 x 9 inches 25 pounds

Check Price

Lotos LTPDC2000D 17 x 8 x 12.5 inches 35 pounds Check Price
Lotos LTP8000 N/A 38 pounds Check Price
Reboot CUT50DL 18.7 x 13.5 x 11.5 inches (Package) 22.4 Pounds Check Price


LONGEVITY Forecut 40D Plasma Cutter


LONGEVITY has been manufacturing the plasma cutters with utmost reliable performance and higher build quality for years. This recently launched Forecut 40D plasma cutter has its own definitions! It surpasses other competitive products in the market with its stable and better performance.

The first and foremost feature to discuss in this plasma cutter machine is its heavy-duty nature. Plasma cutters come in a variety of sizes and power amperage, but this 40D 40-amp cutter holds the market right now! It can even cut the 1/2’’ and 1/4’’ steel in a breeze.

Along with power, here comes the dual-voltage supply feature. This feature allows the users to keep their hands on any kind of metal object cutting projects and have it done with ease without having extra power consumption. It can run on 110 as well as 220V power.

The 110 power can cut the thin pieces while, on the other hand, 220V power will let you cut the thickened fragments with the same plasma and air pressure.

For example, this Forecut 40D cutter can cut the steel having 1/2’’ thickness with 220V while 1/4’’ with 110V. Why using more power when cutting the thin pieces of metal as it doesn’t worth it!

Next in our features list is the clean-cut feature of this metal plasma cutter. It let you cut the metal objects having various thicknesses in no time with a smooth appearance.

Similarly, another method, i.e., oxyfuel, an outgrowth, appears on the site of cutting due to the reaction between the steel and oxygen. But no worries as you’ve got this innovative plasma cutting technology that cuts through the metal with high-temperature plasma along with the pressurized air via electrical arc.

A digital display increases the worth of this plasma cutter and makes it unique from its predecessors. You can tune the right plasma outflow by looking at the digital monitor.

An air compressor needs to be connected with this plasma cutter as well via an easy-to-connect feature. And the best part is, no complicated setup is required to join the peripherals. Moreover, LONGEVITY plasma cutters offer high efficiency with low cost as their consumables are cheap.

Pros Cons
40 amp power Some times heat issues
Dual-Voltage supply feature
Low-cost operations
It is a highly efficient tool


Now you can cut all kinds of metal objects and get clean cuts as compared to oxyfuel with this Longevity Forecut 40D. Although it offers limited and short time warranty but the quality that this plasma cutter offers is amazing, you will be astonished by its performance for sure.




Lotos LTPDC2000D Plasma Cutter

Lotos LTPDC2000D Plasma

Do you want a non-touch pilot arc plasma cutter? Here is the premium quality choice for you under this price range. This pilot arc plasma cutter and is a combination of three. It means you’ll get the plasma cutter, Tigwelder, and stick welder all in a single machine. That’s a secure investment to make for sure.

The first and foremost things to discuss in the Non-Touch plasma cutter! Let’s get into the details. Most of the metal cutting machines produce slag and outgrowth on the surface where they’re cutting. Most of them are unable to cut the painted and rough surfaces.

That’s not the case here. Your problem is solved with this Lotos LTPDC2000D device. It features a pilot arc touch technology that cuts every kind of metal in a breeze. No matter what thickness you’ve got, what’s the size of a metal bar or what coating it has, you’ll get the fine cuts!

Moreover, its compact design makes sure that you can take this plasma cutter out of the garage and get your metal cutting job done. That’s a whole lot of convenience.

Next in the tunnel is, the TIG Welder! This machine can also work as a TIG welder on stainless steel and thin gauge materials.

Working as a TIG welder, this machine offers many more advantages. It supports the foot pedal, which workers use to control the heat of welding. This way, you can keep both of your hands on the cutting object and stay focused.

And finally, it can also work as a stick welder. Being an MMA welder or a stick welder, the device offers functionalities like the east ARC start, stable welding environment, and perfect welding arc.

The most important feature that makes it an ideal choice for all the welders is the adjustable hot striking arc ability. This adjustability increases the versatility of this machine to work with acid as well as primary electrodes.

The dual-voltage supply not only offers versatile options but provides a low-cost operational ability. It supports 100 as well 220V, which also enables it to be run on generator power. The manufacturer also offers a one-year limited warranty, which proves the worth of this plasma cutter machine.

Pros Cons
Non-touch arc plasma cutter Pigtail component sold separately
TIG/MMA welded as well
Dual voltage function
30-days money back guarantee


This 3-in-1 combined plasma cutter machine offers you much convenience in cutting or welding projects. If you are looking for a machine with a complete package that offers tons of convenience, then you will not get anything better then this. Furthermore, the first thirty days money back guarantee makes it worth buying.




Lotos Technology LTP8000 Plasma Cutter

Lotos Technology LTP8000

Metal object cutting is not a piece of cake! You need a high powered machine to cut the thickness of ½’’ and ¼’’ with ease. We’ve got you covered with a perfect and fully functional plasma cutter by Lotos technology.

This LTP8000 is a non-touch arc plasma cutter that cuts every kind of conductive metal object that is a breeze. This blue colored cutting device can offer you the 1’’ cutting capacity with a clean-cut facility. Let’s get into the detailed features as well.

The first and foremost feature for this plasma cutter is its portability. This LTP8000 cutter is famous for its lightweight nature as it just weighs 38 pounds.

You can take it anywhere you want by holding it in a single hand. If you’re a professional worker, then this feature is going to be a significant plus for you to complete your projects far from the garage. When you expect portability, the prices go up! That’s not the case here as this Lotos machine as it is available in reasonable price.

Apart from being portable, this plasma cutter machine offers ruggedness and ease of usage at the same time. You don’t need to connect multiple peripherals and perform the complex setup before.

A little knowledge about the working of this machine is enough to complete your metal art projects. Moreover, the NPT ¼’’ is pre-installed in this plasma cutter along with an air regulator. Air regularly maintains the pressure of compressed air during the plasma outflow for the higher efficiency cuts.

The dual Voltage supply is a necessity to have in all the plasma cutter machines. The Lotos listens to the needs of customers and offers a Dual-Voltage supply feature in this LTP8000.

You can run the device on 110 as well as 220V as per your convenience and available power supply. It comes equipped with a Non-HF start torch! Therefore, you don’t need to waste time connecting the torch and plasma cutter. Therefore, no HF interference is required.

It is one of the fine plasma cutting machine in the market due to its reputation. Furthermore, DIY users can also operate this plasma cutting machine without any hassle.

Pros Cons
1’’ clean cuts Not a single Con reported yet
Dual voltage supply
NPT ¼’’ type D already installed
Ideal machine for cutting tasks


This is a compact and lightweight plasma cutter that can handle the large projects far from your garage and run on an 80-amp dual voltage supply to give you clean cuts. A highly recommended product.



Reboot CUT50DL

Reboot CUT50DL

Reboot CUT50DL is also called dual voltage cutter as it is operatable on dual-frequency as well as dual voltage. It makes the machine capable enough to work on both 110V 50/60Hz and 220V 50/60Hz. They provide consumable and compatible sets of cutters.

Pilot Arc Technology is very beneficial as it cuts without touching the tip of metal. It provides good quality cutting and also offers max severance thickness of 3/5 inches and a clean-cut thickness of 3/8 inches. The Reboot CUT50DL plasma cutter comes a in compact structure.

The Advanced cooling systems of the machine help out in case of overheating. This German Cooling system makes sure the high-performance output and stability of the machine. 50 AMP digital inverter is a pre-installed device.

Type D plug and airy regulators made of metal provide quick response to compressors; hence it hardly takes 1 min to set up.

The Reboot CUT50 DL specially designed for light-duty, small projects and home DIY jobs. Plus it is featured with pilot arc touch. This high-resolution pilot arc is perfect for cutting painted, rough, and rusty surfaces.

These cutters ensure a 100% quality control test that makes them more reliable. These cutters use compressed air to cut different metals such as copper, mild steel, alloy steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Pros Cons
Advanced rebooting system Ground clamp and internal torch can b damage earlier
Safe and handier, highly efficient
Enhance system performance
100% quality control test with digital control system


Reboot CUT50DL plasma cutter is an excellent choice for better cutting quality. An efficient quality test offers high performance and great stability.



Final Verdict:

Plasma cutters are a quick and more efficient way to cut down the metal objects and mold them into newer shapes. The more clean cuts you have, the easier will be the post-production work! We have provided you with the best available plasma cutters in this regard so that you can have the best-suited one for yourself.


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