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Getting into your vehicle and getting to know that the battery’s dead can throw you off your schedule. If you presume that the only fix to that issue is jumper cables, think differently. Portable jump starters will also get your car/truck/ATV starting without demanding another vehicle for a jump start therefore, they are considerably more efficient to use rather than using jumper cables. These products are small enough to fit within your glove box and offer you a quick fix in an emergency to jump-start your vehicle. We have compiled some of the best ATV jump starters in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

A battery jump starter is a valuable tool everybody must possess, whether you need it for a car, a boat, or bike tires. This useful device can be saved from being stuck on the side of the road or in any desolate location for hours.

It ensures that you will not ever be stuck with a dead battery. The best battery jump starter can always be beneficial for people that travel often for duties and individuals that have a long trip planned. Battery jump starters have always been worth the expense in the longer run.

If you own an ATV and it has a dead battery, then its engine would not turn over. That is not a huge issue if you are home and maybe have a charger. However, if you are out on the road, or do not have a battery charger, it can be a big problem to have dead batteries.

Carrying a good jump starter to jump your ATV battery can save you a total nightmare when out on the route. Somewhat similar to a car or motorcycle batteries, usually ATV batteries are 12 volts dc as well.

A good jump starter is engineered to zap your battery back from the dead in no time. With lots of choices to choose from, you just have to find out what meets your requirements. All starters have the very same core function which is to jump-start your engine if the battery runs out.

In recent times, portable jump starters have become far more common, and most of those can however operate as a power bank for your other devices as well. That implies it can operate as a portable charger to keep your phone or tablet charged up while out and about. In short, not only do they jump start your car, but they can deliver other services too.

There are various varieties of jump starters for batteries that cater to customers with different needs. Your demands and preferences will help you determine among various possibilities including power, capacity, and additional features.

Best ATV Jump Starters (Comparison)

Name Dimensions Weight
NOCO Genius G15000 1 x 1 x 1 inches 4.2 Pounds

Check Price

Schumacher DSR132 11.6 x 10.6 x 7 inches (Package) 6..6 Pounds Check Price
DSR ProSeries DSR115 14 x 10 x 18 inches 41.2 Pounds Check Price
DieHard 71687 950 10.63 x 11.5 x 11.75 inches 12.25 Pounds Check Price


NOCO Genius G15000 Pro-Series

NOCO Genius G15000 Pro-Series

The NOCO Genius G15000 is a battery charger engineered to please almost any vehicle owner. Powerfully built; it is a professional grade quality charger carried out to charge up almost every type of battery.

Compatible with 12V, 24V, lead-acid, AGM, Gel, Wet cell, and perhaps even lithium-ion batteries (up to 400 AH), the G15000 charger and maintainer is an expert in charging up vehicles varying from a diesel truck, SUV, RV, cars, boats, and ATVs, etc.

It could also be used to efficiently recharge batteries for lawn and gardening equipment or almost any other electronic gadget that operates on battery power.

Even if you have one battery or several, the NOCO Genius G15000 can charge fairly anything that you place it insight, along with Li-Ion deep cycle batteries.

On top of it, the NOCO comprises a series of O-ring connectors which include alligator clamp attachments for rapid transition from one to another.

Furthermore, the NOCO also functions on its own as a direct power source, capable of supplying a constant flow of electricity of 13.6V to power various accessories such as a tire inflator. The convenient and fully automated battery charger is integrated with the Jump Charge mode for quicker charging and it can bring a dead battery back to life within five min of connection.

The incorporation of the revolutionary “repair mode” is among the distinctive features of the device. What this configuration does is to fix or undo the damage inflicted to batteries left uncharged for an extended period.

This also enhances their efficiency and longevity, alongside energizing your batteries. The G15000 also has an integrated battery desulfator to restore failed or sulfated batteries.

Pros Cons
Suitable for all types of batteries Might be expensive for some
Ultra-safe design with spark-proof technology Has mediocre cables
Overcharge protection and reverse polarity
Portable and lightweight design, charges quicker than most


In terms of absolute efficiency, the NOCO Genius G15000 is successful. The NOCO not just charges the conventional lead-acid battery types (gel and AGM), but also charges the less popular lithium-ion and AGM+ batteries and perhaps also charges both 12V and 24V batteries, making it suitable for ATVs and RVs with a strong electrical system.

Also, the Genius G15000 charger charges faster than most other alternatives. With a peak current rating of 15 amps, the NOCO blows much of the rivals out of the water. However, this dramatic rise in charging current decreases the time required to charge the battery significantly.



Schumacher DSR132

Schumacher DSR132

The Ultra capacitors and a lithium-ion battery offer this hybrid its power pioneering jump starters into the modern world. Ultra capacitors provide this device with a wider range of temperatures from -40 to 65 °C, fast recharging, and high energy performance.

With 1200 peak amps, it is ready to power both gasoline and diesel engines. There seem to be three easy and convenient methods to charge this hybrid jump starter, vehicle battery, DC port, or backup lithium battery. This jump starter is microprocessor controlled along with short circuit and reverse polarity protection.

For ease of use, it features an integrated display and LED indicators. It also comes with Heavy-duty clamps and Safety features that provide safety against short circuits and reverse polarity.

Moreover, The Override Mode starts your engine with no battery installed whereas the Glow Mode can be used for a cold start of a diesel engine. It is also Compliant with DOE.

Using the Schumacher DSR132 You can mainly get yourself going, without assistance, even when the battery is fully depleted or if YOUR CAR BATTERY is pretty much dead.

In a short period of about 2-3 minutes overall, the super capacitors will collect a charge from a nearly dead battery pack and afterward release all the stored energy all at once in just a few seconds to give your vehicle a jump start.

Furthermore, the pack is light in weight especially in comparison to other lead-acid systems and It weighs about 5 lbs. It also has a relatively small form factor, so it is easy to throw and forget about in the trunk unless you need it.

It is groundbreaking jump start pack equipment, the pack would also not wear out like a battery, and charge and discharge cycles would not impact super capacitors since for a gadget of this nature 10+ years of use are practically guaranteed.

The pack’s charging duration and the performance of the discharge amperage are not affected by extreme temperatures. The Schumacher DSR132 charges quickly and deliver big cold-cranking churning amps even if in subzero cold temps, or exceptionally hot desert temperatures.

However, it takes a while to charge since the larger capacity indicates the small DC to DC converter within it takes much longer to bring to a full charge.

Pros Cons
EXTREMELY powerful Considerably higher self-discharge than the smaller version
Excellent capacity for smaller engines I.e. ATVs
Capacitors do not wear out the way batteries do


The revolutionary hybrid jump starter features both 12V ultra-capacitors and a lithium-ion battery to offer you power above expectations, with 1200 peak amps and 900 cranking amps of starting power.

Just at your fingertips, the DSR132 offers you the most advanced technology and starting power. It also has a summary of the directions for use written on the back of the device, so you would not have to memorize all these little steps.



Schumacher Pro-Series AGM DSR115 Jump Starter

Schumacher Pro-Series AGM DSR115 Jump Starter

The DSR115 from the DSR Pro-Series lines must be one of the best effective jump starters indeed, which is possibly why most specialists use this one so much.

To jump-start any engine, be it a car, tractor, boat, or an ATV it manages a shocking 4400 Peak Amps, 475/750 Cranking Amps.

But what is more remarkable is that it endorses the multiple variations of vehicle types to fit both 12V and 24V power outlets.

The 2A external automatic charger is also included, which seems to be an incredibly fast charger that only stops when the device is fully charged.

The DSR115 can do everything. It has 1200 amps, that cranks over the most difficult engine, it also has a personal devices USB port, and it has a 120-volt inverter built-in including a built-in compressor. All 4 are integrated into an ergonomic and simple to use bundle.

The DSR115 has an internal charger to help ensure it is prepared to go whenever you need it. The built-in compressor, tires inflator and the inclusion of a display screen is yet another added feature that is easy to understand and shows you exactly the performance, so you can see whenever it will be completely charged.

This DSR115 includes a set of 22Ah high-output AGM batteries, so in times of emergency, you will have a back-up to help you. Another fun feature that is included with the DSR115 is the inclusion of two 55-inch gauge cables.

Also, when there is a reserve connection, it sends alerts that you can then use the gadget to charge any USB devices like smartphones.

You have a sense of security when you drive, knowing that you will have the power you need to jump-start your ATV when you are on your quad trip no matter the climatic conditions.

Correspondingly, it is also a perfect choice for any family vehicle, so that your family can also relax without tension knowing that on vacations they could use this gear on all those long drives.

Pros Cons
Great to use for ATVs Do not try to do 4 tires at once as the thermal cutoff kicks in
Powerful Peak Amps and Cranking Amps, plus Cold Cranking Amps
Notifies you when there is a reserve connection
100% reliable


It operates well with several different vehicles, it gets your car moving, handles a flat battery, and does its job at a somewhat reasonable price. Before you connect things up, read the instructions.

It seems there is a legitimate concern regarding some electronics that do not run directly off the inverter. It is not a deal-breaker, as a second inverter will fix it.



DieHard 71687 Jump Starter

DieHard 71687 Jump Starter

This portable jump starter can be used to start any passenger vehicle with its ability to produce a 12V direct current for at most 36 hours.

It also provides you with a 950 peak amp output for a great jump start. The current making capacity of this DieHard 71687 makes it powerful and useful for a longer period.

This jump starter is furnished with Lead rechargeable ion barriers for more durability. The batteries are efficient enough to overcome overcharging problems by keeping inner charging at its peak.

While charging it shows the inner battery status digitally and if it has low power light will illuminate to notify you. Further, you will find light in case you’re working in dark places.

The 71687 jump starter works with a 150 air compressor which helps you to charge your car efficiently.

Moreover, you can charge your other devices like mobile phones, iPods, and laptops because of the 12V ports and 2.1 amp USB slots. You will find 2 to 3 of them near the battery status indicator.

The device is not a trickle charger you can plug in any device you want to charge but the condition is the device must support 12V USB ports.

It also includes the following things: different nozzles for sports gadgets, compressor accessory bag, manual, hose adapter, car tire inflation, pressure gauge, a place for storage, and a carrying bag.

Pros Cons
Durable Batteries have to be charged and replaced timely
LED light
Easy to use


For starting any passenger cars, charging any devices like your laptops, and mobiles this DieHard jump starter and air compressor is an amazing tool. The rechargeable batteries make it to be useful for years.



Final verdict:

Every individual should know how to jump-start a dead battery, which is just a huge time-saver and a valuable life skill to have. Knowing how to jump a vehicle would save you time and resources, so you might not have to call a towing company.

Although most motorists might wave a passerby over or call a friend to assist with the jump, if they own a portable jump starter and have it stored in their trunk at all times, motorists can save some trouble and do it by themselves.

If you have the extra cash or go camping a fair amount of times on your four-wheeler ATV, This is the easiest way of charging your battery without even having to pop the clutch or requiring another nearby ATV or vehicle.

You simply connect your battery to the provided alligator clips and then link the cable to the portable jump starter. Once it is all hooked up, try, and start the motor. The engine should start up straight away. You might need to wait a few minutes before letting the battery charge somewhat.

Although It is always best to not have to jump-start your ATV, occasionally it tends to happen. For the future and longevity of your batteries, taking proper care of them and keeping them charged adequately would save you a headache.


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